An Imported Dog Basket

I bought a few things for our dachshund puppy Dash back in March.

If Dash couldn’t convince us to pick him up he had to sleep on the floor.

Everything arrived quickly except the willow dog bed which was mailed from Bosnia-Herzegovina on March 14 and arrived at our house April 19.

Wicker dog bed

I was hoping the 60-centimeter-long bed would be a good fit for Dash as a puppy and also as a grown dog. At last count he weighed 7 pounds at 11 weeks. He shouldn’t grow to much more than 10 pounds.

Dash jumps into his bed anytime he wants to rest which is much of the time.

When the bed arrived I padded it with an old feather bed pillow.  Dash knew it was his and he hopped right in it.

Sug’s puppy is only a week old now. His eyes aren’t even open yet.

Actually I ordered two baskets exactly alike just in case Sug decided to get a puppy, too. After much consideration she is getting a puppy born April 17.  We’ll be picking him up in the middle of June.  So exciting.

Do you have a favorite dog name?


Glade Cottage Shower Curtain

I saw a shower curtain on sale ($79 marked down to $24) at The Company Store.

I liked this shower curtain in my color palette but I only have one bathroom that needs a shower curtain and it’s pink.

This bordered white curtain is such a fresh look.

I made this shower curtain when I lived in Greenwich Village in the late ’70s.

I can’t use a shower curtain but Sug has been using the one that was in The Cottage when she moved in.

The colors in this shower curtain complement The Cottage colors.

There was a second shower curtain at The Company Store similar to the top photo.

The colors in the shower curtain remind me of Sug’s vintage stoneware.
The flowers of the stoneware echo the colors in the room.
The flowers of the stoneware echo the colors in the room.

I ordered the curtain which will be delivered tomorrow. (I was not perked or paid to talk about these products.)

The new curtain should brighten up the bathroom.

And by the way, Sug approves.

How old is your shower curtain?

Blooming at The Glade

Here we are at the end of April in Maryland on the mid-Atlantic coast of the United States.

Lilacs and forget-me-nots are blooming but must be viewed close-up.

Spring trees, bushes, and flowers are blooming.

In a week the fragrance of lilacs will be quite strong.

We have two lilac bushes that bloom near the vegetable garden.  These bushes were moved from the front yard where they barely survived. In the back they flourish.

The heart-shaped, crinkly leaves are pleasant after the flowers fade.

Blooming all over the back garden are forget-me-nots — brunnera — which self-seeds and thrives in shade.  These tiny true blue flowers are precious.

The dogwood on the right of the photo is loaded with flowers for the first time.

The dogwood trees are just beginning to bud out.  This seems to be an abundant year for dogwood blossoms.

Gardening is a hopeful experience.

Charlie has been working on vegetable garden and will put in more plants now that we have passed the frost date in our region.

Pigeon-eye narcissus.

Our yard is loaded with daffodils but my favorite are the pigeon eye white narcissi.  They are very fresh in a group but draw me closer to view their little faces.

What’s growing in your neck of the woods?

Front Yard Walkway — Spreading the Stone

With the cedar border in place we could level the stone in the walkway.

Charlie shoveled while Sug leveled the stones.

Stones were shoveled and raked from the beginning of the path where they had been dumped by the delivery truck.

The path prep.
The walkway with landscape cloth before the stone was put in place.
The stone fills in the to within an inch at the top of the border.

The finished walkway gives structure to the landscaping at the front of the house.

Finally the foundation planting is taking shape.

The following progress has been made:

Love the transformation.

Front Yard Walkway

Now we can concentrate on the actual landscaping — moving dirt and planting grass.

Do you have a favorite grass seed mix?

Front Yard Walkway — Setting the Step

Charlie and  Sug spent much of the day finishing the cedar border for the stone walkway.

The base for a bluestone step will be 2 cinder blocks plus some half blocks

Sug packed the centers of the blocks with dirt and Charlie secured them with rebar.

Black landscape cloth is secured at the edges under the cedar border.

After the blocks were set they finished securing the cedar border by tacking them to stakes driven into the dirt.

A good stopping point for today’s work — details worked out.

Stone will fill the wood border. Landscaping and grass will fill in the areas outside the border.

The following progress has been made:

Front Yard Walkway

More work tomorrow.

Which door to your house do you use the most?

Inside the Stone Circle

We’re planning to visit Stonehenge while we’re in England later this year.  The price for entry into Stonehenge is £17.50 ($24.50) per person. The price of the ticket during the public hours from 9:30 a.m. until 7 p.m. does not allow one to actually walk among the stones.

Most people have to stay on the walkway.

I applied to English Heritage  to allow us to come in the early morning before the public opening to allow us to get an up close-and-personal look at the stones.

I’d like to be this close.

We were contacted by email that our application had been conditionally accepted if we made payment by phone within 7 days.  I called immediately.

Obviously we won’t get a bird’s eye view but we will be in the circle.

Rebecca told me in a lovely British accent that their computers were down and could I call the next day.

Stonehenge — 5,000 years old.

I called the next day bright and early our time — afternoon their time. I gave all my information and paid £77 for the two of us to spend one hour in the stone circle up close and personal. We must arrive 15 minutes before our scheduled entry at 6:45 a.m. We might be sharing the circle with up to 30 people. Our entry also gets us into the gift shop, museum, and perimeter of the stones but not until the actual opening at 9:30 a.m.

Hoping our early morning appointment will eliminate traffic.

We have an early adventure ahead of us.

What adventure have you enjoyed?

Front Yard Walkway — Step 3a

Stone for the front walkway was finally delivered today.

Stone was dumped on a dropcloth in the driveway.

Three tons of  grey/tan, 3/8th-inch crushed stone.

Work was continued on the path’s underlayment.
The stone will be spread along the path.

The following progress has been made:

Front Yard Walkway

Hoping to finish up this weekend.

What gives you tons of fun?