Teeth Whitening

Number 98 on my 101 things to do in 1001 days  is to whiten my teeth.

My teeth need to be brighter than my hair.

Charlie and my dental hygienist think I have nice white teeth. I think they could be a little whiter.

Floss for travel and floss for home.

On a daily basis I floss, rinse with Crest 3-D White Lux mouthwash, and brush with an electric toothbrush and Crest 3-D White toothpaste.

Lumibrite seems to be a favorite on the internet.

I have tried 2 different whitening systems that use gel in a custom mouthguard.  One was from the dentist: Lumibrite. The other was generally available through mail order: ContrastPM. I’m opting for Lumibrite.

This should be at least 2 weeks of whitener which is sufficient for a good job.

Now Lumibrite is available from Amazon at a good price of 4 syringes for $13.38 so I have ordered some to use with my Invisalign retainer.  (When I bought it from the dentist it was $25 per syringe.)

Hoping for these results.

I hope to have gleaming white teeth for our travels near and far.

I haven’t been paid or perked for anything said in this post.

Do you have a good dental plan?


Tickets to the Palace

While we are in London I want to visit both Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace. As a matter of fact we changed our travel dates because I wanted to see Buckingham Palace which is closed to visitors after September 30.

The official website for castle and palace tickets.

Tickets for both are available from any number of purveyors.  I purchased ours from the Royal Collection Trust.

Self-printed ticket to Windsor Castle.

I have the tickets for Windsor Castle in hand because I printed them from the email response.

We’ll be visiting with the earliest group at 9:30 a.m.

Although purchased from the same website Buckingham Palace tickets must be picked up at the venue with the receipt provided in another email.

We don’t have tickets for the Mews but plan to walk by the area on the way out of the palace.

There are multiple options for seeing Buckingham Palace.  In addition to the state rooms of the palace, the mews, the Queen’s gallery, etc. are available for an extra charge.

Charlie will like both the garden and the Garden Cafe.

I decided on “The State Rooms and Garden Highlights Tour” because I think Charlie will enjoy the gardens more than the building.

I think our garden guide will be a recording.

Although photos are not permitted inside the palace we can definitely take some in the garden. Hope to get some beauties.

Have you visited a castle or palace? Was it inspiring?

Collecting Supplies for Trim Installation

We stopped working on the  bedroom trim back in the fall of 2017.

The lumber is lying across our passageway from the hall to the bathroom.

We already brought the wood back inside from outside where we have been storing it.

This section of baseboard in the bedroom needs shoe molding.

We will also need:

  • trim paint
  • paint brushes

    My brushes are all over the house right now.
  • miter saw

    We’ll set up the miter saw on the deck outside the master bedroom.
  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • drop cloth
  • hammer
  • pneumatic tacker
  • air compressor and tubing

    I have a small compressor and 2 nailer guns.
  • framing square
  • lumber: 1 by 4s, ogee molding , shoe molding

    The upstairs hall still has piles of trim pieces.

What did I forget? There’s always something I either forget or can’t find.

The shoe towers on the left need selves.

I also need to add shelves to the shoe towers.

Face frames will cover the raw edges of the plywood.

And, I almost forgot, add a face frame the entire closet with 1 by 2 lumber which needs to be ordered.

Are your tools organized and at hand?

A Little Astronomy Lesson

Charlie, Sug, and I visited a local church tonight to talk about and think about stars.

I could hear the piano but I couldn’t see it.

First on the program was Charlie playing piano songs with stars and moon themes: Star Dust, Catch a Falling Star, Moon River, Blue Moon, etc.

The presentation showed us a lot of beautiful astronomy photos.

Then the astronomy portion of the program started.

This is actually a photo taken from space of the night light in the US.

We learned about light pollution and how it could easily be corrected by simply turning off lights. I was aware of this concept when I ordered the exterior house lights.

Jupiter and its 4 moons looked something like this through the telescope.

Then we all went outside and looked through 2 different telescopes that the presenter brought with him. First we viewed the moon.  Then he focused the stronger telescope on Jupiter.  We could see not only the planet but also its 4 moons.  Very exciting.

Do you have a favorite star?

A New Pup and a Treat

While Sug was traveling back to the US from her mission in the Dominican Republic Charlie and I were traveling to Pennsylvania to pick up a puppy for her.

While riding Dash wears a green harness that is attached to a tether hooked into the seatbelt system.

Dash went with us. He is our 4-and-a-half-month-old long-haired dachshund who weighs 12 pounds.

Little Rory was interested in Dash as soon as they met.

Sug’s dog’s name is Rory and at 8 weeks he weighs 4 pound 3 ounces, one-third of Dash’s weight.

Pretty sure Dash’s look means “GET RID OF IT!!”

Rory snuggled up close to Dash for the long ride home.

One Puppuccino for Dash.

We stopped at the only Starbucks along the route so Charlie and I could have a coffee and also to get some water for the dogs.  After a little research I found out that Starbucks has an off-menu, free treat for dogs: The Puppuccino.

Dash licked every last drop of whipped cream.

The Puppuccino is a tiny cup filled with whipped cream. Dash enjoyed his very much.

Rory, short for Aurora which means dawn.

Rory enjoyed the ice water.

What treat does your pet especially enjoy?

This Time I’m Serious

We’ve been working on the master suite for years now.


Last year we installed the bare bones of the walk-in closet.

We held down the plastic with with furniture frames.

Then the weather turned bad and we had a lot of other things scheduled so we put the baseboard trim lumber covered with plastic out on the second floor deck.

The master closet is still cluttered but also in use.

Now I have set a goal to finish trimming the closet and the master bedroom by the end of July when we are having guests who will use the suite.

The drying wood.

To that end I laid out the 16-foot long wood on the deck this morning so it could dry out a bit in the 90 degree sun.

The lumber is lying across our passageway from the hall to the bathroom.

Then Charlie brought it in and shoved it under the bed so it can get acclimated again to the house. The fact that it obstructs the passageway in the bedroom will encourage us to get it finished sooner rather than later.

Baseboard runs around the master closet as well as the bedroom.

Chore for next week: remove all floor obstacles in the closet so trimming can begin next weekend.

Do you have a project with a looming time goal?

Summer Chores

All through the cold months we’ve let some big projects go by the wayside.

Baseboard runs around the master closet as well as the bedroom.

We must finish adding baseboard trim to the master closet, master bedroom, and upstairs hallway.

I think we can stow the trim under the bed although it will definitely be in the way.

Unfortunately we’ve been storing the lumber outside on the master deck.  It needs to come inside for a few weeks while it gets acclimated to the indoor climate.  The boards are 16 feet long so finding a reasonable storage will not be easy.

I don’t know who is going to do this job.

We also need to get the toilet in the little pink bathroom reset but the flange has to be changed.

My great grandmother might be the key to a DNA relationship.

I have to find my genealogy box with notes from the 1950s written by my mother’s aunt.  Someone from the DNA project has contacted me about a certain name which I think has some interest for me.

Little Rory is coming home on Saturday.

This weekend we’re picking up Sug’s new puppy. Then we’re picking up Sug at the airport when she arrives home from a week-long mission trip.

We have discovered a groundhog has made his home under Sug’s new deck. Oh NO!!!

It would be nice to get something done but I’m not hopeful.

What’s holding you up?