Windows on Craigslist

I’ve been selling the old windows from the house and cottage on Craigslist.

We have a pile of windows.

I have a whole pile of them which I sell for $5 for as many as the buyer wants, not $5 each.

6-pane, 28″ by 32″ salvaged windows

The last lot that went was to a young lady who makes wedding gifts for her friends.

The “wedding window” (Names have been altered for privacy.)

With a Cricut vinyl cutting machine and an old window she enumerates the wedding party and other details then gives the window to the bride and groom.

Can you think of other ways to use this idea?

Quest for the Eclipse of 2017

Charlie and I left church on Sunday morning at 12:30 in the afternoon heading south in hopes of seeing a complete solar eclipse.

We’re trying to see a solar eclipse to mark off on our bucket list.

As we traveled south on Interstate 95 south of Washington DC we hit traffic that was making 20 miles of progress in 50 minutes.  It was slow going such that our 6 hour trip went for over 9 hours.

Charlie orders his coffee at the Starbucks counter; I usually use my mobile order app.

One bright spot was a short stop at Starbucks. I always order an espresso macchiato then add extra cream.

This bed looked so inviting.

We arrived at our lovely AirBnB in Wilmington, North Carolina, after 9 p.m.  Charlie played a couple of songs on the host’s baby grand piano while I headed straight for the bed. I was exhausted.

Can’t wait for breakfast in the morning.

Charlie said good-night to our host and set up our breakfast for 8:30 the next morning, blueberry pancakes.

The route took longer than expected.

Our original destination of McClellanville seems to be under clouds and thunderstorms all day so we’re going to try to head farther west. We’d need a boat to go east.

Newly painted railing and stained stairs courtesy of Sug.

While we were driving I kept getting photos from Sug with improvements she was making while we were away.

Are you planning to watch the Eclipse today?

Staining the Closet Doors

All the new closets in our house have shaker-style solid wood closet doors.

The bathroom door is painted grey but the closet doors have been unfinished.

Instead of painting them I wanted to stain them a similar color to the interior painted doors.

Varathane stain has a soya-oil base.

On Saturday morning with Charlie’s help I carried the very heavy conservatory closet doors outside with the hope of staining them Varathane “weathered grey”. I gave any stains or spots on the doors a quick sanding.

The door on the left has been treated with pre-stain conditioner.

I started on the back of the 4 doors with a coat of Minwax Pre-stain wood conditioner.

Stain is wiped on with a sponge.

Then I applied the stain with a small foam brush.

The woodgrain shows through the dark stain.

And wiped it off with a soft rag. The stain wipes on and wipes off which has to be accomplished before it dries too much.  Unfortunately the heat of the day made working quickly a necessity.

The rags became soaked with stain.

I worked on the back sides and edges first. Then we flipped all the doors to do the front side while chasing shade across the yard.  We moved the saw horses and doors at least 3 times during the staining.

We didn’t close the doors until they were totally dry.

After all side were given one coat I ran out of time so we hung the doors back in the conservatory with the intention of tweaking the finish if necessary.


I have 3 more sets of doors to stain.

How’s your heat index been this summer?

I Planted a “Cream Puff”

I ordered a “Cream Puff” deodar cedar on Tuesday and it arrived via the U.S. Mail on Friday.

The box containing the tree was crushed on arrival.

When I took the package from the postal carrier I was a little concerned because the box was crushed.

The one-year tree was small but larger than I expected.

When I unpacked it the little tree seemed fine. I gave it some water.

The tree itself is about 9 inches tall.

I coaxed it out of its container.  The root system was extensive so I cut the bottom out of the plastic pot.

The hole was about 14 inches in diameter and filled with dirt lighter than clay.

I dug a hole in the front yard which is mostly red clay.  I prepared the hole with vermiculite, sand, and composted garden soil to improve the drainage.

Viewed from the front the tree is a little offset so it will hopefully mask the meter viewed from the driveway.

The tree is planted a little higher than ground level per the nursery website from which I bought it.

The chair will shade the tree from the intense summer sun until it takes root.

I finished the planting up with wood chip mulch and a good watering.  I’m hoping as the tree grows, 6 to 12 inches per year, it will mask the electric box.

Do you do projects in steps or try to get them finished all at once?

Coffee Table for the Conservatory

I have been looking for a coffee table for the conservatory ever since I got rid of my old one.

The yellow table would tie the kitchen color to the colors in the conservatory.

The new Ikea catalog has a possibility in this round metal table.

I would pick green or yellow, not one of each.

I would need two and I’d have to choose between green or yellow.

The two plain widows on the front of the pile might be the right size.

My other idea is to take 2 old windows from the Cottage and make a small table.

This window table looks easy to make but might be too fragile for our house.

Old windows seem to be the right vibe for the conservatory. I found a couple of inspiration photos.

How hard can this be?

I’m pretty sure I could use my Kreg jig to put it together.

What are you planning to build?

Don’t Be Jealous

My friend and Cottage tenant, Sug, finds yard work therapeutic.

Sug likes to mow and we have a big yard.

She likes to mow the yard.

The garden is just a heap of weeds in August.

She pulls weeds in the garden.

Front of the greenhouse is ready for grading.

After she cleaned out the space in front of the greenhouse Charlie realized he would need to dig out the some soil and level the ground.

I’m sure Charlie can find an appropriate step in our pile of bluestone.

I suggested he take one of our large bluestone slabs and make a step in front of the greenhouse.

We’re inspired by this stone patio with fire pit.

Then he said if I would draw a plan up for a small patio and fire pit he would consider implementing it.

A rough idea.

I already have a plan in mind.

What would you want in a fire pit patio?

Specimen Plant

I have been working on planting plans for the foundation of the house.

The west foundation plants have a lot of growing room.

I started with some easy areas: back door, west side near the driveway.  Both areas are doing well so far.

The electric box on the left front of the house needs concealment behind a stunning plant.

The front yard needs a specimen plant that will eventually become a tree to hide the electric box that is mounted on the front of the house.

A sweet little “Cream Puff” cedar.

I saw a picture of a “Cream Puff” deodar cedar which I thought would be perfect.

“Snow Sprite” Cedar

When I went to order one it was out of stock everywhere so I ordered a “Snow Sprite” cedar instead.  It has been very slow arriving which turns out to be a benefit.

I’m excited to plant what I expect to be a tiny specimen.

My computer informed me that a “Cream Puff” is now available from Japanese Maples and Evergreens on Amazon. So I ordered it and canceled the first order with no problem.

The Cream Puff Cedar is slow-growing so I’ll have to wait a few years for it to fully mask the electric meter.

The “Cream Puff” is a dwarf deodar cedar with white tips on the ends of the branches. It is both humidity tolerant and deer resistant. I’m hoping the habit of this tree will eventually look like this one.

Would you buy plants through the mail?