Finally Finished #4

Today I finally finished #4 of my 101 in 1001 list which was to stain all of the unfinished natural wood closet doors.


First I stained two sets of doors in the conservatory.


Then I stained the set of doors on the walk-in closet in the master bedroom.


More recently I stained the narrow set of doors to the pantry.


Last week I finally worked on the final set of doors which is in the mudroom.

One small stain project to go above the closet doors.

And I almost finished last week except for the door to the special compartment above the main closet — the compartment I insisted on when the house was being renovated.


Today I finally finished this last door  — woo hoo — which means I can check off #4 on my 101 list.  All the interior doors are either painted (#87) or stained (#4).

What is your current tah-dah project?


The Rooftop Deck

Just outside the master bedroom, over top the conservatory, is a space that we planned to have a deck or porch.

The roof of the conservatory is also the deck of the second floor porch which is going to be reroofed then a railing installed.

To make it really usable it needs a railing since it is one story up.

Water pools on the edge of the deck which will be repaired with the reroofing.

Today I spoke with our carpenter who met with his roof expert.

The house color is Sandy Hook Grey which is something between grey and tan.

They are going to strip off the current roof and replace it with a membrane.

The roof deck is above the conservatory at the left side of the photo.

My task is to select the type and color of membrane I want.

This type of roofing/decking is available in 5 speckled colors.

The roofer brought samples of Duradek which I thought were too speckled.

The most appropriate color for The Glade seems to be the second swatch — grey — since lighter roofs are supposed to be more energy efficient.

I prefer a plainer finish so I have chosen a Duro-Last membrane roof instead which is cheaper and has a longer warranty.

How do you decide on new materials?

Other People’s Money

I’m sure Sug thinks I spend times looking for ways for her to spend money.

Stained glass window with hummingbirds.

I often see things I think she’ll like.  For example, the hummingbird stained-glass window in her kitchen area was my find.

The theme of a corner in the Cottage has become hummingbirds.

Well, I found some more hummingbirds.  Oh, Sug.

I especially like the embroidered sheets.

First there are sheets at Cuddledown that have embroidered hummingbirds on the hems of the top sheets and pillow cases.

These jammies look comfy.

Cuddledown is also selling a cute pair of pjs adorned with flowers and hummers.

We have hung one on each side of the door to the Cottage.

She’s getting ready to hang out the feeders I gave her last year.

Nicotiana should be attractive to our hummingbirds.

And I’m hoping the nicotiana flowers which are blooming in the greenhouse will also attract the sweet little Ruby-throated Hummingbird (Archilochus colubris).

We spent a lot of time last summer watching for hummingbirds.

We had 2 last year.

What do you collect?

Design Ideas for a New Space

I’ve been brainstorming and searching for a new color scheme.

I love this green door.

I’m hoping we’ll soon have a fixer-upper to work on.

I can picture a kitchen before and after by painting the cabinets Galway green by Behr.

I start by pulling together colors and textures that go together.

The Galway green makes an interesting base for this suggested color scheme.
Galway green as a secondary color and a coordinating wallpaper.

I like to design spaces that are not in my own preferred color scheme.

An outdoor shower should be easy to install on a large property.

I also think an outdoor shower is fun and useful.

The new roof may be a more neutral color.

Hope to have more details soon.  Tomorrow I’ll set up the inspections.

What’s your favorite color?

Repost: The Mystery of the Hinges of Notre Dame

I was horrified to learn of the recent fire in Notre Dame Cathedral.

Service at Notre Dame Cathedral honoring the Crown of Thorns.

In 2011 Charlie and I visited Paris and the Cathedral for the monthly Veneration of the Crown of Thorns which was rescued by a brave priest during the fire.

Notre Dame Cathedral viewed from the left bank.

In honor of the people of Paris I am reposting below my article on the hinges of the doors of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris.


The Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris has many unique and exquisite attributes.

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Even before entering the great stone edifice the doors grab attention.  Not the doors so much as the hinges.

The large wooden doors of Notre Dame swing on fabulous hinges.

They are made from wrought iron by Biscornette who was a very mysterious worker. Legend has it no one ever saw him constructing the hinges. Reports went round that he had sold his soul to the devil to get him to help. The design is supposed to represent the Earthly Paradise.

Beautiful arabesque branches are the hinges of Notre Dame

An iron master named Gaegart broke off fragments of the iron to try and figure out how Notre Dame’s hinges were created. Some experts think that they are cast, and then treated with a file; others say they must have been created solely by casting, with no soldering. In any case, the secret will never be divulged, it died with Biscornette.

Do you have a secret method for doing something?

Living Party Favors

We planned a Chapel Dedication last fall but postponed it until the first week in May.

Shade-loving perennial plants have been planted on the hill near the cross.

With the event less than 3 weeks away I wanted to get the  favors organized.

A local nursery had a large selection of bedding plants.

I decided to get enough flowering plants for everyone who attends to place one in memory or honor of loved ones in our chapel area.

I bought enough plant markers to use in our own garden.

I ordered plant markers from Amazon so the honoree could be memorialized in writing.

Flowers in shades of pink and magenta with accents of chartreuse.

I purchased double the number of plants to have enough for each person to take one home with a tag that says: May your love in Christ grow and flourish.

Some of the flowers (dark pink) are nicotiana which I hope will be attractive to our hummingbirds.

The pink flowers should complement other ones already in the yard like the Japanese blue iris.

A lilac bush is beginning to bloom near the back of the greenhouse.

With our unpredictable weather I am storing the plants in Charlie’s greenhouse.

The entire yard is lightened with dogwood blossoms.

The rest of the yard is cooperating by breaking into bloom.

What’s blossoming in your yard?

My Favorite Week of the Year

I love Holy week.

We were loaded down with palm fronds today.

Although my grown son’s birthday is early in April, he was born on Palm Sunday.  Today is Palm Sunday.

Simple but lovely convent chapel.

In addition to our regular services Charlie had the opportunity to play the organ at the small chapel of a local convent.

Charlie prepares the music for Palm Sunday.

Sug and I accompanied him and were truly blessed by the simplicity and sincerity of this community.

The pitcher, bowl, and towel are a reminder of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples.

This week my regular Bible study classes have been canceled but I’ll be attending special services planned for the end of the week.  My favorite is Maundy Thursday.  It is in Maundy services I have heard very profound and memorable messages.  The Pope washes the feet of prisoners emulating the actions of Christ at the Last supper.  That would be a truly humbling experience — having anyone wash my feet.

We’ll be creating a flower-adorned on Saturday night for a Sunrise service on Easter morning.

So we enjoyed our 5 services this weekend and look forward to a peaceful week concluding in a celebratory and joyful Easter when Charlie will be playing again at the convent before our regular service.

Do you have a favorite special celebration?