A Bunch or Two of Roses

I love white flowers.

I especially love white roses.

White roses, my favorite, in particular always freshen up any room.

I couldn’t find nice white roses.

I went out to buy some roses the other day at Trader Joe’s where a bunch of multi-stem roses is $5.

$10 worth of roses.

The white ones were starting to turn brown so I bought 2 orange bouquets.

I stuck both bunches in one vase and put them in the living room where they complement the blue color scheme.

I’ll be back for more before the season is out.

The orange roses even go with the Christmas tree although they’re not very Christmasy.

Do you have a favorite flower?


Finishing the Bedroom Curtains

I decided to hang curtains originally destined for the living room in the master bedroom.

The curtain rod was easy to hang with a level, drill, and screwdriver.

I ordered new curtain rods which were easy to hang. I screwed them in 6 inches from the ceiling.

I used metal hooks .

I finished the pleats at the top of the first panel by hand-tacking the top and bottom of the pleats together.

The clips/hooks are inserted in the fabric at the top of the pleat.

At first I hung the panel with the hooks at the very top of the curtain. It didn’t seem right.

The top of the curtains are about 3 inches from the ceiling.

Then I moved the hook to the bottom of the pleat which allowed more of the curtain to stand above the rod.

I will also be hanging panels on the sides of the French doors.

I’ll be working on the remaining 3 panels in the next few weeks. In addition to pleating them they also need to be hemmed. That’s another job for hand sewing.

What kind of sewing projects do you enjoy?

A New Window in The Cottage

Recently Sug, who lives in Glade Cottage, determined that a stained glass window would look nice in the small window near the kitchen sink that overlooks the woods.

The window in the kitchen area has a sylvan view.

The color scheme in The Cottage is generally aqua blue and ruby red with heavy doses of white.

The hummingbird from Cuba can be taken apart in 4 pieces — wings and beak come off.

For no particular reason I had started getting hummingbird items for Sug because we have both become fascinated by them. When I saw this stained glass window at Plow and Hearth on sale I texted it to Sug.

The window package.

Sug ordered it and it came in a few days very well-packed in styrofoam.

Plow and Hearth window.

When she unpacked it we were both excited to see that the window (18″ by 24″) was in the colors of The Cottage.

Well-built stained glass window with hummingbirds.

And it fit the window almost perfectly.

The window is bright and beautiful.

Ultimately the plan is to hang the stained glass in the top of the window.

What is your color scheme?

#9 Make Guest Room Ready for Guests

Ever since we started the renovation in 2013 we have been using the guest room, also known as the Treetops Room, for overflow.

The basket is full of sporting goods and horse tack including a saddle.

During the actual renovation Charlie and I used it as our bedroom while the master was getting a new bathroom and closet.

The papers on the dresser are bank statements — ordered but not put away.

Now it just has furniture, papers, and miscellaneous items that need to be sorted and/or disposed of.

Files and tubs of fabric I might NEED one day.

Sug has offered to help me.

We have some children’s furniture just waiting for the right child.

And I need help.

The Treetops bed is clear and usable, it’s the room that’s cluttered.

I’m hoping to get it all done before January 1.

What’s the most important thing in your guest room?

Working on Advent

I like to think of Advent as the Adventure that leads up to Christmas.

We’ll sing our hearts out.

This year I’ve foregone my regular Bible study class to sing in a choir whose program is this Saturday.  It’s a whole different situation being part of the choir instead of leader.  I used to start thinking about Christmas in August listening to music and creating a theme for a program. This year I am accommodating someone else’s planning.

I feel like I might need a bunch of roses in the near future.

Since I’m not in my regular study I’m taking another one on a different night with an entirely different group of people.  Just part of the adventure.

Last year I bought a felted hummingbird pillow for Sug.

I love having time and opportunity to be creative this Christmas and work in some events I was never available for. This weekend I’ll be attending the very special craft fair that Charlie and I went to for the first time last year.

Sug worked on my tree star and fixed it — it lights.

Christmas becomes more and more special to me every year.  It’s almost my favorite time of year, second only to Easter week.

Have you ever purchased a favorite or unusual craft items?

No Star at the Top

We picked up a Christmas tree a few days ago at a local tree lot.

The tree had to be almost perfect as it can be seen from all sides.

Charlie set it up next to the piano between the living room and the dining room.

The tree is ornamented and lit but lacks a topper on its very straight spire.

He put the lights on it, then Sug and I hung the ornaments.

In years past we put the tree in the front window. Please note the dazzling star on top.

Unfortunately there is no tree topper yet because the star we usually use won’t light up.

We pried the star apart.

Charlie and I took it apart and inspected every light, every connection, and even replaced fuses in the plug but it still won’t work.

I’m still hoping Charlie can figure something out.

Now I have to figure out what to replace it with.

Any suggestions?

A Different Kind of Curtain Rod

When I decided to hang curtains in the master bedroom I wasn’t sure what kind of curtain rod to choose.

The bracket turns in toward the center of the rod.

Then I saw curtain rods on Amazon where the ends were turned inward purportedly for room darkening purposes.

The curtain and rod must fit between the shelves.

I’m not concerned about darkening the room but I wanted to be sure the rod over the window would fit between the bookshelves and the curtain would cover the window trim.

Priced between $20 and $25.

I ordered a short one for the window and a longer one for the French doors both in a nickel finish.

Has anyone tried rods like this?