Step 6: Resetting the Toilet

Now that the wallpaper in the pink bathroom is finished I’m ready for Charlie to reset the toilet with  new wax ring.

New wallpaper in the bathroom from Anthropologie.

He removed the toilet last weekend and stuck a rag in the drain hole to block escaping sewer gases.

The toilet was a useful flat surface while I was working on the wallpaper.

The tile around the toilet needed a good cleaning which I did with bathroom cleaner.

Tile and grout on the wall and on the floor were sprayed with bathroom cleaner and scrubbed.

I followed up with some diluted chlorine bleach to whiten the grout.

Charlie scraped off the old wax ring from the closet (toilet) flange.

Charlie cleaned up around the sewer pipe which seemed offset from the original pipe.

The flange is totally worn away on the left side.

When the old cast iron flange was cleaned up we noticed it was extremely worn on the spot where the new bolts were supposed to hook in. Maybe that’s why it was rocking before we removed it.

For now the toilet is on the bathroom floor blocking the way.

I looked up how to change the flange and found this very informative article and video.  I’m not sure Charlie is up to this renovation but I’m going to let him decide.

How are your plumbing skills?


Changing Up Some Lightbulbs

I have never been happy using traditional incandescent light bulbs in the fixture in the pink bathroom.

Traditional incandescent bulb.

They protruded just a little to far.

In person the bulbs are prominent.

And when they’re turned on they seem to be utilitarian but not very decorative.

I’m sure they’ll last more than a year in this seldom used room.

Since we don’t use this room much and the wall and ceiling fixtures are on a dimmer I ordered some clear light bulbs from Amazon.

When the lights are off the bulbs are unnoticeable.

When I ordered them I didn’t realized they are actually smaller than normal bulbs so they are virtually hidden in the pleated glass shades of the fixture.

No logos on the light bulbs.

Also they are not marked with the maker’s logo on the part of the bulb visible from below.

Small change — good result.

And they give a pleasant white light when illuminated.

Do you have fixtures where fluorescent light just won’t do?

Step 7: Rehang the Shower Curtain Rod

I took down the shower curtain and shower curtain rod to make the wallpapering of the pink tile bathroom easier.

The shower curtain rod needs a good cleaning and maybe some spray paint before being reinstalled.

I noticed, that while the rod was a nice bright silver, the escutcheons were losing their chrome.

Rustoleum Metallic Finish: Chrome

I taped off the ends of the rod and gave the flanges a spray of bright chrome paint.

I used new screws about an inch and a half long to hold the flanges to the wall.

After the paint dried I screwed the rod back into the wall in its original position — or close to it.

I checked the level before tightening all the screws.

After Charlie resets the toilet (which is now in the tub) I’ll rehang the shower curtain.

The rod hangs over the centerline of the edge of the tub.

The tub needs a good cleaning before rehanging the curtain, too.

What’s the last thing you spray painted?

Step 5c: Hang Wallpaper Around the Showerhead

I’m so happy to report that the wallpapering of the pink tile bathroom is finished.

The width cutaway from the last piece on wall #3 is hunt from the corner on wall #4 overlapping the allowance.

Working around the room clockwise I finished the 4th and final wall.

The width from the corner covered just past the corner of the door trim, then a short piece was added over the middle of the door.

The 4th wall had both a doorway and showerhead to paper around.  The doorway was not difficult because the width of paper from the wall to the door covered the entire space.  It was just a matter of trimming the excess away.

The paper stopped near the showerhead — I didn’t figure it that way, it just worked out.

I thought I would have to cut a slit down from the top of the paper to accommodate the showerhead like I did on lighting fixture on wall 3.

The cuts around the showerhead are visible until the escutcheon is pushed back to the wall.

Instead I made a slit from the side because the previous piece butted up against the shower fixture.  None of the cut shows.

Ta da!

When I tucked the last piece into the beginning corner and trimmed the excess I was elated.

Bathroom wallpaper when we moved in 21 years ago.
The paper for the past 20 years has been a pink and white Laura Ashley print.
Much like the original wallpaper, the new paper has large colorful flowers.

We’re not finished yet but the bulk of the tedious work, tile and wallpaper, is finished.

The lighting fixture has been remounted to the wall over the sink. We still need a mirror and shelf.

The rest should be fun.

What’s you least favorite tedious task?

We Could Use Another Long Weekend

Tomorrow I’m going to try my best to finish hanging the pink tile bathroom wallpaper.

This is the last area that needs to be papered.

I have only 4 pieces remaining.

The water to the toilet is turned off and the toilet emptied of water.

Also hoping Charlie will reset the toilet in the same room. He removed it earlier in the week and wrestled it into the tub so it wouldn’t be in my way.

Blue Hawk 10-ft x 5-ft x 6-ft Outdoor Dog Kennel Preassembled Kit

In the mean time Sug has ordered a dog run which will be delivered on Monday.  We’ll try to set it up when we get home from work. She selected one with a cover because we have hawks, eagles, and vultures in the neighborhood which might get an idea to attack our small dogs.

I’m planning to use the same white matelassé shower curtain.

Hoping to have a fruitful weekend.  Wishing it were longer.

Do you have plans?

Step 5b: Hang Wallpaper Around a Lighting Fixture

Still working in the pink bathroom.  I started wallpapering in the least conspicuous corner in the shower.

The indented corner on the right is papered in one piece.

Working around the room clockwise I’m now on the third wall over the sink. I could not find instructions on the internet for papering a small zigzag corner so here’s how I did it.

The space between the white lines is one piece of wallpaper.

First I had to make the turn from the second to the third wall.  The corner, as in many bathrooms, is an inside corner-outside corner-inside corner wall section which I presume houses the plumbing vent stack. This area is often out-of-square as was mine.

The partial piece is hung with a plumb line guiding the right edge.

With about a half inch on the left, I cut the paper to cover the entire housing to about an inch beyond the second inside corner.  Using the leftover cut I pasted it over the allowance on the right-hand wall using a plumb-line to insure this first piece of paper on the wall is straight.

The fixture will cover the edges of the wallpaper.

The second and third pieces on the wall had to be cut around a wall-mounted lighting fixture.  First, the fixture was loosened from the wall to reveal the bracket.

The pink line is the end of the previous piece of wallpaper; the green line is the slit made to accommodate the screw.

Measuring from the end of the previous piece of paper to the screw, I made a straight cut from the top of the paper the same width as the screw placement.

The wall is papered around the bracket, not around the entire fixture.

While Sug held the dangling fixture away from the wall I carefully hung and trimmed the wallpaper around the bracket matching my cut above the bracket.  The next piece was applied in likewise fashion measuring the screw distance from the previous piece and cutting a slit from the top down to the screw.

The lighting fixture covers the ragged edges of the wallpaper.

Sug cleaned the lighting fixture then we secured it back to the wall tucking in all the wires and wire nuts.

The trim is painted before the wallpaper is hung.

I stopped here to allow Sug to paint the door casing before I paper around the corner and then around the door on the final wall.

Do you make a plan or just start in on a task?

Cleaning the Lighting Fixture

The lighting fixture in the pink tiled bathroom has been in there about 18 years without ever being cleaned.

This fixture has been hanging for about 18 years and could use a good cleaning.

When I released the fixture from its mount to wallpaper behind it I noticed it was so dirty it was discolored.

I thought the fixture was cream colored, not white.

Sug said she could clean it like new with a Magic Eraser. She wet a piece of the eraser in a bucket of water  and cleaned the fixture from left to right.

How cute does this look against the new wallpaper?

It is now beautifully clean against the mostly white new wallpaper.

The carved roses on the light echo the wallpaper flowers.

It’s my task to clean the pleated glass shades which I will do with blue Dawn sudsy water and a brush.

Do you have a cleaning secret?