Our Curbless Showers

I had to plan and scheme to make the 2 showers in our new bathrooms zero threshold entries.

The curbless shower.

Since they have been finished for a couple of years now I can definitely say they were the right way to go.

The Conservatory bathroom shower.
The last item was window trim.

While we don’t use the one in the conservatory much at this time it is a neat looking design which works well.

The shower in the master bath is at the far end of the room.

Our everyday shower in the master suite is used multiple times each day.

The entire master bath floor is mosaic marble.

There is no water leakage issue. The floor and surround are easy to clean.

The master shower is fit for a snooty diva.

I can recommend going to the extra trouble of installing a curbless shower especially if someone in the household uses a walker or wheelchair.  Those are not yet our issues but we’ll be prepared if they ever arise.

Do you have a favorite feature in your bathroom?


List, 2018: September Plans

Even though we always have things to do around The Glade, the year has certainly been busy.

The powder room has been transformed.

We rehabbed and redecorated 2 bathrooms: Powder room, Pink tile.

Our taxi for the 111 mile ride from Havana to Vinales.

We visited Cuba and Smith Island.

Irish Tea Party

And we had a couple of get-togethers with our friends: Saint Patrick’s Day Tea Party and Epiphany Party.

I have not forgotten about the Treetops Room.

Now we’re almost in September, the month to get focused and restarted. I don’t have any children heading back to school but September seems to be a time of new beginnings.


Sug has cleaned every surface in the entire house.

Sug has been helping with all the projects in the house and has now decided to keep the house spotless.  Her exertion is our gain.  There are some people who like to clean house.  I, on the other hand, like having cleaned. Recently clearing the dust has put me into respiratory arrest but I’m feeling much improved.


Hoping to make it to Windsor Castle.

Charlie and I are heading to the UK for 12 days.  That should be plenty of high-quality, energy-packed entertainment.


The cross marks a meditation area in the lower yard.

When we return from London we need to get busy sending out invitations for the dedication of The Chapel at The Glade.  It won’t actually take place until October but we must get in touch with a long list of friends.

Exterior Outsourcing

There’s nothing to keep us from falling off this deck outside the master suite.

I’m hoping to hear from our carpenter who I’ve contracted to put a railing around our second-story deck.

Extreme Terminus

I’ve had it with baseboard trim.

Totally finish all the projects we’ve been working on all summer.

Does that sound like we’re back in business?  Are you restarting something?

Two More Summer Weekends

While we accomplished a lot at The Glade this summer — renovated 2 bathrooms — I’ve looked back at some of my projects lists from earlier in the summer and more than a few things have been left undone.

Two sets of pine doors need to be stained a medium grey.

In July I had hoped to stain the 2 sets of unfinished pine doors — the mudroom and the pantry.  I bought some light stain to mix with the dark stain I had been using to change things up just a little. Weather permitting, I think I can finish these doors in the next two weekends.

The closet has become a storage spot for lots of stuff that doesn’t belong.

Another summer goal was to organize all my clothes that were cluttering various closets, bed and floors all over the house.  This I have done. But still undone is a serious look at the clutter in the mudroom closet which is also one of the set of doors that needs to be stained.

I’m happy we can close the doors on the pantry because it looks a horrible mess.

The pantry has become a disorganized mess also.  Charlie likes to store things — grocery bags for example — on the floor.  It’s horrible and I plan to take control.

The pile has dwindled but the trim has not yet been totally installed.

Little by little we’ve been whittling away at the pile of trim in the hallway.  When every room has baseboard I plan to make another lumber order to finish the face frames for both the master closet and the master bedroom shelving which is not yet finished.

My main fall project is to get the back bedroom — The Treetops Room — ready for guests.

I know we can’t hope we can accomplish all this in 2 weekends and I’m comforted to have a plan.

Do you have an end of summer plan?

Powder Room Redo — Step 6b

Today’s chore was to paper the final wall in the powder room.

The wall sconce has been loosened from the wall and the switchplate removed.

I spent some time last night thinking about exactly how I should finish this area.  The remaining piece cut from the left hand wall was too narrow to fill the space between the wall and the door frame so I would have had to use 3 pieces instead of 2 on this small wall.

I matched the narrow remnant to the pattern on a larger piece.

Instead I used the narrow remnant to cut a wider piece from a new strip of wallpaper.  The remnant had to be offset to get the widest possible piece.

The slit for the wall sconce looks unsightly until it comes together.

This piece had the added problem of cutting around a wall sconce and over a fan switch and outlet.

With the pattern match the slit can barely be seen even close up.

I cut the slit for the light from the door frame side.

Can you find the cut between the door frame and the wall sconce?

Once everything was glued down and trimmed the slit basically disappeared.

The last corner doesn’t match at all.

The last piece was a short partial piece that fit over the door frame and into the least conspicuous corner.

The front corner over the sink matches very well.

The wallpapering is finished.  I think between the 3 of us —  Charlie, Sug, and me — we can finish the powder room by the end of August.

Do you have plans for August?

Powder Room Redo — Step 6a

I finished papering walls 2 and 3 of the powder room today.

I started the sinkwall yesterday.

These two walls are opposite each other — one is the toilet wall and the other the sink wall.

This area over the sink will ultimately be covered by a mirror.

The sink wall was fairly straightforward. The roughly patched area over the sink disappeared under the busy paper.  After yesterday’s full piece I only had to hang a partial piece measured one-half inch past the corner.

The light switch is on the 3rd wall.

The opposite wall over the toilet took a full width and a partial width to finish.

By adding an extra half inch I could paper the narrow slit between the doorframe and the wall.

The final piece turned the corner onto the 4th wall as usual.  Instead of making a half-inch turn, I added an inch to fill the tiny space between the door frame and the wall.

I’ll begin on the left and work over the the corner on the right which is the most inconspicuous corner in the room.

I only have the door wall to finish. It has a wall sconce and a large switch both of which must be cut around.

I hoping to finish papering tomorrow.

I like that the horizontal aspect of the wallpaper visually enlarges this tiny room.

How do you decide when to stop working?

Powder Room Redo — Step 6

I started the wallpapering of the powder room in earnest.

The wall on the right will have a large mirror covering most of it.

Although the directions said to spray the back with water to dampen it like I did in the pink tile bathroom, I chose to soak it in the kitchen sink for 30 seconds instead. The lengths of paper are about twice as long as the ones in the pink bathroom so spraying was more difficult.

This mostly-white paper really brightens up the powder room.

First I added a full width of wallpaper to the adjacent wall on the right after booking the paper for about 5 minutes. “Booking” is gently folding both ends, paste side in, towards the center of the strip, without creasing the folds. It helps to cure the paste.

The bottom edge of the wallpaper will get a chair rail.

Then I measured the space to the left of the first piece and cut a width of paper that measurement plus a half inch to turn onto the adjacent wall on the left.

Taping knife used to hold wallpaper while trimming with razor blade.

I lined up the bottoms of the lengths of wallpaper so I only needed to trim the ceiling end which I did with a razor blade held against a drywall finishing knife.

The view from the hall.

Two pieces were all I could complete on this very humid day.

Is your summer project indoors or outdoors?

Powder Room Redo — Step 5

I was so eager to get started wallpapering I initially left out Step 5 which is sizing the wall.

Wallpaper primer (sizing) and paint brush.

Sizing the wall allows the application of the wallpaper to have a little more forgiveness by allowing easier repositioning.

The wet sizing can be seen on the wall next to the first piece of paper.

However I did not size the wall before I began to paper because I forgot. So after I hung the first piece I sized the rest of the walls.

The wallpaper runs from 3-feet above the floor to the ceiling.

Normally I would begin wallpapering in the most inconspicuous corner and work clockwize around the room.  In this powder room only one wall is visible outside the room so I decided to start on that one, the wall opposite the door and work alternatingly left and right until I reach the inconspicuous corner.

Covering the fuse box was successful.
I cocked the door open to show the placement of the fuse box.

The first full piece is really the trickiest one in the room. This piece must be cut around a wall sconce and cover a mid-wall fuse box.

The wallpaper was slit from the the right side of the paper just under the hot air balloon and through the top of the Eiffel Tower to accommodate the lighting fixture.

I was concerned that the sconces might need painting but the bright chrome works better with this paper than with the former bibliotheque format.

Before I began the fuse box was prominent in the middle of the wall.
The fuse box is barely visible and the sconce looks appropriate.

I have about 7 more pieces of wallpaper to hang now that the wall is sized.

What do you do when you miss a step?