Progress on the Pink Tile – Step 1b

The original pink tile bathroom has been “closed for remodeling” for a few months now and it’s time to get it going again just in case we have overnight visitors.

Our tiny original bathroom has pink and white wallpaper above the pink tile.

I asked Charlie to continue removing pink tiles from the bathroom so we could start gluing them back on the wall. Step 1, Step 1a

Charlie has the patience to remove ceramic tile piece by piece.

He finished taking 6 bullnose tiles from the shower wall.

The old-style towel rack is not going to be used again.

Also he started working on one tile that held the towel bar support but the Dremel tool grinding wheel gave out.

We’ve almost removed all the tile we planned to take down and use again.

The other towel bar tile had been removed earlier because it was cracked. Since the towel bar support is mounted to the wall and not to the tile it would have to be cut. Instead I decided not to put the towel bar back again in that position or at least not that towel bar.

The most obvious place to start is above the sink.

The next step is to glue new tiles in the shower and reuse the old tiles over the sink and under the window. I picked up some new Dremel wheels to cut the old grout, a tub of adhesive, a tub of grout on my way home from work one day.

The Dremel tool cuts through grout with minimal scraping.

Unfortunately before the tiles can be reglued, the old adhesive must be removed from the back of the tiles and the wall.  I have read that simply soaking the tiles in water would loosen the glue on them.  The wall issue might be more difficult.

Step 2 doesn’t seem too, too far away.

Which gives you more satisfaction: demolition or building?


The Cottage Toilet Grows Up

After Charlie and I laid laminate floor in the Cottage bathroom we he put the same toilet that had been in there back in.

Charlie reinstalled the Cottage toilet after we laid the floor. This is the old toilet.

There was a crack in the toilet which we didn’t mind since the water to the Cottage was turned off for much of the year when no one lived there.

The new Toto toilet has no cracks.

Now however our tenant is getting some work done on the Cottage and has decided to replace the standard toilet with a new comfort height model.

The toilet alcove is behind the bathtub.

It was installed in the alcove behind the tub and across from the vanity.

The window blind has also been changed to a white mini-blind. (See above photo.)

I’m sure it will be appreciated.  I love the new taller toilets in the house.

Do you have white or colored fixtures in your bathroom?

Step 1a: Removing the Tile

I have started my tile project in the pink bathroom.

Crack in the pink bathroom tile.
The tiles I removed.

It was going very slowly until Charlie took over.

The Dremel tool cuts through grout with minimal scraping.

Instead of using the grout saw he pulled out our Dremel tool.

Once Charlie figured out a method he was rolling.

All afternoon I received photo updates.

We’re retaining the old ceramic fixtures but removing the Laura Ashley wallpaper.

Now that the easy tiles are removed, onto the more important bull-nosed variety.

Do you favor hand tools or power tools?

Taking a Mirror Down

While we’re remodeling the vintage pink-tile bathroom we’re also going to hang new wallpaper.

The mirror above the vanity in the pink bathroom runs almost the entire length of the wall.

One obstacle to that is the 3′ by 4′ mirror on the wall.

The mirror is stuck to the wall in addition to being held by top and bottom clips.

It appears to be held up by clips so we bent the edge of the clips out.  Since I’m the one who originally hung it about 18 years ago I can assure you the mirror is also held up with Liquid Nails.

The mirror was removed without breaking.

Three two of us tried to remove the mirror without breaking it. My friend and Charlie carefully pulled it off the wall.

The back of the mirror is spotted with well-dried Liquid Nails adhesive.

I’m fairly sure I’m not going to use this mirror again.

I plan to repaper this room.

Now we must remove all the wallpaper in the bathroom.

What permanent mistake have your made?

Step 1: Removing the Tile

I have started my tile project in the pink bathroom.

Crack in the pink bathroom tile.

It is going very slowly.

The plan is to carefully remove nine bullnose tiles in the shower.

I have a goal to carefully remove about a dozen and a half tiles at the rate of one per day. Actually I’m succeeding at the rate of one per week.

The grout saw has a carbide grit edge for removing grout.

My friend bought a grout saw with which I remove as much grout as possible.

I spend a lot of time carefully removing grout.

Then I carefully chisel the tiles off the wall.

The broken tiles came off easily.

So far I’ve removed completely two tiles that were already broken. The rest of the tiles must be removed in tact.

Are you good at tedious jobs? Or the quick and dirty ones?

Master Mirrors

Last May when the master bathroom vanity was installed I hung two distinct mirrors on the wall over it: one for me, one for Charlie.

The mirrors were hung over the vanity even before the plumbing was installed almost a year ago.

Mine has always been a little low according to my height.

Charlie’s mirror hung over the top of the backsplash.

When the 10″-tall backsplash was installed recently the mirrors in their original position hung over the backsplash.

The smaller mirror is on what we consider to be “my side”.

It was an easy task to raise the mirrors about 2 inches.  My mirror (the smaller one) just needed to have the hanging wire shortened.

The bottoms screw was the original position. I jest left it in the wall since the mirror will cover.

To match the bottoms of the mirrors at the same level I moved the hanging screw up about 3 inches.

The bottom of the mirrors are at the same height above the backsplash.

Now both mirrors are fully useful to both of us.

We’ve become “bathroom snobs” after using this wonderful space.

We might have to put a curtain of some kind at the window.  Maybe to cover the bottom half.

Where can you make a small but practical tweak?

Out of the Box

Recently I was telling Charlie a story about my day at work and he said, “You really think out of the box.  I would never have thought of that.”

The new tiles are a little peachier and lighter than the vintage tile on the wall.

Playing on that idea I started thinking about my pink tile dilemma. The tiles arrived yesterday and are not a great match.

To remove the tiles we’ll have to scrape the grout away.

I decided to try and pry tiles off the wall without breaking them.

We’ll carefully remove nine bullnose tiles in the shower and replace them with the new tiles.

My idea is to reuse them in a different place in the bathroom; putting almost matching tiles in inconspicuous places.

The first task is to remove the clear caulk between the top of the tile and the bottom of the wallpaper which runs around the room.

Seems like a lot of work but I think we’re up to it.

Anthropologie wallpaper.

Once the tiling is finished then I’ll repaper the walls with something really cheery.

Have you successfully removed wall tiles before? And reused them?