Faucet Snobbery

I prefer a high-arc faucet.

The tall spigot in our Paris apartment.

Charlie and I learned to appreciate them on our trip to Paris in 2011.

Even the Cottage has an Ikea high-arc faucet in the kitchen area.

We have installed them in the house on every sink.

This bathroom will get a new faucet.

Now that we are planning to upgrade a new old house I have decided to change out all of the faucets while we have a plumber on the premises.

The kitchen could use a new sink as well as a new faucet but for now we’re just switching out the faucet.

The 3 sinks all have old-style faucets.

Delta Foundations high-arc bathroom faucet — $30.

I placed an order with Home Depot for 2 identical and inexpensive bathroom faucets by Delta.

Kitchen faucet

I went a little more upmarket with a Moen Noell kitchen faucet because I also like a lever control in place of two handles in the kitchen.

What details are you partial to?

Installing an Illuminated Mirror

I bought an electric makeup mirror for Charlie for his birthday.  It was actually delivered on his birthday this past Sunday.

The package was delivered early Sunday morning.

No, he doesn’t wear makeup but he does like to get a nice close shave so he wanted a mirror he could be closer to.

The instructions that came with the mirror allow two ways to hang it:

  • with 2 screws or
  • with glue.

The mirror is fairly heavy and it will be cantilevered from the wall so I would not trust glue.  If it would fall and break there would be quite a mess.

The mirror will hang on the narrow wall to the left of the doorway.

So I’m using the screw method.  I’d like to attach it to a stud so I looked up a photo of the bathroom before it was painted.

The stud runs on the left of the outlet.

It’s easy to see that the stud inside the wall runs up the left side of the electric outlet.

The backplate of the mirror is held to the wall with 2 screws.

I marked the holes and started then screws by hammering in a large nail.  Then I manually screwed the backplate to the wall into the stud.

The mirror is surdy on the wall.

Using the knobs provided I attached the front escutcheon to the back plate.

This mirror neatly tucks against the wall when not in use.

I plugged the mirror into the close-by outlet so the built-in light would operate.

The light is an added benefit.

The light has 4 settings: off, low, medium, and high.

Nice to see you.

I think we’ll both find this lighted mirror with a standard side and a ten-times magnification side handy.

What is a favorite feature in your bathroom?

Black Friday Chores

To be sure, I did not shop today.

Some of my zip-on pillow protectors are in rough shape.

Instead I washed some bed pillows and zipped on new quilted covers.

We use a window unit in the master bedroom at the back of the house.

Charlie removed the air conditioner from the master bedroom window and carried it up to the attic.

Eventually the bedroom window will have a curtain.

The room should be warmer with the windows fully closed.

I used this bleach-based product to remove the mold at the bottom of the master shower.

I used toilet bowl bleach to remove some of the black mold at the corners of the master shower area.

The bleach gel is held in place with rolled toilet paper.

I got the idea from this video.

Ancient boxwood at the farm are useful evergreens.

Our real task for the day was to travel to the farm where I work.

We collected a bucket of varied evergreens and a bag of boxwood clippings.

Sug and I collected some evergreens so we can create our Advent wreaths and door decorations. Tomorrow we hope to get inspired.

Do you hang wreaths or sprays on your doors?

Cleaning the Rainshower

I have noticed over the time our new showerhead (now 4 years old) has stopped “raining”.

The showerhead in the master bathroom hangs from the ceiling.

The holes have become partially blocked with calcium deposits which causes the water streams to shoot off in all directions.

This was was spraying in all directions.

My first attempt to fix the problem was to massage the rubber ends on each hole with the tip of my finger.  It helped but not enough.

Rubbing the water holes sometimes dislodges calcium deposits.

My second attempt was to hang a bagful of white vinegar over the showerhead.  I tied the bag to the showerhead with a rubber band.

I double-bagged the vinegar so it wouldn’t leak on the marble floor of the shower.

Unfortunately the vinegar seemed to be hanging too low to really cover the showerhead so I attached 2 more rubber bands from the shower stem and used them to hold a small piece of wood under the bag which forced the vinegar onto the holes.

The piece of wood under the bag pushed the vinegar up to the showerhead.

After about half an hour of soaking the showerhead the water was running straighter in a more rain-like direction.

The shower is running much better.

I gave the shower a try first chance I got.

Is your water running free?

List, 2018: September Progress

I had almost forgotten that I had formally made plans at the beginning of September that I need to answer for.


The upstairs hall wall and all the doors have been painted.

While we were away for 2 weeks Sug painted, and cleaned, and finished up a few ongoing projects.


Charlie and Jo standing on the Prime Meridian at Greenwich.  That’s it behind our heads

Charlie and I went to England for 12 days. We had a great time


The cross marks a meditation area in the lower yard.

I decided along with Charlie and Sug to put off the dedication of The Chapel at The Glade until spring. The weather will be better and days will stay light longer.

Exterior Outsourcing

There’s nothing to keep us from falling off this deck outside the master suite.

I have to contact our carpenter to see if he’s ready to get started putting a railing around our second-story deck.

Extreme Terminus

I’ve had it with baseboard trim.

We have not totally finished all the projects we’ve been working on all summer but we’re much closer.

Are you making plans for fall?  What are your favorite autumn holidays?

Our Curbless Showers

I had to plan and scheme to make the 2 showers in our new bathrooms zero threshold entries.

The curbless shower.

Since they have been finished for a couple of years now I can definitely say they were the right way to go.

The Conservatory bathroom shower.
The last item was window trim.

While we don’t use the one in the conservatory much at this time it is a neat looking design which works well.

The shower in the master bath is at the far end of the room.

Our everyday shower in the master suite is used multiple times each day.

The entire master bath floor is mosaic marble.

There is no water leakage issue. The floor and surround are easy to clean.

The master shower is fit for a snooty diva.

I can recommend going to the extra trouble of installing a curbless shower especially if someone in the household uses a walker or wheelchair.  Those are not yet our issues but we’ll be prepared if they ever arise.

Do you have a favorite feature in your bathroom?

List, 2018: September Plans

Even though we always have things to do around The Glade, the year has certainly been busy.

The powder room has been transformed.

We rehabbed and redecorated 2 bathrooms: Powder room, Pink tile.

Our taxi for the 111 mile ride from Havana to Vinales.

We visited Cuba and Smith Island.

Irish Tea Party

And we had a couple of get-togethers with our friends: Saint Patrick’s Day Tea Party and Epiphany Party.

I have not forgotten about the Treetops Room.

Now we’re almost in September, the month to get focused and restarted. I don’t have any children heading back to school but September seems to be a time of new beginnings.


Sug has cleaned every surface in the entire house.

Sug has been helping with all the projects in the house and has now decided to keep the house spotless.  Her exertion is our gain.  There are some people who like to clean house.  I, on the other hand, like having cleaned. Recently clearing the dust has put me into respiratory arrest but I’m feeling much improved.


Hoping to make it to Windsor Castle.

Charlie and I are heading to the UK for 12 days.  That should be plenty of high-quality, energy-packed entertainment.


The cross marks a meditation area in the lower yard.

When we return from London we need to get busy sending out invitations for the dedication of The Chapel at The Glade.  It won’t actually take place until October but we must get in touch with a long list of friends.

Exterior Outsourcing

There’s nothing to keep us from falling off this deck outside the master suite.

I’m hoping to hear from our carpenter who I’ve contracted to put a railing around our second-story deck.

Extreme Terminus

I’ve had it with baseboard trim.

Totally finish all the projects we’ve been working on all summer.

Does that sound like we’re back in business?  Are you restarting something?