I’ll Never Be a Minimalist

Although minimalism is  tempting, it’s not for me.

We still have a few projects to finish up the house renovation.

However, I am planning to simplify my life in 2018.

I enjoy a clean and neat kitchen.

I’ve been reading lists on the internet of ways other people are downsizing their lives. I’m planning to start with the following list of 10:

  1.  Resign from a bi-weekly leadership position.  This one act should reduce my stress level immensely.

    It will be very difficult to walk away and I’m sure some people will not understand.

  2. Clear unnecessary documents and clutter from my office.  I have recently had a change at work that will allow me to distribute boxes of documents to long-term storage or another more appropriate office.
  3.   Shred and discard personal papers: old bank statements, old bills, old tax returns.
    Paper headed for the shredder.

    I have about 15 years worth; I only need 7.

  4.   Get rid of more books.  Sharing or donating 100 books will only be a drop in the bucket.
    Gobs of books.

    That’s the challenge.

  5.   Buy healthier food and prepare food in advance so good choices are available after work.

    I love vegetables but they take some prep.
  6. Sell at least 5 large items of clutter that we no longer use.

    Someone might just need this chandelier more than we do.
  7. Remove e-mail subscriptions that I inadvertently signed up for when ordering over the internet.  Now I just delete them over and over again.  Unsubscribing would be more efficient.
  8.  Pack light when traveling.
    I usually limit myself to one carry-on size suitcase when traveling.

    I’m limiting myself to one suitcase.

  9.  Clean out my handbag.
    Using a smaller purse might be part of the solution.

    I usually do this just before I travel.  My purse is so heavy I’m often mocked about it by my friends and Charlie. I can change this.

  10.  Streamline my laundry system.
    We need to finish the laundry room before we can organize it.

    Truth is I have no system so there are clothes in “waiting” or “holding” situations that appear to be clutter. And clutter is bad.

I hope to get started soon.

What are you simplifying in your life?


One Task Ticked Off the List

The task I’m referring to is putting in some more baseboard. The plan last Saturday was to get something finished.

This pile has been dispersed.

Of course we didn’t finish it and totally whittle down the pile of trim but the hallway in the master suite is completed.

Baseboard really finishes the look in the hallway.

The first area Sug and I worked on intersected with the lower cabinet of the linen closet.

The base of the linen cabinet.
This is the shape we tried to cut out with a coping saw.












Our baseboard is formed by a piece of 1 by 4 topped with ogee molding and finished with a piece of shoe molding in the front.  We tried to cope the 1 by 4 so it would fit into the bottom trim on the cabinet but we really couldn’t make it work that way.

We started with 1 by 4s cut to fit which slid behind the cabinet’s trim.

So instead of coping we just trimmed the cabinet trim and ran the baseboard all the way back to the cabinet.

It looked very complicated when all the pieces were fit together.

We cut 1 by 4 for all areas then topped it with ogee.

The shoe molding is coped and the corners will come together better when the trim is fastened to the wall.

We tried again to cope the joints of the shoe molding and were successful.  Using a coping saw we cut out the shape of the shoe molding in the adjoining piece.

We drilled a hole then screwed in a brass door stop.

The hallway is trimmed. And we put a door stop behind the bedroom door so the door knob doesn’t make a hole in the wall.

This section of baseboard in the bedroom needs shoe molding.

Next task: finish trimming the bedroom.

What carpentry skill can you brag about?

Divide and Conquer

The weather forecast for Saturday has changed from rain to sun to rain to clouds so Sug and I are planning to work on some indoor/outdoor projects.

Much, but not all, of the dirt was removed when we cleaned the rug in spring.

She is going to clean my outdoor master deck rug. I did a poor job of it in the spring.

This section of baseboard needs shoe molding.

Also with her help I’m planning to install baseboard trim in the master suite.

We set up the miter saw on the deck outside the master bedroom.

That will mean dragging the miter saw out to the master deck.

We need to hand the trim boards out this inconvenient window, then on to the roof, then to the second-floor deck.

It also means fishing 16-foot-long pieces of trim out the back bedroom window and onto the deck.

I’d like to whittle this pile of trim down to nothing.

The plan is to get SOMETHING finished!

What’s hanging over your head?

Prettying the Porch

Over the past few months while we’ve been working on projects the side porch had become cluttered with all sorts of home improvement paraphernalia.

The side porch was a cluttered mess.

The porch was loaded with stuff: paint, tools, furniture, papers, rags . . . get the picture.

We don’t have time to decorate the porch, just clean it.

When I arrived home yesterday evening the porch was bare.

All this clutter must be put away or thrown away.

The driveway was a shambles.

I was surprised that the polar bear mat was more turquoise than blue.

Charlie had removed everything and washed down the porch. And I had received my new polar bear door mat so I gave it a try.

It’s a relief to have the porch cleaned up.

I decided to save the new mat until I clean the front porch and put the twin mat out there.

What spot in your house is needy?

Step 4: #15 on the New 101 in 1001

On my 4th 101 tasks to accomplish in 1001 days, number 15 states:  Get rid of 101 items.

Here are the fourth 10.

  1. Roll of tar paper.

    I found another roll of old tar paper which was like a solid rock. It’s gone now.
  2. Accordion coat rack

    No reason to keep this rack.
  3. Old tires.

    I don’t know where these old tires came from but out they go.
  4. Black plastic sheets that we keep to cover things in the yard.  Unfortunately they became holey and attracted thousands of ants.

    We had old black plastic left over from our renovation.
  5. Old can of paint which was the original shutter color when I moved into the house 20 years ago had dried up.  Unfortunately I have more paint cans to get rid of but must wait until I’m totally finished with them.

    The can on the left was 1/3 full and a solid mass.
  6. Rusted red cart. One of two gardens carts we own.  We don’t need tow.

    This cart has been rusting in the yard. Time to go.
  7. Nesting tables —

    Set of 3 nesting tables.
  8. Halloween costumes

    Aladdin was adorable.
  9. Balloon curtains

    Lined balloon shades made 30 years ago — no longer my style but still in excellent shape.
  10. Old computer — I unloaded all the files we wanted to save on a thumb drive then left Charlie with the task to get rid of any trace of our information.

    This dinosaur is history.

Ten more down, 61 to go.

What can you toss?

Yard Carts

We have 2 yard carts for hauling things at the back of the mower around the yard.

We’ve been storing the yard carts behind the Cottage. The door and windows leaning on them have been sold on Craigslist.

Unfortunately the red one has started to rust so I’m planning to list it on Craigslist for someone who can reinforce the bed of the cart.

The red cart is still in good enough shape to be useful.

We’ve decided to store the black cart near the shed instead of behind the Cottage.

The space behind the shed is getting cleared up from clutter and being used as a storage area.
The cart is backed into the area behind the shed and not visible from the house.

Actually we keep the mower there too so it’s the obvious storage spot.

We might transform the cart into a little chariot for fun rides around the yard.

It is easily hauled around the yard with our tractor mower.

Do you have yard machinery to help with your chores?

Steel Trap

I’m still counting pollinators. Can you spot the bee flying away from the flower?

In case no one noticed I always have a gazillion  things going on at the same time.  And those are just the things I’m actually doing (or trying to do).

I wanted to see the eclipse totality on August 21 but can’t seem to manage the details.

In the steel trap that is my mind the number is astronomical.

I ordered 7 “Brass Buckles” holly when I purchased the chaste tree.

I have ideas that haven’t even made a written list yet.

A morning hiking in the woods was a nice break.

Recently you read about my pedestrian trip to a water fall and subsequently a fabric store.

I’m hoping we can find the bulk of our foundation plants here.

We also stopped at the large nursery scouring it for foundation plants for the front of the house.

I really like these Helleri Japanese Holly.

Here I think we hit pay dirt. (See what I did there?)

A measured drawing of the front of the house in feet.

So I must draw up a little “to scale” plan of the front of the house. First I’ll have to measure.

We’ve removed the ramp but no other improvements have been made.

Then I’m hoping Charlie will grade the area.

Hoping to paint today.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the shutter project. I’m just waiting for the perfect painting day.

My beautiful sunflowers ended up looking like drunk bums.

And I need to rescue the side of the house from the drunken sunflowers.

Maybe a bench like this in blue or green would work in the conservatory for a coffee table.

Also in the market for a coffee table or coffee table substitute for the conservatory.  Looking for a smallish item, a cheapish item, and an attractive item.  It’s a lot to ask.  I hope I’ll know it when I see it.

Maybe I can make a coffee table from some old windows.

Blah. Blah. Blah. And so forth.

Does your mind bubble forth like an overflowing washing machine?