Yard Carts

We have 2 yard carts for hauling things at the back of the mower around the yard.

We’ve been storing the yard carts behind the Cottage. The door and windows leaning on them have been sold on Craigslist.

Unfortunately the red one has started to rust so I’m planning to list it on Craigslist for someone who can reinforce the bed of the cart.

The red cart is still in good enough shape to be useful.

We’ve decided to store the black cart near the shed instead of behind the Cottage.

The space behind the shed is getting cleared up from clutter and being used as a storage area.
The cart is backed into the area behind the shed and not visible from the house.

Actually we keep the mower there too so it’s the obvious storage spot.

We might transform the cart into a little chariot for fun rides around the yard.

It is easily hauled around the yard with our tractor mower.

Do you have yard machinery to help with your chores?


Steel Trap

I’m still counting pollinators. Can you spot the bee flying away from the flower?

In case no one noticed I always have a gazillion  things going on at the same time.  And those are just the things I’m actually doing (or trying to do).

I wanted to see the eclipse totality on August 21 but can’t seem to manage the details.

In the steel trap that is my mind the number is astronomical.

I ordered 7 “Brass Buckles” holly when I purchased the chaste tree.

I have ideas that haven’t even made a written list yet.

A morning hiking in the woods was a nice break.

Recently you read about my pedestrian trip to a water fall and subsequently a fabric store.

I’m hoping we can find the bulk of our foundation plants here.

We also stopped at the large nursery scouring it for foundation plants for the front of the house.

I really like these Helleri Japanese Holly.

Here I think we hit pay dirt. (See what I did there?)

A measured drawing of the front of the house in feet.

So I must draw up a little “to scale” plan of the front of the house. First I’ll have to measure.

We’ve removed the ramp but no other improvements have been made.

Then I’m hoping Charlie will grade the area.

Hoping to paint today.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the shutter project. I’m just waiting for the perfect painting day.

My beautiful sunflowers ended up looking like drunk bums.

And I need to rescue the side of the house from the drunken sunflowers.

Maybe a bench like this in blue or green would work in the conservatory for a coffee table.

Also in the market for a coffee table or coffee table substitute for the conservatory.  Looking for a smallish item, a cheapish item, and an attractive item.  It’s a lot to ask.  I hope I’ll know it when I see it.

Maybe I can make a coffee table from some old windows.

Blah. Blah. Blah. And so forth.

Does your mind bubble forth like an overflowing washing machine?

Step 3: #15 on the New 101 in 1001

On my 4th 101 tasks to accomplish in 1001 days, number 15 states:  Get rid of 101 items.

Here are the third 10.

  1. Ride-on lawn mower.  Sold for $200.

    The mower was sold on Craigslist.
  2. Self-propelled lawn mower with faulty electronic start, must use pull cord. Sold for $50.

    Sold on Craigslist.
  3. Cottage door and brass hardware.

    Glade Cottage door has been replaced so I listed the old one on Craigslist.
  4. Old windows from the house renovation and Cottage. Free.

    We had 3 times this many windows to get rid of.
  5. The rain barrel didn’t work well for us so we gave it to a neighbor. Free.

    We tried to use the rain barrel but found the pressure insufficient.
  6. A pile of old shelves. Free.

    More Craigslisting.
  7. Brass chandelier (20 inches tall) from my former residence.  I moved into The Glade 20 years ago and have not found a spot for it.  Listed on Craigslist for $80.

    Removed in 2 large boxes from the Cottage attic.
  8. Another hanging lamp with 14-inch diameter frosted glass shade.  This was hanging in the dining room at The Glade by a long chain when I moved in 20 years ago. Given to son.

    A hanging lamp with lots of potential.
  9. Wooden high chair. It either goes to a grandchild or is listed on Craigslist.

    35-year-old high chair.
  10. Pile of old lumber. It took 3 Craigslist searchers to dwindle this pile.

    Hauled away by frugal people.

Ten more down, 71 to go.

What can you toss?

Uncooperative Weather

Yesterday I was planning to paint outside but the weather was hot and sultry. Too hot.

We have a pile of windows.

Instead I put a couple of quick ads on Craigslist for “Free Stuff”.

The kind of stuff Charlie saves.

One collective item was a pile of old lumber that Charlie was “saving”.

How long must we endure piles of “valuable junk”?

He pleaded with me that he had already sifted through the pile and might really need this old, rotting wood.

The second customer had this pile to choose from.

The first customers were a father and son looking for a stack of wood they could use to make a treehouse.

We’re keeping the ramp in the background for wheelchair access to the house.

The next guy uses wood in his garage to work on old cars.

The screen door is now at someone else’s house.

I also listed the old screen door from the Cottage which went very early in the day along with 4 old window sashes from the Cottage.

The diminished pile waiting for one more taker.

The clutter is dwindling.

Have you ever had a treehouse?

Unpacking the Shed

When I started taking the shutters out of the shed I realized I had been “saving” stuff.

Clearing the shed.

I took a few photos and listed 3 categories on Craigslist.

Window still in the jamb.
Rotten wood with old glass.
A nice pile for hobbyists.

Windows — some still in the jamb, some almost rotten, some ready for projects or installation — take one, take all for $5.

The old door is still in good shape.

I’m also selling the heavy old wood door to the Cottage.

The handle on the cottage door is warm vintage brass.

It has a nice brass lock and handle for which we have the keys. $10

More Craigslisting.

Finally we have some decorative shelving that we will no longer be using.  Take any or all — $5.

Looking forward to clearing the shed’s work bench very soon.

I minimally price things to keep the moochers and scroungers away.  Next weekend everything will be FREE. Everything that doesn’t go will be dumpsterated.

What’s next on your to-go list?

Getting Ahead of Myself

My plan for yesterday was to begin painting the exterior house shutters.

We have a lot of shutters. Ugh.

The actual plan was to paint them a year ago.

The shutters were not ready for painting.

I pulled all the shutters — about a dozen pairs — out of the shed.  I was going to lay them out on plastic in the backyard and spray paint them.

Some of the shutters have already been scraped.

Unfortunately only 3 pairs had been scraped and those needed to be washed down.

Clearing the shed is a subsidiary goal.

And I got sidetracked getting rid of some clutter in the shed.

Painting shutters is a labor-intensive job.

We washed down the 6 scraped shutters and paired the others together to get them ready to be painted next week (maybe).

We have a large pile of shutters.

The process is: prime rusty metal, prime fronts and backs, paint backs, paint fronts, hang shutters.

Are you easily sidetracked?

Quick Paint Project: Metal Table

When a photo recently revealed some clutter at the back of the house I began a reorganization.

The blue metal table has faded over the years — it was originally white, spray painted blue.

I pulled out our blue metal table which over the years has faded.

I started the painting at the edges and center of the round table.

In my stash there was a can of navy spray paint — almost a full can.

The metal table is much improved.

In about 10 minutes the color and shine of the table was restored.

The freshly-cleaned chairs and newly-painted tables.

Making a seating area near the garden with chairs and table pulled away from the back of the house has decluttered a small area.

Do you refurbish or replace?