Unpacking the Shed

When I started taking the shutters out of the shed I realized I had been “saving” stuff.

Clearing the shed.

I took a few photos and listed 3 categories on Craigslist.

Window still in the jamb.
Rotten wood with old glass.
A nice pile for hobbyists.

Windows — some still in the jamb, some almost rotten, some ready for projects or installation — take one, take all for $5.

The old door is still in good shape.

I’m also selling the heavy old wood door to the Cottage.

The handle on the cottage door is warm vintage brass.

It has a nice brass lock and handle for which we have the keys. $10

More Craigslisting.

Finally we have some decorative shelving that we will no longer be using.  Take any or all — $5.

Looking forward to clearing the shed’s work bench very soon.

I minimally price things to keep the moochers and scroungers away.  Next weekend everything will be FREE. Everything that doesn’t go will be dumpsterated.

What’s next on your to-go list?

Getting Ahead of Myself

My plan for yesterday was to begin painting the exterior house shutters.

We have a lot of shutters. Ugh.

The actual plan was to paint them a year ago.

The shutters were not ready for painting.

I pulled all the shutters — about a dozen pairs — out of the shed.  I was going to lay them out on plastic in the backyard and spray paint them.

Some of the shutters have already been scraped.

Unfortunately only 3 pairs had been scraped and those needed to be washed down.

Clearing the shed is a subsidiary goal.

And I got sidetracked getting rid of some clutter in the shed.

Painting shutters is a labor-intensive job.

We washed down the 6 scraped shutters and paired the others together to get them ready to be painted next week (maybe).

We have a large pile of shutters.

The process is: prime rusty metal, prime fronts and backs, paint backs, paint fronts, hang shutters.

Are you easily sidetracked?

Quick Paint Project: Metal Table

When a photo recently revealed some clutter at the back of the house I began a reorganization.

The blue metal table has faded over the years — it was originally white, spray painted blue.

I pulled out our blue metal table which over the years has faded.

I started the painting at the edges and center of the round table.

In my stash there was a can of navy spray paint — almost a full can.

The metal table is much improved.

In about 10 minutes the color and shine of the table was restored.

The freshly-cleaned chairs and newly-painted tables.

Making a seating area near the garden with chairs and table pulled away from the back of the house has decluttered a small area.

Do you refurbish or replace?

A Picture Reveals . . .

I recently took a photo of the back of the house from the bottom of the yard.

The back of the house from a spot near the shed.

I thought it was a beautiful shot.

The blue metal table stays outside year-round.

Unfortunately as I looked more closely I saw all the clutter we store back there.  I don’t like the propane grill up by the steps.  It needs a cleaning and a new tank of propane.  Also a doable project which I would like to assign to Charlie, our Grillmaster.

Clean chairs are ready for use.

In some cases the clutter just needs to be rearranged.  For instance I can move the round table away from the house and surround it with the chairs we just cleaned.

The oil tank at the back of the house needs to be painted the house color.

Other items are more bothersome like the partially-painted oil tank.  Some day I hope to mask it but for now just painting it would be an improvement. Last night I pulled out my paint sprayer to get it ready to do just that tomorrow morning.

Our Honda mower had been a good purchase and now it is sold.

The red ride-on lawnmower has been sold on Craigslist.  Listed in the morning gone by evening. That’s really the easy way to declutter.

We have a trash can, a recycling bin, and 2 other cans that aren’t used. They must go.

One eyesore that I haven’t yet figured out is the trash and recycle cans.  I would like to build a structure for their storage that is both understated and utile.  My research has not yet revealed the perfect design nor am I convinced behind the house is optimum.

Some of these items are beings trashed and the garden tools will get organized.

Another bothersome area is under the steps.  Charlie keeps his garden tools there especially during summer.  It’s a jumble and I feel it encourages rodents and snakes to live near the house. YUK!  Perhaps I can resettle these items in Charlie’s greenhouse.  I guess he just needs me to work out a system of organization.  I’ll put it on my research project list.

The corner near the steps could have a some decorative plants.

Finally I’d like to plant something in the corner by the steps.

Do your little clean-ups take on enormous proportions?

Step 2: #15 on the New 101 in 1001

On my 4th 101 tasks to accomplish in 1001 days, number 15 states:  Get rid of 101 items.

Here are the second 10.

  1. Old computer printer

    The old clunking printer which no longer prints.
  2. Plastic shoe holders.

    These held dozens of shoes for decades.
  3. Old boom box — No photo due to stealth action.

    Similar to this only larger.
  4. Purple suitcase that goes with son’s luggage set.  He will be taking it home.

    A little dusty but still usable.
  5. Two T-squares went in the trash.

    I’ve been holding on to my broken T-squares for decades.
  6. Old wire baskets sticky with grime also trash worthy.

    These basket have been in the attic unused for decades. Chances are I don’t need them.
  7. Propane grill belonging to the Cottage dweller was picked up by my son as a permanent giveaway.

    Propane gas grill not headed to the dumpster.
  8. Charlie’s grandmother’s flowered china has been given to her great-granddaughter.  This set has every imaginable piece.

    Afton by Heuschenreuther
  9. Five bags of shredded documents.
  10. Pile of old newspaper and packing from the greenhouse.

    The greenhouse arrived in 2 green plasticized boxes which have ben dumpsterized.

Ten more down, 81 to go.

What can you toss this weekend?

Ah, The Floor Challenge

After a mildly successful weekend of clearing the bedroom floor of clutter I’ve decided to challenge myself to do the entire house.

The living room has been clean and straightened for months. Don’t ask me how.

The living room is in good shape. One down.

The dining room floor is also clear. Woo hoo.

The dining room is also clear and vacuumed.

The space between the loveseats has a large black mark that needs attention.

The two floors that need attention are those in the conservatory and the kitchen.  The conservatory’s white rug needs to be shampooed.

The kitchen floor needs a good, deep cleaning.

And the wooden floor in the kitchen needs to be cleaned.  The rugs have been off for awhile because they need cleaning.

The rug and its twin need shampooing also.

Since they are all small area rugs that shouldn’t be too challenging.

The former floordrobe in my bedroom.

How are your floors? Meaning:

  1. Can you see them? And if you can,
  2. Are they clean?

Too Much Paper

I am really good about immediately processing junk mail, bills and magazines.


I don’t actually have a subscription to any magazine but I count the endless catalogs from Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Ballard Designs, etc.

County comes by once a week for mixed recycling.

I put unwanted advertising straight into our recycling bag in the kitchen.  Bills and other important papers make it upstairs to the “office” in the Diva Room.

One file drawer keeps most current papers safety organized.

Current year paper gets filed in the file cabinet.  Other stuff goes into a box in the attic that holds bills, receipts, and tax returns filed by year. This year, anything older than 10 years is leaving the premises.

This year I’m going to get rid of decades old tax returns.

My plan for the first 10 days of June is to spend at least an hour everyday shredding old documents.

Do I care how much I’m getting rid of?

Should I weigh the paper before I shred it?

Are you on top of your paper clutter?