#9 Make Guest Room Ready for Guests

Ever since we started the renovation in 2013 we have been using the guest room, also known as the Treetops Room, for overflow.

The basket is full of sporting goods and horse tack including a saddle.

During the actual renovation Charlie and I used it as our bedroom while the master was getting a new bathroom and closet.

The papers on the dresser are bank statements — ordered but not put away.

Now it just has furniture, papers, and miscellaneous items that need to be sorted and/or disposed of.

Files and tubs of fabric I might NEED one day.

Sug has offered to help me.

We have some children’s furniture just waiting for the right child.

And I need help.

The Treetops bed is clear and usable, it’s the room that’s cluttered.

I’m hoping to get it all done before January 1.

What’s the most important thing in your guest room?


Moving Things Around

Number 7 of my 101 in 1001 is to get rid of 50 books.

There are some very good books in this pile.

I was planning to give away a pile of children’s books.

The book pile is finally diminished.

Recently I answered an ad on NextDoor.com from a pediatric doctor at Johns Hopkins requesting children’s books in good condition. They are getting at least 50 books.

We brought in the Greek olive tree first because it was the smallest and the closest.

We also brought the olive trees in the house during the cold weather.

Three trees are lined up behind a loveseat in the conservatory.

They have grown significantly since we bought them in 2013 and are much more difficult to move.

What are you discarding? Or growing?

It’s Only the Start

We have a lovely tree-filled property here at The Glade.

Most of the low trees seen through the conservatory windows have turned red and orange.

It’s the best time of year to look through the conservatory windows.

While Charlie cleared the gutters he also washed them down with soapy water.

However, the gutters are full of fallen leaves and must be cleared out before the next storm.

Charlie also washed the outside of our bathroom window and its trim.

Unfortunately only about half of the leaves have already come down so another gutter clearing will be necessary when the remainder fall.

How are your gutters?

Fall Clutter Casting

I’ve been lax Craigslisting the items I want to pass on to another user.

The chandelier has been sitting back behind the chairs in the dining room for almost a year.

While we are straightening up for the party I had to move this old chandelier from its spot in the the corner of the dining room to the back bedroom.

Someone might just need this chandelier more than we do.

I have always liked this fixture but have no place for it.  The only ceiling fixtures in the house are in the laundry room and the original pink tile bathroom.

Hoping to sell this saddle along with other tack.

Also the saddle is listed because we don’t ride anymore.

Hoof pick, crops — everything is here.

I’m throwing in all the other bits of tack that go with a saddle: stirrups, girth, pads, carry bag, hoof pick, etc.

I’m selling these large rounds for $10 each.

Finally I’m helping Charlie clear some of the oak rounds from the large trees that have been felled. He has started to split some but we still have more than enough.

I have a few more lamps that could be Craigslisted.

I wish I would get committed enough to list an item each day.  I’m just not that disciplined.

How is your self-disciplined?


Time to Go

I’ve been wanting to get rid of a piece of furniture that actually belongs to my son.

Mid-century tall dresser.

I was the hold up because the drawers were filled with all sorts of things especially wallpaper scraps and the plans for the house renovation and my technical drawings from college (the last item on the list is crazy, I know).

I got rid of some plans from college but kept others.

I moved all these things into the cedar chest in our master closet.  The cedar chest is full but everything fits.

The chest under the window in the master closet is now being used for rolls of wallpaper and rolled plans.

Time to get the now empty teak chest moved.

Do you have way too many sweatshirts? I do.

Saturday This and That

Today I made meringue kisses for our party in 2 weeks.

40 meringue kisses from 3 (1/2 cup) egg whites.

They keep very well in the freezer so I made them ahead of time.

Empty mantel.

I also cleared off the mantel which still had Irish items from my Saint Patrick’s Day tea party back in March.

Items from the same country are grouped together.

I collected items around the house from all over the world to redecorate the mantel.

I’m looking for a frame for the “black cab” etching.

Some things are new like the toy taxi and etching from London.

This puppet has misplaced her head.

Some things we’ve had for decades like the African puppet.  Unfortunately I can’t locate the head which led me to the attic.

A bag of unnecessary items from the attic.

I pulled down a large bag of trash.

More useless clutter from the attic.

Some of the throw-away clutter wouldn’t fit in the bag so I piled it in the corner of the laundry room until Charlie can drag it out to the trash.

Asian items.

Every task moves us closer to our goals.

What do you hold on to?

Looking Around the Rooms

As I look around the bedrooms we have a lot of clutter.

This dresser in the smallest bedroom was part of a set inherited by my son.

But we also have some items we’d like to keep that are in the wrong spot.

This dresser can move into the space left by the mid-century dresser.

So when our son comes to get his mid-century Scandinavian teak highboy, we will move Charlie’s tall dresser into its place.

I’m hoping this mirror looks good on its own wall.

Then I can try my mother’s gold rococo mirror on the empty wall.

I must make space in the Treetops room for this chair which would be convenient for guests.

And the chair in the master bedroom that just gets covered with clothes can be moved to the Treetops room since that room is green and the chair is green.

Do you shop your own home?