Finishing the Bedroom Curtains

I decided to hang curtains originally destined for the living room in the master bedroom.

The curtain rod was easy to hang with a level, drill, and screwdriver.

I ordered new curtain rods which were easy to hang. I screwed them in 6 inches from the ceiling.

I used metal hooks .

I finished the pleats at the top of the first panel by hand-tacking the top and bottom of the pleats together.

The clips/hooks are inserted in the fabric at the top of the pleat.

At first I hung the panel with the hooks at the very top of the curtain. It didn’t seem right.

The top of the curtains are about 3 inches from the ceiling.

Then I moved the hook to the bottom of the pleat which allowed more of the curtain to stand above the rod.

I will also be hanging panels on the sides of the French doors.

I’ll be working on the remaining 3 panels in the next few weeks. In addition to pleating them they also need to be hemmed. That’s another job for hand sewing.

What kind of sewing projects do you enjoy?


A Different Kind of Curtain Rod

When I decided to hang curtains in the master bedroom I wasn’t sure what kind of curtain rod to choose.

The bracket turns in toward the center of the rod.

Then I saw curtain rods on Amazon where the ends were turned inward purportedly for room darkening purposes.

The curtain and rod must fit between the shelves.

I’m not concerned about darkening the room but I wanted to be sure the rod over the window would fit between the bookshelves and the curtain would cover the window trim.

Priced between $20 and $25.

I ordered a short one for the window and a longer one for the French doors both in a nickel finish.

Has anyone tried rods like this?

Oh What Fun!!

We’re planning an Open House party on New Year’s Day.

I could have focused on sleigh bells.

I’d been working on an invitation and was stumped until I saw the phrase “oh what fun”.

I used “Publisher” to add text to this picture.

Those words led me to thinking about the the song “Jingle Bells”:

Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way!
Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh.

Our contact invitation will be written in the trees.

I searched for a picture of a said one-horse open sleigh and was successful.

The Glade is perfectly suited to having large parties with great food.

I’ve printed a few of the invitations but my plan is to text and email most people.  Printed invitations only go to folks for whom I have no contact information.

Are you partying this holiday season?

Finishing an Old Project with a New Purpose

A couple years ago I started making a 2 pairs of curtains for the living room.

Ikea linen curtains are hanging in the living room.

Since then I have hung some linen curtains in there that I really like.

The living room curtains just need hand finishing.

I still wanted to finish the curtains I started which are already sewn and lined.  They only need some hand sewing to finish the pleats at the top and hems at the bottom.

There is not a privacy issue with the doors so I haven’t put shades or curtains on them.

As I was sitting in bed looking out the French doors of the master bedroom I wondered if these curtains would look good in the bedroom.

The window in the bedroom is one of the old sash-style with an exterior storm window.

The curtains are heavy and would help with drafts coming in the old window.

I asked Sug to hold up a curtain panel so I could see if it would go in the bedroom.

Finishing and hanging these curtains would kill two birds with one stone on my 101 in 1001:  #73 Make curtains for the master bedroom and #91 Finish living room curtains.

I’ll measure for curtain rods and check if I have enough curtain rings to finish the project.

I will order curtain rods this week.

How do you decide on colors and curtains?

We Have a Tree

Today Charlie was intent on getting a Christmas tree.

The trees were tagged with different color ribbons denoting size range.

Happily there is a new Christmas tree lot about 1.5 miles down the hill.

Charlie inspected all sides of the tree to make sure it was full all around.

We looked all around at the Fraser firs, white pines, and Douglas firs. Charlie always likes the biggest tree he can find.  I am the voice of reason.

Santa wanted to know if Charlie has been naughty or nice.

While we were at the tree lot Charlie was able to get a message to Santa about gifts he was looking forward to receiving.

An electric chain saw makes quick work of a cut to the trunk.

When we got back to selecting a tree we finally chose a Douglas fir which has soft short needles. The lot manager cut off some bottom limbs and fresh cut the bottom of the trunk.

The lot manager helped Charlie tie the tree to the top of his car.

The tree was then wrapped in mesh to hold it together for the short ride home on top of Charlie’s car.

Our Douglas fir Christmas tree for 2018.

We’ll keep the tree in a bucket of water on the porch for a few days until we have time to set it up properly in the living room.

Is your tree already up? Are you planning for a different holiday?

House To-Do List – 2018 Progress

I used to organize the house to-do list in one long list that I added to as I thought of something new.   I cleaned up this list just after I posted this at the end of 2017. Over the years we have made a lot of progress which sometimes seems very slow-going.

Living Room

New bench, new rug, same furniture.
  • Finish greige curtains 

Dining Room

Dining room
Dining Room
  • Paint paneling
  • Finish cushions
  • Paint trim


The kitchen
The kitchen
Coffee bar in the kitchen
  • Kitchen in action





Conservatory bathroom

Conservatory Bathroom
The rustic vanity.
  • Install baseboard
  • Install window trim

Powder room

The powder room has been totally redecorated.
  • Remove wallpaper
  • Add paneling at bottom of wall
  • Paper top of wall

    Anthropologie wallpaper would lighten the space.
    Anthropologie wallpaper would lighten the space.
  • Rehang towel bar


Stair runner.


Upstairs hall
Upstairs hall

Laundry Room

After the renovation we should be able to free up some room in the laundry.
After the renovation we should be able to free up some room in the laundry.

La buanderie means either laundry room or utility room in a house

  • Finish floor
  • Hang closet door
  • Add baseboard trim
  • Add chair rail trim
  • Paint and install inside shutters
  • Paint and install old kitchen cabinet above dryer

Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom

Master Bedroom

  • Erect bookshelves

    Shelves to be finished.
  • Paint trim
  • Refinish tall dresser

Master Deck

The master bedroom French doors lead to a private deck.
The master bedroom French doors lead to a private deck.
  • The furniture is painted and in place on the master deck.
    The furniture is painted and in place on the master deck.
  • Have railing built
  • Have deck surface finished

Diva Room

A tiny but useful room: The Diva Room
A tiny but useful room: The Diva Room
  • Paint trim
  • Add shutters or curtains
  • Clear out boxes

Treetops Room

The Treetops Room viewed from the doorway.
The Treetops Room viewed from the doorway.
  • Clear out boxes
  • Wash windows
  • Paint door

Front entrance

Front painted Sandy Hook Gray.
Front painted Sandy Hook Gray.

Side entrance

The westside porch.
The westside porch.
  • Choose bluestone or paving
  • Make planter for front edge
  • Make wood box
  • Bench or chair
  • Door mat

Back entrance

The back stairs to the conservatory.
The back stairs to the conservatory.
  • Plant grass
  • Lay stepping stones or temporary deck
  • Door mat


The planters are at the entrance to the potager on either side of the iron gate.
The planters are at the entrance to the potager on either side of the iron gate.
  • Make a plan for foundation plants
  • Plant grass

Wee Little House

The shed is both charming and useful.
The shed is both charming and useful.
  • Organize tools
  • Paint shutters 

    Shutters are out of the shed, painted, and on the house.
  • Clear work bench
  • Organize garden items

Glade Cottage

The Cottage has come in handy for guests and as a temporary home for our son's friends.
The Cottage has a permanent tenant.
Glade Cottage in Spring
Interior of The Cottage
The Cottage kitchen


The before and after of the shutter installation.

Do you have plans for next year?

Ready for Advent

Sug and I made our Advent wreaths today.

Boxwood in the foreground and mixed greens behind.

Yesterday we gathered a variety of evergreens.

Metal wreath frame.

Today we wired select sprigs to a wire wreath form. (My tutorial is here.)

This year’s wreath has an airy spread with pine branches intertwined with fir and boxwood and rosemary.

I’ll be keeping this on our dining room table.  We won’t begin lighting the candles until next week.

Fir branches in matching baskets on the ledge between the kitchen and dining room.

We had enough extra greens to put in baskets and vases throughout the house.

Do you enjoy the smell of fresh greens?