Le Bibliotheque

Let’s take a little tour of le bibliotheque which at The Glade is the powder room.

Le Bibliotheque

 The wallpaper looks like this.

Detail of Wallpaper

The wall is only papered part way.  At the juncture where the paper and wall meet is an actual 3 dimentional shelf.

Shelf Reflected in Mirror

For your eyes only is the fuse box directly across from the door as you enter.  Can you see how well it is disguised with this patterned paper?

Can you find the fuse box in the upper half of this photo?

Charlie loves showing this to guests. I think I have it hidden and he points it out.

Can you see it now?

How about now? Pink arrow points to pull ring.

 The original sink is still the one we use but we had it refinished.  During that process one of the faucet holes was filled in and a lever-handled faucet replaced the separate hot and cold faucets. Below is the before and after.

Sink Before and After

 Above the sink is a framed mirror purchased at an auction that almost covers the entire wall.

Another look through the mirror

I’ve retained the original towel bar and toilet paper dispenser.  The two wall sconces were bought to match these fixtures.  Now, however, it might be time for something different.  Maybe they just need some oil rubbed bronze spray paint to subtilize them a bit.  I could also hang the lamps upside down.

Towel Bar and Mirror

The floor was a lot like the laundry room floor: old vinyl flooring. And the sub-floor had rotted away in a couple places due to toilet leaks.

Vinyl Flooring

 We fixed all the leaks and added hardwood flooring to match the rest of the downstairs.

Hardwood Floor

And so this is le bibliotheque. Small but necessary.

Le Bibliotheque

Tour the Ground Floor

Thought you might enjoy a hasty tour of the ground floor.  First off, The Glade is not very large.  There is a living room with a small fireplace, dining room, kitchen and powder room.

The kitchen is the empty room in the plan above which I wrote about here.  From the living room to the powder room are 2 steps up, a landing, and 2 steps down. The long steps go up to the second floor.

Kitchen viewed from Back Door

We enter the house through the back door which goes directly into the kitchen.  We don’t use the front door (into the living room) or the side door (into the dining room) except on very rare occasions. The kitchen – ah, the kitchen – could I hate a room as much as I do this little scullery? Here is the main reason for the renovation.

The dining room is directly off the living room and was an addition to the original house long before I lived here.  The dining room (music room) has an exterior door to a back porch, a double window at the rear and a single window centered on the wall opposite the door.  This room has a built in window seat details of which I’ll explain at a later date.

Dining Room

The front door opens into our living room which has a fireplace (called a “Heatolator” which, I think, means it has vents on the side which pour heat into the room) and 3 windows.The living room is difficult to arrange because there is minimal wall space so sofas are placed in front of windows and chairs try to stay out of the main traffic pattern.  In order to get upstairs we walk through the living room as it is the only way to get to the stairs.  (That is an item that the renovation will address.)

Living Room viewed from stairs


Finally the tiny powder room that we fondly call “Le Bibliotheque” is tucked back in the front corner of the house. Some people have actually passed this room thinking it truly is a library.  Quel drôle!  It has no window but does sport an exhaust fan.  The fixtures are original, however the sink has been refinished and a new fixture added.  The original fixture had two spigots, not very handy.

Door Sign


Thus ends the ground floor of The Glade.  Later in the week I’ll let you in on the upstairs but my son and his friend just showed up out of the blue, dead tired after a long drive from Florida so for now the bedrooms are occupied.