Replacement Dogwood

A couple of weeks ago Charlie had to take down a dogwood tree in the front yard.

The same dogwood today has no leaves like the others in the yard.

While it flowered this spring it has not leafed out as the others have done so we decided it must be replaced.

This dogwood tree is so young it has never flowered yet which should make it a good replacement.

I asked Charlie to move a young dogwood from a spot near the street into the now empty spot.

Charlie carefully dug up the tree and loaded it into our yard cart..

The hole was a couple feet deeper into the yard so it wouldn’t interfere with overhead electric wires as it grows taller.

This area of the yard used to be shaded until all the tall oaks died and were removed.

Charlie planted it and watered it very well but it became droopy.

Since the tree was not growing straight Charlie used stakes and strings to make it plumb-ish.
Between heavy rains and the hose, we’re trying to keep the leaves from drooping further.

Dogwoods are a little finicky but can be transplanted if well cared for.

Do you rearrange plants in your yard?

Managing the Dogwoods

We have many beautiful dogwood trees in the yard.

Glade Cottage is framed by dogwood blossoms.

At this time of year they are stunning.

The red tree in the foreground is the dogwood in Fall of 2017.

Unfortunately the dogwood tree in the front of the yard at the entrance to the driveway has died an untimely death.

The same dogwood today has no leaves like the others in the yard.

While it flowered this spring it has not leafed out as the others have done so we decided it must be replaced.

Our electric chain saw cut easily through the branches.

Charlie cut the branches off.  Then he cut down the trunk close to the ground and finished trimming the branches.

This was a small dogwood so not difficult to take down.

I was sad to see the space in the yard where the dogwood had been growing.

This dogwood tree is so young it has never flowered yet which should make it a good replacement.

Happily I have identified another young tree in our yard near the street that can replace the dead one.

The plan is to put another tree in its place.

Charlie has already dug the hole.

Do you have a favorite tree?

Furniture Trade Off

When Sug decided to get a bigger bed she wanted to downsize her side table.

The heavy oak side table just fit next to the wall-mounted heater.

While her original side table held lots of stuff she didn’t actually use it for storage.

Sug is moving from traditional style to a more Bohemian vibe.

My son said he could use it at his house so he picked it up.

This compact cabinet will fit better in the Cottage.

In its place is a cute little vintage demi-lune cabinet that I was ready to part with.

The top is just big enough for a clock and lamp.

Now everybody is happy.

What would you trade away?

Tour Glade Cottage 2019

We haven’t toured Glade Cottage for a long time so I thought I’d present some before and after photos.

After:  The chaise side of the sofa has been switched.

Over time the furniture has changed and been moved around.

Before:  Sug started with furniture from her former house.
After:  The furniture has been updated.

Some furniture was totally replaced and other pieces were painted white.

Before:  Sug’s reading corner has been cozied up.
After:  The theme of the corner has become hummingbirds.

The reading nook is a favorite spot.

Before:  Interior of The Cottage
After:  The Cottage is tiny but cozy.

Sug calls Glade Cottage home and is prepared to stay there indefinitely.

What change would you like to make in your home?

New and Bigger Bed

Over the past 3 years Sug has been making do with the twin bed that was in the Cottage when she moved in.

The twin bed fits well against the floating wall.

She was concerned that a bigger bed would take up too much room.  I assured her there used to be a queen size bed in the same space.

The dogs loved the newly opened space.

Oddly the space looked even smaller when the bed was gone.

The bed is a new-style memory foam with cooling gel.

So for her birthday Sug treated herself to a full size bed.


She used the new Bohemian quilt set I had purchased for her.


I can’t wait to hear how well she slept on her new mattress.

Nighty night.

A good night’s sleep is important to good health.

Do you prefer a firm or soft mattress?

A New Window in The Cottage

Recently Sug, who lives in Glade Cottage, determined that a stained glass window would look nice in the small window near the kitchen sink that overlooks the woods.

The window in the kitchen area has a sylvan view.

The color scheme in The Cottage is generally aqua blue and ruby red with heavy doses of white.

The hummingbird from Cuba can be taken apart in 4 pieces — wings and beak come off.

For no particular reason I had started getting hummingbird items for Sug because we have both become fascinated by them. When I saw this stained glass window at Plow and Hearth on sale I texted it to Sug.

The window package.

Sug ordered it and it came in a few days very well-packed in styrofoam.

Plow and Hearth window.

When she unpacked it we were both excited to see that the window (18″ by 24″) was in the colors of The Cottage.

Well-built stained glass window with hummingbirds.

And it fit the window almost perfectly.

The window is bright and beautiful.

Ultimately the plan is to hang the stained glass in the top of the window.

What is your color scheme?

Deck Stain

Sug decided to stain the Cottage deck with solid color wood stain and sealer. Solid color wood stain lasts longer that transparent stain so restaining doesn’t have to bee repeated as often.

Before: The natural treated lumber deck.

We conferred on the color and decided on “Desert Tan” so the deck would be light and natural looking but protected.

After: The deck is stained.

The Cottage is looking bright and neat for summer.

Do you have a deck? Is it sealed, stained, or both?

New Lights

When The Glade was renovated we had outdoor motion-sensored security lights installed.

Rory on the left and Dash on the right.

Now that we have two puppies living on the property the lighting is even more important because they want to go outside to the elimination area day and night.

Rory’s elimination area is near the Cottage.

Sug’s puppy Rory has his own area near The Cottage.

The light is hidden in summer behind the foliage of a dogwood tree.

A new set of lights has been added to the corner of The Cottage.

We’re hoping the light will discourage other animals fro hanging around the Cottage.

The light shines on the west yard but the motion sensor picks up movement on the Cottage deck.

The sensor should catch Sug as she comes out the door.

We can’t actually see the motion sensors on the house lights because they’re mounted on the second floor eaves but the Cottage sensor has a small red light that lets you know you’ve tripped the device.

Sug’s carpenter did a very neat job.

The switch for the fixture has been mounted in the Cottage attic and is set on dusk to dawn motion sensing.

Are you comfortable in the dark?

Bedecking the Deck

The last carpentry detail on the deck is a banding board around the edge.

A scarf joint is a bit more elegant than a butt joint.

The carpenter used a scarf joint to extend the length.

A variety of red plants.

Sug and I went on a little excursion to find bedding plants, especially ones with red flowers.

Hoping the red flowers will fill in nicely.

Sug’s favorite color is red and we’re trying to attract hummingbirds to the Cottage.

The red on the deck including the feeders, bistro set, and flowers are attracting hummingbirds.

I hung up 2 hummingbird feeders. (The first hummingbird flew by today right near the feeders.)

Plenty of room for a small metal table and 2 chairs.

Sug brought out her red bistro set.

The deck is ready for action.

And a lounge chair.

Glade Cottage

And a planter that I made here.

The shade garden near the deck is planted with both red-flowered and red-leafed plants.

We’ll be having our morning coffee at the bistro set as soon as it stops raining — 3 days and counting.

Where do you have your morning cuppa?

Hummingbird Nectar

After checking out our local pet stores and discount stores for hummingbird feeders, I decided to just order two from Amazon.

Hanging planters became raggedy a bit too soon for my liking.

The plan is to hang them on either side of the door of the Cottage where last year we hung plants.

2 inexpensive hummingbird feeders from First Nature

Since we’re having hummingbird feeders we will also need nectar to fill them.

Use refined granulated sugar for hummingbird nectar.

After much research the recipe is easy: 4 to 1, water to sugar. Translated into easy terms that’s 4 cups of water to one cup of sugar which exactly fills our two 16-ounce feeders. Don’t use honey, brown sugar, unrefined sugar or sugar substitutes, as they can be harmful to hummingbirds.

Sugar water

Boil the water until the sugar is totally dissolved.  Boiling kills germs that might cause premature spoiling.  Do NOT add red coloring because it is not necessary and might cause harm.

We have hung one on each side of the door to the Cottage.

Then fill the feeder and wait for the birds.

We’re having 7 days of rain.  How ’bout your weather?