Integrated into the Door

When the new front door to the Cottage was installed I left out a detail.

The shade is between two pieces of glass.

The new door has a louvered shade built between the two panes of glass.

At the top the slider opens and closes the louvers; at the bottom it raises and lowers the entire shade.

The shade is controlled by a slider on the inside of the door.  There are no rods or strings.

The slider is on the right hand side.

If the shade needs to be removed the glass can be unscrewed.

The new door.

The new door has made the Cottage more insulated and quieter.

The house is reflected in the glass.

The muntins and mullions are also between the glass.

Have you installed replacement windows?

A New Cottage Door

When I first moved into The Glade in 1997 we used The Cottage as an office.  At the time we called it The Little House.

The Dutch door on the Cottage always sagged in the doorway.

It had a Dutch door.

The $35 refurbished door that Charlie and I hung in 2011.

After awhile the Dutch door became structurally unsound so we replaced it with a $35 door from Second Chance Warehouse, a Baltimore salvage center.

The old-fashioned screen door on the Cottage.

Now the Cottage is getting a better treatment.

The old doors have been removed and new ones are ready for hanging.

In order to keep the Cottage filled with light we decided to replace the nine-light front door with one almost exactly the same except the new one is more energy efficient.

Squaring up the new door.

The main door which erroneously opens “out” has been replaced on the interior and opens “in” like most residential doors.

The new Cottage door.

We’re expecting the screen door which was on the inside to be replaced with an exterior storm door.

Glade Cottage before the new windows and doors.
New windows and doors on the Cottage have made it more energy efficient.

The Cottage will soon be ready for a new coat of paint.

Cast offs.

Who needs a door?

What color is your front door?

The Big Picture

The big picture window in the Cottage, that is, is being replaced.

The Cottage windows are getting replaced for more efficient ones.

The carpenters started this project after the other 4 single windows had been replaced.

Removing the old windows.

They removed the triple window one sash at a time.

The gaping hole where three windows used to be looks like an open garage door which is what a think used to be there.

When Charlie sent me the “in progress” photo I noticed one of the shingles was chipped (to the left of the window) so I texted him to ask him to repair it while the trim was off.

Charlie removed just one chipped shingle.

He Dremeled the nailheads off, removed the old shingle, and replaced it with a salvaged unbroken shingle.

The dark shingle will easily blend when its painted like the rest.

There are a few more cracked shingles which he will also replace before the tenant repaints the entire exterior in June.

The triple windows in the house were ganged together as one unit, these went in one at a time.

Meanwhile the window installation continued. The sill under this window was also repaired due to some rotting wood.

The new windows are positioned in the hole.

The new sashes look very much like the old ones except they were single panes and these are double-glazed Pella TermaStar windows.

The original windows were charming.
The window only needs trim.

The new ones equally so.

What is your most energy efficient quality?

Holes in the Wall

The contractor came to remove and replace windows in the Cottage.

The Cottage floorplan: note the placement of the various windows.

There are a total of 5.

New to replace the old.

Happily yesterday was a beautiful day to take the windows out and let the fresh air in.

The original Cottage bathroom window.
The bathroom window (removed) at the rear of the Cottage overlooks our scrap lumber pile.

In the middle of the day I received a text with two photos — one for each window that had been removed.

The window on the side wall closest to the front door.
From the framing the contractor could tell this used to be a door.
Two down. 2 singles and a triple remain.

Interestingly the first ones to go were the 2 single sash windows: in the bathroom and in the bedroom areas.

The new bathroom window.
The bathroom window from outside.

These two have now been replaced with weather efficient models:  Pella Thermastar.

Do you prefer a sash or casement window?

Replacement Windows in the Cottage

An old photo of the Cottage that shows windows on 2 sides.

The windows in the Cottage are and have always been haphazard.

The main window is a 3-panel sash style.

Each one is a different shape and size — a triple-panel picture window and 4 other windows.

The view from the triple window.

I think the former owner who was an architect just used leftover pieces from his various projects.

Near the kitchen area is an inward opening casement window. (The insulation film is just visible.)

The lady that lives in the Cottage now decided she would like more insulation from her windows than the old ones provide.

The window in the bathroom is a very skinny sash model.

As a matter of fact the first winter in the Cottage she covered the insides of all the windows with window insulation film which helped a bit to retain warmth.

There are 2 windows on the street side of the Cottage — one is a sash window, the other (toward the back) an inward opening casement.

Today the windows are being replaced by a qualified contractor.

Big project planned?

List, 2017: May Plans

April plans were begun and not much was actually completed. Nevertheless, here’s the new list for May:


While it is warm but not yet too hot we MUST clean, paint, and hang exterior shutters.

The shutters will needed to be scraped and painted with pneumatic paint sprayer.

They’ve been off the house since 2015 when we painted the exterior of the house.  I have the paint in hand. This is an enormous job.

We have a lot of finishing to do in the closet.

On rainy weekends we’ll continue to install trim and to work on the master closet.


We’re still working on the Fiesta Bridal shower which will be this coming Saturday.

We’ve covered the table and festooned the large open doorway to liven up the dining room.

The house is becoming a South-of-the-Border cantina.


Charlie is a piano player who also plays the organ.

We’ve attended organ concerts all over the world — Saint Sulpice in Paris.

And he loves organ music so we’re planning to attend an organ concert on May 21.

Exterior Outsourcing

The Cottage is getting new windows and doors but this project will be contracted out.

I mocked-up a roof over the door.

There will also be a new gable roof over the Cottage doorway.


The most important improvement is that I’m heading back to the gym beginning this morning.

The sky above the gym is often inviting in the early morning.

The key will be consistency.

Do you have an exercise regimen?

Repairing and Finishing

The homemade stairs to the attic in the Cottage were replaced with a new disappearing attic ladder.

The enlarged opening. Part of the old opening will need to be covered and repaired.

Moving the ladder created a large section of ceiling that needed to be repaired.

The brown area hides the stairs; the white area is a patch.

The carpenter filled the hole with drywall and 3 layers of joint compound.

Everything on the ceiling was painted green to draw attention away from the new door.

The ceiling was then trimmed with crown molding.

The ceiling details are all painted green.

The tenant painted the patched ceiling and stair door the grey-green ceiling color.

The beam before being painted.
Painting the beam gave the ceiling trim some punch.

She also decided to paint the beam that runs from the front to the back of the Cottage the same ceiling color. That decision really made the new white crown molding pop.

What color is your ceiling?