A New Pup and a Treat

While Sug was traveling back to the US from her mission in the Dominican Republic Charlie and I were traveling to Pennsylvania to pick up a puppy for her.

While riding Dash wears a green harness that is attached to a tether hooked into the seatbelt system.

Dash went with us. He is our 4-and-a-half-month-old long-haired dachshund who weighs 12 pounds.

Little Rory was interested in Dash as soon as they met.

Sug’s dog’s name is Rory and at 8 weeks he weighs 4 pound 3 ounces, one-third of Dash’s weight.

Pretty sure Dash’s look means “GET RID OF IT!!”

Rory snuggled up close to Dash for the long ride home.

One Puppuccino for Dash.

We stopped at the only Starbucks along the route so Charlie and I could have a coffee and also to get some water for the dogs.  After a little research I found out that Starbucks has an off-menu, free treat for dogs: The Puppuccino.

Dash licked every last drop of whipped cream.

The Puppuccino is a tiny cup filled with whipped cream. Dash enjoyed his very much.

Rory, short for Aurora which means dawn.

Rory enjoyed the ice water.

What treat does your pet especially enjoy?


A Place for Dash to Play

We have a large backyard but it is not fenced.

Large animals come right up near the house.

Additionally all sorts of wild animals visit: deer, rabbits, ground hogs, squirrels, raccoons, etc.

How about that eye!

I received a phone call from Dash’s vet that said his specimen showed that he has been eating too many bunny balls.  Hmmm.

Our neighbor’s goat is aggressive.

Other visitors include large domestic animals like the neighbor’s goat.

Blue Hawk 10-ft x 5-ft x 6-ft Outdoor Dog Kennel Preassembled Kit

We decided to get a dog run not just for Dash but also for a new puppy named Rory which we are picking up on June 16th.

The partially pre-assembled dog run was delivered on a pallet.

The 5 foot by 10 foot kennel was delivered from Lowes.  We decided to order the style with pre-assembled panels as opposed to poles that are wrapped with chain link fencing. If we decide it needs to be larger we can order another set and insert the panels.

Dash watches as Sug brackets the panels together.

It went up in a flash.

We chose this model because it came with a top.

The last detail was to attach the shade cover with zip ties which came with the kit.

Charlie toured the new kennel with Dash.

I hope Dash enjoys his new off-leash digs.

How’s your backyard coming along?

The Year of the Island

Charlie and I are traveling in 2018 to 3 different islands as enumerated in my 101 tasks in 1001 days.

Our accommodations in Bath are at The Ayrlington House.

#6 United Kingdom – We have plane tickets and accommodations for 10 days of travel and sightseeing.


I have also arranged for a special early morning visit to Stonehenge.  Next I’m going to get tickets to Buckingham Palace.  Everything else will have to fit into schedule that remains.

Even though Cuba is very close to the US, our credit and debit cards were not accepted there

#20 Cuba – We visited Cuba in the beginning of February for 5 days. Our adventures on this island just off the coast of Florida are in posts entitled “Trip to Cuba”.

Havana Harbor

#67 Smith Island, Maryland

The town of Ewell on the northern shore of Smith Island.

Finally in the middle of the summer we are heading to Smith Island, the last inhabited offshore island on the Maryland side of the Chesapeake. None of us has ever been there before.

Camp Meeting on Smith Island circa 1910.

Sug, Charlie and I going in part to attend a Methodist “camp meeting” that has been held on the island for the past 132 years.

I have rented a house found on AirBnB which will provide us with bicycles and a canoe and a perch to view beautiful sunsets over the Chesapeake Bay. There are few cars on the island which must be accessed by boat alone.

Great Britain

We’re excited to celebrate the Year of the Island by traveling in state, in hemisphere, and across the pond.

Where are you going?

Hummingbird Nectar

After checking out our local pet stores and discount stores for hummingbird feeders, I decided to just order two from Amazon.

Hanging planters became raggedy a bit too soon for my liking.

The plan is to hang them on either side of the door of the Cottage where last year we hung plants.

2 inexpensive hummingbird feeders from First Nature

Since we’re having hummingbird feeders we will also need nectar to fill them.

Use refined granulated sugar for hummingbird nectar.

After much research the recipe is easy: 4 to 1, water to sugar. Translated into easy terms that’s 4 cups of water to one cup of sugar which exactly fills our two 16-ounce feeders. Don’t use honey, brown sugar, unrefined sugar or sugar substitutes, as they can be harmful to hummingbirds.

Sugar water

Boil the water until the sugar is totally dissolved.  Boiling kills germs that might cause premature spoiling.  Do NOT add red coloring because it is not necessary and might cause harm.

We have hung one on each side of the door to the Cottage.

Then fill the feeder and wait for the birds.

We’re having 7 days of rain.  How ’bout your weather?

Fun Weekend

Last night Charlie and I attended yet another movie during which the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra played the score.

The music made the movie.

In the past we’ve seen Singing in the Rain and E.T.  Yesterday’s adventure was Raiders of the Lost Ark. The music was thrilling and from time to time I’d remember the orchestra was playing it — LIVE!

Dash needs a friend.

Then today Charlie, Sug, and I took another trip to the dachshund breeder in Pennsylvania from where we got Dash. BECAUSE .  .  .

Dash is a red head; Rory is a blond.

Sug decided to get a little puppy, too, that we’re going to call Rory.

Yook at dat wittle face.

Actually she asked for help with the name and one of the choices I came up with is “Dawn’s Aurora von der Hütte” which means “Dawn’s Dawn of the Cottage,” nickname “Rory”.

Three-week-old Rory is totally comfortable with Sug.

We’re picking up this sweet puppy (about 10 weeks younger than Dash) in the middle of June.  Woo-hoo.

Are you trying to synchronize a project?

My Bucket List Progress

I know I have a lot of lists. The Bucket List, however, has no ending date except the obvious one.

Travel is high on my list.

To that end here is my Bucket List: Items in grey have been on the list for awhile; items in orange are new to the list; items in blue have been accomplished.

  1. See the pyramids in Egypt –  hoping also to cruise on the Nile and ride a camel.

    I’d like to visit Egypt.
  2. Inspire somebody to do something great — not sure that if I do inspire anyone I may never actually know it.
  3. Own my house 

    We’re cozy and happy at The Glade.
  4. Write a book and have it published — I don’t know what the actual subject might be but I think I would write a fictional story.
  5. Visit the Louvre in France — I have been to the Louvre and have seen the Mona Lisa, Winged Victory, and Venus de Milo. 

    I’ve seen the Mona Lisa.
  6. Ride in a hot air balloon
  7. Take a ride in a gondola in Venice

    Venice would be the start of a great adventure.
  8. Go on a cruise — I’m making plans to leave from Baltimore Harbor and cruise to Bermuda.
  9. Audition for a movie — I would have to check the local casting calls.  Getting the part is not as important as auditioning.
  10. Own a beach house — I have been regularly checking real estate ads for a run down fixer-upper.  I don’t know if this will happen but it is not impossible.

    Here’s a quarter acre in Virginia for $6,750.
  11. Invent something — I’m hoping I could invent something that would be useful and bring in some cash.
  12. Have a million dollars — working on it.
  13. Go whale watching
  14. Buy a stranger a meal
  15. Do something I know is reckless!
  16. Fly in a helicopter
  17. Read the Bible — I read the entire Bible in a year. Very inspirational and enlightening.

    I finished in May, 2017.
  18. Save somebody’s life
  19. Fly 1st class
  20. Make and sell a product
  21. See the Southern Cross in person

    The Southern Cross.
  22. Visit Greece
  23. Visit London — Planned for Fall, 2018.
  24. See the Northern Lights — I’d like to view the Northern Lights — the Aurora Borealis — from Iceland.
  25. Visit New Orleans 
  26. Learn to Tango

That’s 25 items.  I reserve the right to add more.  As I was looking at other people’s lists and trying to add to my own I realized I had already done quite a few things in my lifetime that would have been on my list had I made one earlier in my life.

I have a lot to do and see in this world.  I better get busy.


New Rosemary Needed

I like having pot of rosemary in the garden.

The 2 grey-green pots are planted with rosemary from a couple years ago.

Generally rosemary is a perennial plant and lives on from year to year.

The rosemary is dead and the pot is being overtaken with weeds.

Unfortunately the rosemary did not overwinter very well.

This tiny plant will soon grow large enough to use for cooking.

While Charlie and I were at the local nursery buying tomato plants I bought 2 rosemary plants to start anew in the urns.

Do you have a favorite herb?