Cleaning the Dishwasher

Charlie has been complaining for a long time that our dishwasher leaves a film on the dishes, especially the silverware.

Our dishwasher is at the end of the coffee bar peninsula.

From time to time I have cleaned the filter in the bottom of the dishwasher.

The filter was mucky before we cleaned it.

This time we first soaked the very dirty filter in Dawn detergent and very hot water.  Then I covered it with baking soda over which I poured some white vinegar which did loosen the grime.  We used a brush to scrub the filter until it was clean.

The inside had a lot of black grime.

Unfortunately because Charlie prefers to wash dishes by hand the inside of the dishwasher has become moldy and dirty.

Instructions advised us to use the sanitize feature.

The suggestion we found on the internet was to put a cup of white vinegar on the top shelf and to run the machine on the “sanitize” cycle.

The dirt in the bottom of the dishwasher has been removed.

The sanitize cycle helped very much.

Everything has been cleaned and dried.

Finally Sug used her Magic Eraser to clean all the crevasses and seals.

Do you wash dishes by hand or machine?


Changing the Refrigerator Water Filter

We have had our refrigerator for about 4 years and I felt it’s time to change the filter that cleans the water and ice on the door.

Ice and water are available on the front of the fridge.

The recommendation is that the filter be changed every 6 months which is when the blue light turns red.  I did some research and found out the light does not turn red when the filter becomes clogged.  Instead there is a chip that counts off the months.

The original filter.

Since there are only 2 of us in the household we figured the filter does not become unusable in 6 months.

The replacement filter — $50.

I did a little more research reading reviews of both official Samsung filters and off-brand models.  I decided to get the real albeit expensive filter.

In terms of availability, a warehouse is convenient.

I bought the refrigerator from Best Buy so I ordered the filter from the same store. In our area the “store” could get the item in 3 or 4 days but I could pick it up immediately at the local “warehouse”.  The item must be pre-purchased and the item number and an ID presented to the guard in a booth outside the warehouse fence.

I didn’t have to back up the ramp because the warehouseman brought my item to me in the parking lot.

Then when the order has been pulled I was allowed to drive around to the loading dock where my purchase was delivered to me.  It took about 20 minutes from ordering to delivery.

The filter locks in with a twisting motion.

Charlie screwed the new filter in its spot at the lower corner of the refrigerator side of our side-by-side.

The filter is in the bottom of the refrigerator, not in the freezer.

So far everything is working well.

Do you have a favorite kitchen appliance?

Two More Summer Weekends

While we accomplished a lot at The Glade this summer — renovated 2 bathrooms — I’ve looked back at some of my projects lists from earlier in the summer and more than a few things have been left undone.

Two sets of pine doors need to be stained a medium grey.

In July I had hoped to stain the 2 sets of unfinished pine doors — the mudroom and the pantry.  I bought some light stain to mix with the dark stain I had been using to change things up just a little. Weather permitting, I think I can finish these doors in the next two weekends.

The closet has become a storage spot for lots of stuff that doesn’t belong.

Another summer goal was to organize all my clothes that were cluttering various closets, bed and floors all over the house.  This I have done. But still undone is a serious look at the clutter in the mudroom closet which is also one of the set of doors that needs to be stained.

I’m happy we can close the doors on the pantry because it looks a horrible mess.

The pantry has become a disorganized mess also.  Charlie likes to store things — grocery bags for example — on the floor.  It’s horrible and I plan to take control.

The pile has dwindled but the trim has not yet been totally installed.

Little by little we’ve been whittling away at the pile of trim in the hallway.  When every room has baseboard I plan to make another lumber order to finish the face frames for both the master closet and the master bedroom shelving which is not yet finished.

My main fall project is to get the back bedroom — The Treetops Room — ready for guests.

I know we can’t hope we can accomplish all this in 2 weekends and I’m comforted to have a plan.

Do you have an end of summer plan?

Recaulking the Kitchen Sink

Charlie and I noticed that the caulk between the stainless steel farm sink and the stainless counter started to shrink away from the surfaces it was supposed to adhere to.

In 2014 the silicone caulk had pulled back on this sink so a new bead was set down.

This sink was caulked twice in 2014 because the caulk had shrunk. Now it has happened again.

Behind the caulk was wet board.

So before we went away for a week Charlie pulled the old caulk out and dug out some of the wet board that backs the stainless countertop.

There was a mess in the sink to remind us not to use the water.

The opening dried for about 2 weeks then Charlie recaulked with silicone caulk which was recommended by our carpenter.

Silicone caulk.

After caulking we didn’t use the sink for 48 hours — well beyond the recommended time.


This sink gets a lot of use.

The sides were easier to get make neat than the back of the sink.

The area near the faucet gets the most action of water and debris. Hope it lasts this time.

Do you get behind on small but necessary maintenance jobs?

More Light in the Cottage Kitchen

The Cottage kitchen is small but functional.

The Cottage kitchen gets plenty of light during the day due to a window near the sink.

Unfortunately it was more functional during the day than at night.

The area is bright in daylight.
An under-cabinet fluorescent tube lights up the sink area.

Sug went to Home Depot and bought an under-cabinet light much like the one I used to have in my old kitchen.

What small change can make your kitchen more functional?

Repeating Colors

Now that all the shutters have been painted I have an idea for using the shutter color is one place at the back of the house.

The back of the house looks less colorful than the front.

I think the bottom of the bump out might look good painted dark, the shutter color.

I can paint the bump out paneling storm blue.

My original inspiration for the bump out was painted. What’s the worst thing that can happen: I paint it white again.

The house painting was completed in 2015.
Now I might paint the bottom of the bump out.

I mocked up an old photo to give a feeling of how it would look.

Do you use paint to transform spaces?

A Little More Redwing

My sister has a magnificent Red Wing vintage pottery collection.

I have the fabulous Red Wing stag flower frog and matching bowl.

On the other hand I have a few pieces of my own.

I have a huge set of Merrileaf by Red Wing including lots of interesting serving pieces.

I also have a large set of dinnerware in the Merrileaf pattern.

Merrileaf cup and saucer

As I was perusing eBay I saw a set of cups and saucers.  I already have lots of saucers but wanted to add a few more cups.

I might want to serve hot beverages to a crowd.

For a bid of $9.38 I received 8 cups and 7 saucers.  For comparison Replacements, Inc. charges $9.99 for one cup and saucer set.  Everything came well-packed as indeed it should for an extra shipping charge of $20.

A bargain for vintage dinnerware.

Still, this is a good deal.

Do you shop on eBay?