My Style Profile

I took a quiz about my style and here are the results.

This survey really describes my style.

I am a traditionalist at heart with an eye towards more eclectic looks.

I have furniture including two Bergère chairs from the 1950s that have been passed down in my family.

I like classic looks and coordinated pieces in my home but like to add some energy and personality with a few more eclectic pieces. I may like a more antique look or gilded accents or just tailored lines, but I prefer a look that is mostly uniform and balanced.

I .  .  .

  • want my home to be stylish and that is a reflection of me and my overall tastes.
  • like to include pieces with a classic look such as antiques or items with a sense of history to them.

    The kitchen island was made from my mother’s antique breakfront.
  • want my home to be comfortable and inviting and that is a reflection of me and my lifestyle.
  • want my home to have a bright, cheerful look.
  • I love the brightness of the conservatory.
  • see my home as an expression of my personal style.
  • like classic modern pieces.

    I like the cleans lines of a glass coffee table.
  • like ethnic accents and a “worldly” look.
  • like your space to look somewhat dramatic.
  • like cool colors.

    The master bedroom is the coolest of blues.
  • like bright pops of color or colorful accents.

    I like bright pops of color in the usually cool rooms.
  • like to use some traditional gilded or wood accents in my  home to give it a sense of timelessness.
  • like the look of natural materials in my home.

    Rattan bench adds a casual touch to the more conservative furniture.

This is definitely my style.

What’s yours?


Rolling Cabinet Update

Sug has a large, handy rolling cabinet in the Cottage kitchen that’s just too useful to get rid of.

The Cottage kitchen has wood-tone cabinet that is useful but not too attractive.

Unfortunately this cabinet doesn’t really go with the fresh look of the rest of the kitchen space.

There was an extra piece of countertop.

And after the installation of the butcher block countertop we had a piece left over.

The kitchen cabinet began with a medium wood finish.

Happily the piece of countertop was an exact fit for the brown cabinet so Sug decided to paint the cabinet to match the others which she had painted previously.

It takes many light layers of paint to change a cabinet to a lighter color.

While I was using the paint sprayer on her door shutters I asked if she would like me to prime the cabinet with a sprayer.

The beadboard front would have been difficult to paint smoothly with a brush or roller.

So I primed the cabinet which took very little time using a sprayer. And the sprayer gives a nice smooth finish.

Very cottagey.

Sug used the leftover, custom-mixed cabinet paint to finish the transformation. Then she glued the woodblock countertop to the cabinet.

After – The only item remaining is to change the knobs and handles to match the other ones in the kitchen.

A dark corner brightened.

What piece of furniture is your best storage piece?

Finishing the Bed Makeover

We’ve been working on our French sleigh bed frame for 3 consecutive Saturdays.

Construction work was completed the first day.

Day 1: We cut down the sleigh bed, sanded it, and wiped it down with mineral spirits.

I primed with a small fuzzy roller.

Day 2: I gave the bed two coats of tinted primer.

The custom grey paint was paint on with a brush and roller.

Day 3: The entire bed was given a base coat of a dark grey paint mixed from two grey paints I had in my stash — one warm and one cool.

The dark grey wash was ragged on and dry brushed off.

I added some black paint to the base paint and thinned it with water so I could wipe it on with a rag and dry brush off with a 4-inch brush.

The baseboard behind the headboard has been installed.

Meanwhile Charlie cut and attached trim to the long bedroom wall with Sug’s help.

The finish needs to cure before I wax it.

Sug and I put the heavy bed together in the bedroom.  I’ll show that transformation soon.

Have you planned a risky project? Or dangerous outing?

One Focus

Last Saturday we had diverse goals which we completed.  This week all eyes are on the master bedroom and bed.

I primed with a small fuzzy roller.

I’m planning to get the bed frame we cut down and primed totally finished.  All painting done and dry.

I’m planning to wax the painted bed either with BriWax either in clear or golden oak finish.

Meanwhile I’m hoping Charlie will cut and apply trim to the long bedroom wall so when we assemble the bed and push it into place we won’t have to pull it out for a long time.

The master bedroom still needs baseboard trim.

So far October has been a beautiful month to work on monster projects.

Do you decorate for Halloween?

Diverse Saturday Goals

Today is going to be busy.

Ready for primer.

First I’m trying to get the bed frame we cut down last week at least primed. I have to tint some primer as a base coat.

Waterbury Cream, my kitchen paint, should warm up the cool white primer.

Primed and painted would be even better.

We’re inspired by this stone patio with fire pit.

Then at noon the 3 of us are heading to The Stone Store for a demonstration in making a fire pit.

I might have time to wax the bed after the fire pit class.

If we get all these things done it will be a successful Saturday with a little fun thrown in.

Do you have plans?

Nesting Weekend

Traditionally the last weekend of summer, Labor Day weekend is also a chance to switch up some décor.

The rug is new but the yellow pillows are ready to be stored until next spring (at the earliest).

We have rain all day today. I won’t be heading outside to paint; maybe tomorrow.

I’d like to get rid of these nested tables.

In the mean time I can concentrate on readying the living room, dining, room and conservatory for a cooler season.

Maybe I’ll pull out some copper items which is as close as I get to fall colors.

To be sure, we’ll still have scorching days but I also want to start thinking about fall and winter entertaining.

The hydrangeas are beautiful now but the yellow plastic tablecloth will be switched out.

For instance, Christmas is on a Monday this year which means New Year’s Day is also on a Monday.  Perhaps I can get a New Year’s morning get-together on the calendar.

I’m going to replace the beachy items with some of my blue collection like these Kosta Boda vases.

I can’t wait to look through my closets for decorative items and projects to keep me busy this fall.

What’s your fall color?

I Like the Rug

The new rug arrived yesterday.

8 by 10 rug on the felt rug pad in the living room.

Charlie and Sug lugged it into the living room while I was at my bank trying to expose and get retribution for a fraudulent transaction.

I know I’m taking a risk with a light rug.

As soon as we rolled it out I liked it.

The rug looks worn but it’s not.

The cream, navy, ochre, and aqua rug brightened up the room.

This rug is now in the dining room.
The new rug.

Charlie’s comment was that it looks worn out.  It’s supposed to have a vintage look but is also soft and fully piled.

While Sug and I sat and admired it Charlie brought in a piece of pizza and ate it over the rug. I was cringing.

What stain do you dislike most?