Ever Since the Floor

The floor in the master bedroom addition was installed last year.

The floor in the master bedroom (left) is lower than the new floor in the hall.

Since then the new door to the master suite has rubbed along the floor.

The floor is scraped near the door jamb.

It has even caused a subtle scape on the floor near the hinge side of the door.

The hinge was taking a lot of pressure as the door was hung up on the floor.

The real problem is that the hinges were getting a workout each time the door got held up on the floor.  I was concerned that the hinges would pull loose from the door or jamb.

The bottom of the door is wood and easily trimmed.

Charlie took the door down and planed some of the wood off the bottom.

The Surform can be used to plane the bottom of the doors.

He used our large Surform.

The door on the left is working great now.

Now the door closes easily and no longer marks the floor.

Do you sleep with your bedroom door closed?


Prettying the Porch

Over the past few months while we’ve been working on projects the side porch had become cluttered with all sorts of home improvement paraphernalia.

The side porch was a cluttered mess.

The porch was loaded with stuff: paint, tools, furniture, papers, rags . . . get the picture.

We don’t have time to decorate the porch, just clean it.

When I arrived home yesterday evening the porch was bare.

All this clutter must be put away or thrown away.

The driveway was a shambles.

I was surprised that the polar bear mat was more turquoise than blue.

Charlie had removed everything and washed down the porch. And I had received my new polar bear door mat so I gave it a try.

It’s a relief to have the porch cleaned up.

I decided to save the new mat until I clean the front porch and put the twin mat out there.

What spot in your house is needy?

Four-Pointer in the Garden

A few minutes before 6 last evening Charlie yelled at me to look out the window into the back yard.

Two young deer are at the center of the photo.

A family of three were helping themselves to what was left in Charlie’s garden.

The deer strolled up the path like he owned the place.

When we saw the buck he had antlers with 4 points.  Charlie was mesmerized.

This buck seemed very relaxed.

We watched as he grazed the tomato plants and chickweed.

We were behind the glass but the buck seemed to see us.

For a moment he looked right at us.

If he wasn’t so beautiful Charlie would have chased him away.

Then he planted himself in square one.

Do you have wildlife in your yard?

Already Thinking About . . .


Someone has recently donated crimson choir robes to the church which we will wear at Christmas.

I always get a big head start thinking about Christmas because I listen to Christmas music in August so I can have about a month to learn it before I teach it to my choir.  We started our rehearsals this past Sunday which means Christmas Day is 10 weeks away.

Love these colors.

I was talking to Charlie and Sug about this year’s theme and they both looked at me like I was nuts.

I am inspired by the white-painted branches stuck into the Christmas tree.

In order to show them that I’m not as whacky as I seem I decided on themes myself.

Coir polar bear welcome mat.

The House (the house where Charlie and I live) will expand on last year’s theme of polar bears. To that end I bought 2 new door mats. If we ever get the side porch cleared of project supplies down they will go.

The penguins on the half-round door mat are very welcoming.

The Cottage (where Sug lives) will have it’s own theme of penguins (Sug’s favorite).  I got her a door mat as well. Hers is already in place because the Cottage is always in order.

Last year we made gingerbread cookies shaped like bears.

We also have cookie cutters for these two animals.

Hoping to come across some penguins.

Last year after I declared the theme I kept coming across things that went with it.  I trust this year will be no different.

Have you got a holiday theme?

The Master Suite: Not Quite Finished

When we renovated the house we added a master bathroom and walk-in closet addition to the master bedroom.  We changed the entrance to the bedroom and added a second-floor deck directly off the bedroom accessed by French doors.

The architect’s plan of our master suite. (We reconfigured the bathroom.)

I love this space!

A plan of the second floor of The Glade, Master Suite at the top of the picture.

I posted a list of unfinished tasks in April of this year.  We have made some serious progress but we still have a number of tasks to finish before it becomes the serene, restful, uncluttered place I have always envisioned.

1. Finish the inside of the master closet. Earlier this year we built the empty room into a fitted out closet space which still needs finishing touches like face frames, shoe storage, and trim work.

The closet is functional but not pretty. YET!

2.  Refinish the king-sized sleigh bed.

Our most recent project was refinishing the bedframe of the sleigh bed.

3.  Stain the closet doors and add interior pulls. The pulls have been added.

This coming weekend looks like a reasonable day to stain these doors.  I think I can set them up on the master suite deck and finish the job. (They were on my October list.)

The master closet doors as well as all the new closet doors in the house will be stained.

4.  Finish the bookshelves.

The bedroom shelves need finishing: face frames, baseboard, and cornice.

5. Have membrane roof material put on the deck and a railing built around it.

The master deck needs a stronger walking surface and a railing.
The back of the house on the left from the architect’s concept sketch. Note the railing on the upper porch.

6.  Hang curtains or shades.

Our master closet has a full size window which requires a covering for privacy.

7.  Get rugs for hall, closet, and bathroom.

The master hallway could use a rug.

8.  Attach and paint all trim.

Trim in the hall ready to be measured, cut, and applied.

9. Refinish tall chest or get rid of it if it is no longer necessary.

I’d like to refinish or paint my dresser one day but maybe I won’t need it anymore when the closet is finished.

10.  Paint and refinish reading chair or get a different one.

This little chair should be painted and the upholstery completed.

11. Get a stool for dressing table and refinish the dressing table.

My mother’s dressing table is in the master bathroom.

12. Sort through clothes and linens and get rid of anything no longer useful.

Until our closet is complete my clothes are relegated to the bed in the pink bedroom.

I thought when I started this update that we had finished more than we actually did. Hoping we can finish these dozen major tasks in the next 2.5 years.  Keeping it real.

How do you keep your bedroom from becoming the dumping place?


The Sleigh Bed: Before and After

We finally have the sleigh bed in place.

Just after we cut down the footboard.
The painted bed frame looks new.

It was quite a bear.

A glance in from the second floor deck.

I’ll take some more photos when the bedroom is more straightened up since we still have a few building projects in there.

The bed before the sleigh bedframe was ready.
The sleigh bed is installed.

Here are a few befores and afters.

The Paris photo should be raised a bit.

I think I should move the Paris photo up a little so the blue areas above and below are approximately equal.

A winter bed before the bedframe.
The bedroom feels more finished with an actual BED!

It won’t belong before our summer linens are exchanged for the winter ones.

Do you have a good sleeping pattern?

Finishing the Bed Makeover

We’ve been working on our French sleigh bed frame for 3 consecutive Saturdays.

Construction work was completed the first day.

Day 1: We cut down the sleigh bed, sanded it, and wiped it down with mineral spirits.

I primed with a small fuzzy roller.

Day 2: I gave the bed two coats of tinted primer.

The custom grey paint was paint on with a brush and roller.

Day 3: The entire bed was given a base coat of a dark grey paint mixed from two grey paints I had in my stash — one warm and one cool.

The dark grey wash was ragged on and dry brushed off.

I added some black paint to the base paint and thinned it with water so I could wipe it on with a rag and dry brush off with a 4-inch brush.

The baseboard behind the headboard has been installed.

Meanwhile Charlie cut and attached trim to the long bedroom wall with Sug’s help.

The finish needs to cure before I wax it.

Sug and I put the heavy bed together in the bedroom.  I’ll show that transformation soon.

Have you planned a risky project? Or dangerous outing?