A Little Yard Clean-up

My friend who lives across the driveway loves working in the yard.

The entrance to the potager always needs weeding and neatening.
The front of the potager has been planted with herbs and the lamb’s ear has been thinned.

It makes her happy to pull weeds and cut grass.

Charlie planted a nice row of sunflowers on the side of the house just for me.
The sunflowers have sprouted and the whole area has been weeded.

Charlie planted a double row of sunflowers for me and now they have been weeded.  We’re just waiting for the plants to grow and possibly we’ll do some thinning.

A Spanish olive on the left, Greek olive on the right.

We’ve also moved 2 of the olive trees to the side porch entrance just off the driveway.

The Koroneiki olive tree has shed all its leaves.

I almost killed the Greek tree by putting it outside too early this year.  It lost all its leaves.

The tiny leaves have made me hopeful that this tree will live.

However, just the other day, I noticed some tiny leaved were growing on some of the limbs. Maybe it will come back.

The west yard has greened up considerably in the last week.

The rest of the yard has no problem growing foliage.

What’s your favorite bedding flower?

Repairing and Finishing

The homemade stairs to the attic in the Cottage were replaced with a new disappearing attic ladder.

The enlarged opening. Part of the old opening will need to be covered and repaired.

Moving the ladder created a large section of ceiling that needed to be repaired.

The brown area hides the stairs; the white area is a patch.

The carpenter filled the hole with drywall and 3 layers of joint compound.

Everything on the ceiling was painted green to draw attention away from the new door.

The ceiling was then trimmed with crown molding.

The ceiling details are all painted green.

The tenant painted the patched ceiling and stair door the grey-green ceiling color.

The beam before being painted.
Painting the beam gave the ceiling trim some punch.

She also decided to paint the beam that runs from the front to the back of the Cottage the same ceiling color. That decision really made the new white crown molding pop.

What color is your ceiling?

Getting It Done

This weekend we’ve got a variety of goals to accomplish.

The master closet window needs a sill and casing then I can hang a curtain.

First our friend the Viking is back to install window trim.  We have 3 windows still needing casement: the master closet window

The window in the conservatory bathroom is still untrimmed.

and the circular windows in the new showers.

Stickers are still on the window pane.

When the window trim is finished it would be a good time to take the protective film off all windows that still have it on.  Unfortunately Charlie told me the peel-off film is now stuck tight.  I told him I would take care of it. I hope I can.

This solid wood door with 4 lights should fit in the laundry room doorway.

If time allows I’d also like the laundry room door hung.

I’m using swaths of remnant fabric to fiesta-cize the décor.

In the mean time I want to create a money tree, clean and decorate the downstairs bathrooms, make a grocery shopping list for the wedding shower, make a party prep timeline for the shower, clean and straighten the first floor, decorate the mantle and dining room in fiesta fashion.

This plate has a South of the Border vibe.

I plan to use items from around the house like this vase I painted ochre a few years ago and my fish plate.

Now that the violets and buttercups have dissipated it’s time to mow.

I’m sure the lawn will also get it first cutting this weekend.

Party favors — gown boxes hiding a ring pop within.

Busy, busy, busy.

What are you up to?

A Little More Redwing

My sister has a magnificent Red Wing vintage pottery collection.

I have the fabulous Red Wing stag flower frog and matching bowl.

On the other hand I have a few pieces of my own.

I have a huge set of Merrileaf by Red Wing including lots of interesting serving pieces.

I also have a large set of dinnerware in the Merrileaf pattern.

Merrileaf cup and saucer

As I was perusing eBay I saw a set of cups and saucers.  I already have lots of saucers but wanted to add a few more cups.

I might want to serve hot beverages to a crowd.

For a bid of $9.38 I received 8 cups and 7 saucers.  For comparison Replacements, Inc. charges $9.99 for one cup and saucer set.  Everything came well-packed as indeed it should for an extra shipping charge of $20.

A bargain for vintage dinnerware.

Still, this is a good deal.

Do you shop on eBay?

Always Something to Do — Ole!

After finishing my oddball list I have moved on to some other minor tasks.

Be sure to buy extra candy to make up for any that inadvertently gets eaten during the filling of the piñata.

Actually my party partner filled the sombrero piñata with candy — chocolate candy.

A close-up of the fill hole.

Above is a close-up of the fill hole which is about and inch and a half at its widest.

Any candy must be fed into the hole a piece at a time.

Fun-size candy fits easily and fills the cavity inside.

A standard store-bought piñata holds about 2 pounds of candy.

When it is heavy with candy it’s time to hang it up.

What kind of candy is in your piñata?

List, 2018: April Progress

April was a month of progress, pleasure, and plight. We worked on a number of projects:


Master Closet

The master closet is nearing completion.

The master closet although not complete is well on the way to being finished.  All supplies have been moved to the closet and out of the living room, dining room, and conservatory.  Every weekend in April we — Charlie, my friend and I — did a task or two toward the completion of the master closet.

New Attic Stairs in The Cottage


The Cottage tenant had the stairs to the attic replaced with the hide-away, pull-down attic variety.  They are much easier to handle as well as sleeker on the ceiling.  Soon she’ll paint the door to match the ceiling and they’ll all but disappear when in closed position.

Crown Molding in The Cottage

Crown molding has been applied all around the room.

Cornice molding in the Cottage as added a finishing touch to the walls.  The white trim also sets off the pale grey-green of the ceilings.

Charlie’s Garden

At the end of January the garden was barren except for the newly erected greenhouse.
A week of rainy weather should be a great catalyst for the growing garden.

By the end of April plants were well on the way toward feeding us.

Although not on the list for April Charlie got busy in his garden as the time was right.  He pulled weeds, tilled, and planted.



The Doo Wop Project

The weekend after Easter Charlie and I went to see The Doo Wop Project in concert with the Baltimore Symphony. They’re a group of men who starred in Jersey Boys together singing classic tight harmonies .  They can really sing and apparently love to perform.  Our seats were in the 4th row so we really enjoyed all their antics: singing, dancing, and bantering.

Bridal Shower Planning

We hunted over the entire property and couldn’t find an appropriate spot to whack the piñata so we’re giving it to the bride to use at the wedding.

Finally we’re getting the house ready for a bridal shower.

Party favors are ready.

I have been working on a menu and festive set up for a the party.


Jury Duty

Hoping I’m not needed.

The week after Easter I was called to jury duty. I checked in for Monday and Tuesday by phone and was not needed. Finally on Tuesday night I checked in once again and was dismissed for the rest of the week.  I never had to go to the courthouse — woo hoo!

Did you have April sun or showers?

Shower Favors Under $1

I found bride-gown shaped favor boxes at the dollar store.

Since our party is a fiesta these white bridal favors needed some color.

They came in packs of ten for $1.

Highlighter allows the grey printed details of the dress to show through.

We colored them with highlighters.

The tabs were easy to fit together to form a box shape.

The boxes were formed with interior tabs.

Charlie agreed to taste test a ring pop.

Each box held one ring pop.

There was only room in the box for one ring pop.

One staple held together the box together and then it was decoratively tied with gossamer ribbon that accompanied the boxes.

We’ll mix-up the colors on a display shelf and hand them out as ladies exit the party.

Cute, huh?

Do you have an inexpensive, go-to party favor?