Two More Summer Weekends

While we accomplished a lot at The Glade this summer — renovated 2 bathrooms — I’ve looked back at some of my projects lists from earlier in the summer and more than a few things have been left undone.

Two sets of pine doors need to be stained a medium grey.

In July I had hoped to stain the 2 sets of unfinished pine doors — the mudroom and the pantry.  I bought some light stain to mix with the dark stain I had been using to change things up just a little. Weather permitting, I think I can finish these doors in the next two weekends.

The closet has become a storage spot for lots of stuff that doesn’t belong.

Another summer goal was to organize all my clothes that were cluttering various closets, bed and floors all over the house.  This I have done. But still undone is a serious look at the clutter in the mudroom closet which is also one of the set of doors that needs to be stained.

I’m happy we can close the doors on the pantry because it looks a horrible mess.

The pantry has become a disorganized mess also.  Charlie likes to store things — grocery bags for example — on the floor.  It’s horrible and I plan to take control.

The pile has dwindled but the trim has not yet been totally installed.

Little by little we’ve been whittling away at the pile of trim in the hallway.  When every room has baseboard I plan to make another lumber order to finish the face frames for both the master closet and the master bedroom shelving which is not yet finished.

My main fall project is to get the back bedroom — The Treetops Room — ready for guests.

I know we can’t hope we can accomplish all this in 2 weekends and I’m comforted to have a plan.

Do you have an end of summer plan?


Odd and Ends

I finally got started reading the novels and biographies that are listed on my 101 in 1001.

I hope Jane Austen turns out to be my cup of tea.

Since we’re headed to Bath in the UK next month I decided to read 2 Jane Austen classics — Persuasion and Northanger Abbey — both of which are set in Bath.

I found a new biography in the library: My Paris Dream by Kate Betts. I’m hoping to get through all this reading in the next 3 weeks.

Bone broth simmers for 12 to 24 hours.

A while back I began a bone broth diet and to date have lost 20 pounds.  People are beginning to notice.

We’ll be leaving from the “Cruise Maryland Terminal”.

I’ve begun planning next year’s travel.  We’re hoping to take a cruise, visit an old friend in Europe, and spend some time in a sandy place.

The shelf before we took it down — the powder room has changed quite a bit.

Tomorrow Sug and I will attempt to rehang the overhead shelf in the powder room.

What plans are you making?

Comparing Islands

This year we visited Cuba and Smith Island.

Cuba is close yet closed to many from the U.S.

Obviously Cuba is just south of the mainland of the United States 103 miles  off the coast of Florida.

Smith Island can only be reached by boat.

Smith Island, on the other hand, is in the Chesapeake Bay part of the state of Maryland. The similarities surprised me.

Many beautiful vintage cars were in Cuba.
We used bicycles to get around Smith Island.

When you step off the plane/boat in either place you have stepped back in time in many ways.

We were skeptical when we received a 3 peso bill in Cuba.

Both islands rely on cash.  American plastic is not usable in Cuba and few transactions are done by check or credit on Smith Island although the residents of Smith Island will supply your needs and trust you will pay them before leaving the island. The ferry over to the island, the meals delivered by a local cook, steamed crabs and other amenities were all paid in cash.

MiguelAngel, Charlie’s music teacher in Cuba, was very patient.

Both islands have friendly, helpful people.

Breakfast at a casa particulare in Cuba was 5 CUC per person.
My favorite food is (and always has been) steamed crabs from the Chesapeake Bay.

Both islands have good food.

Marshland filled with beautiful birds — egrets, herons, and pelicans — is a typical sight on Smith Island.
Antique American cars and remnants of communism are unusual sights in Cuba.

Both islands have interesting unique sights.

Our AirBnB accomodations in Havana was a room in a home on the second floor of this building.
We rented an entire house on Smith Island with 2 bedrooms but no onsite host.

AirBnB’s can be arranged on both islands with experienced hosts who will guide your stay while visiting.

There are also a few outstanding differences.

The Language — Spanish spoken in Cuba while Smith Island residents speak a patois often called Tidewater.

The Cars — Cuba has many, many American cars built before the Revolution in 1959.

A classic car in Cuba.
One of the newer cars on Smith Island.

The newest car on Smith Island is about 10 years old since each car has to be brought to the island one at a time on a barge hired expressly for that purpose. Many people get around the island on golf carts.

The Drink — The drink of Cuba is rum.

Rum is made from sugar cane grown on Cuba.

Smith Island is dry, no hard beverages are sold.

The Government — While Cuba is very distinctively communist, Smith Island basically has no government.

The Methodist church is the center of organized life on Smith Island.

No mayor, no city council, just the Methodist church which serves as a hub for most social activities and disputes.  Actually there are 3 Methodist churches on the island all served by the same pastor who goes between them on Sunday mornings either by boat or by golf cart.

Ewell Harbor — quaint and efficacious.
Havana Harbor — a historic fort.

We are so fortunate to have visited both islands this year.  We have one more island on our agenda — Great Britain. We’re excited to go.

Do you travel to resorts or visit among the local people?

Erecting the Cross for Glade Chapel

On the very same day it was built, the cross for the Chapel at The Glade was put in place.

The cross is 8 feet long by 4 feet wide

The cross is not so large and heavy that one person cannot carry it. It’s not so light, however, that carrying it any far distance wouldn’t be a burden.

The chosen spot.

Sug and I lined it up parallel to the house at the bottom of the hill outside the Cottage.  This spot will make it visible both from the house and the Cottage.

The soil is very hard to dig unless it has recently rained.

Sug dug a hole approximately 18 inches deep.  Originally we were going to sink it 2 feet into the ground but changed our mind after seeing it standing.  Six and a half feet can be seen above ground of the 8-foot cross.

When we stood it up in the hole we made sure it was level and plumb.  I watched the level as Sug filled the hole in with soil.

The stakes will ultimately be hidden.

I suggested we use 2 of Charlie’s pointed stakes on adjacent sides of the cross and at right angles to the post to help maintain the upright position.

Check the level in both directions so the post is plumb.

Sug tamped the dirt all around the base and the cross was standing.  We both noticed it was a humbling cross because both us whacked our heads on the yoke piece as we stood up reminding us to remain reverent.

The cross is arched by a dogwood tree when viewed from the Cottage deck.

Next step is to add some seating and plantings to finish the chapel atmosphere.

What’s your favorite summer flowering plant?

Building a Cross for Glade Chapel

I have been planning a place for meditation at The Glade for a long time.

I envisioned the Chapel in a quiet and slightly secluded area.

I just didn’t know what it should look like.

The Guatemalan Cross was hung on a school in Santa Maria de Jesus.

Then Sug told me about the cross building project she and other missionaries made on her last trip to Guatemala.

The end of the 4-foot piece was cut on a chop saw.

To start our cross we used two 4 by 4 pressure-treated timbers — one 8-feet long and the other cut to 4 feet. The plan was to sink two feet of the the 8-foot post into the ground so the ultimate height would only be 6 feet.

The saw was used to cut the edges of the lap halfway down the width of the wood.

We decided to use a half lap joint where the two members came together. We avoided putting the joints is an area where there was a knot in the wood.

The remainder of the wood was chiseled out as smoothly and possible on both the post and the crosspiece.

Sug used a back saw and chisel and hammer to cut out the section I had marked with pencil.

The half-lap joint cutouts are visible.

With a little tweaking the two pieces fit together well.  Sug had read a lot of information about the actual proportions of the cross but in the end we actually just used our eye to “make it right”.

The crosspiece was mounted 2 feet from the top of the 8-foot post.

Drilling pressure-treated lumber is extremely difficult.

Then Sug drilled two holes at the joint and inserted galvanized hex bolts with washers on both sides of the wood and tightened nuts to hold it together.


Our next step will be placement in the yard.

How are your woodworking skills?

101 in 1001 #4 — Summer, 2018

Here is my new list beginning May 10, 2017 (first list ended 11/13/2011, second list 8/11/2014, third list 5/9/2017) until February 5, 2020. Now that summer has started we’re hoping to make some quick progress on items that need fair weather.   Completed items are in blue, black is the color for original post. Pink is the color for concrete plans. 

  1. Get a dog. Complete! 3/31/2018  

    Cafe culture.
  2. Have ancestry confirmed through DNAComplete! 5/19/2018  
  3. Write a personal mission statement. Complete! 6/28/2018  
  4. Stain the interior wood doors.

    3 sets finished – 2 sets to go.
  5. Hang a door at the entrance to the laundry.

    This solid wood door with 4 lights might fit the opening in the laundry room perfectly.
  6. Take a trip to the UK. Planned for Fall, 2018.
  7. Get rid of 50 books.

    No matter how many books I get rid of I still seem to have more.
  8. Evaluate and upgrade home electronics: CD player, speaker, turntable, tape deck, DVD player, TV.
  9. Make the guest room ready for guests.

    The treetops room needs to have all clutter removed before it is ready for guests including my shoes piled in the corner.
  10. Revisit my will, trust, and POA.
  11. Visit National Wildlife Visitor Center
  12. Visit Cryptographic Museum
  13. Make a stone patio with firepit.
  14. Host a swap meet.

    We’ve had book swaps and soup swaps. Maybe we’ll try something new.
  15. Get rid of 101 items. I am fifty-two items lighter.
  16. Hang photos in upstairs hall
  17. Take dance lessons — Tango
  18. Host a Casablanca party/movie night.

    Someday I’m going to have a Casablanca themed party.
  19. Host a dinner party for 8
  20. Organize trip to a Caribbean island – Cuba. Complete! 8/1/2017   

    Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro in Havana Bay
  21. Work on family recipe book
  22. Visit a waterfall Cunningham Falls, Thurmont MD Complete! 8/1/2017 

    Cunningham Falls in Maryland
  23. See the Southern Cross in person
  24. Go to the beach for a long weekend

    The last time we were at the beach (in California).
  25. Host a scavenger hunt.
  26. Make a month’s worth of meals one weekend. Planned for July, 2018.
  27. Make a home maintenance calendar.
  28. Set blogging goals.
  29. Work on wardrobe: buy what I need, get rid of what I don’t, make a list of everything. Started 6/27/2018
  30. Sort out things in attic by attaching children’s names, give away, sell, etc.

    The attic is overdue for a major tidying.
  31. Learn to copyright (watermark) photos
  32. Complete legacy file
  33. Make a photo album of Mommie
  34. Paint some canvasses
  35. Chapel in the yard at The Glade

    There must be an appropriate spot for a small chapel in our yard.
  36. Ride on a Vespa
  37. Locate and catalog local thrift stores
  38. Develop a cleaning schedule
  39. Write a novel based on work
  40. Increase net worth by 25% Currently up 6%
  41. Visit Statue of LibertyComplete! 10/27/2017 

    How beautiful is Lady Liberty!
  42. Paint landscapes/seascapes on canvas/wood
  43. Take a cruise. Leave from the Port of Baltimore.
  44. Memorize a poem.
  45. Make a household inventory with photos
  46. Finish laundry room
  47. Give heirlooms to children – hope chest, china, desk/chair, Christmas china, sleds – 1 for each

    3 sleds
  48. Finish painting trim in pink bedroom
  49. Make a master menu for 14 days of meals
  50. Wash all the windows in the house

    We have a lot of windows.
  51. Paint dining room table – finish sanding, prime and paint
  52. Use my God box.
  53. Build bench for mudroom.
  54. Build shelves in master bedroom.

    We must finish the bedroom shelves.
  55. Landscape the front yard  Complete! 6/11/2018 

    Now we’re just waiting for everything to grow.
  56. Read 2 biographies
  57. Read 2 classics
  58. Design Etsy boutique packaging
  59. Fund my Revocable Trust
  60. Achieve my personal weight goal Started 6/28/2018
  61. Get rid of 5 big items from the house:  Complete! 10/30/2017
    This dinosaur is history.

    Lawn mower 


    Lawn mower


    High chair


    Yard cart

  62. Design and print business cards
  63. Celebrate our 10th anniversary. 9/12/2019
  64. Organize papers, bills, and contracts from renovation
  65. Trip to Venice/Serbia/Greece.
  66. Attend 5 concerts — Rheinberger’s Organ Concerto No. 1, SaintSaëns Organ Symphony, Glenmar Dance Music, 50th Anniversary Organ Concert, BSO Gala 2017 Complete! 9/9/2017 
  67. Visit Smith Island, Maryland Planned for the end of July, 2018 
  68. Start a new blog: “Let’s Fake the Music”
  69. Lead a Bible study at home
  70. Plan my funeral
  71. Hang exterior shutters Complete! 9/23/2017 

    The before and after of the shutter installation.
  72. Build a structure for trash cans and recycle bins
  73. Upgrade deck off master bedroom with new surface and railings

    The master deck.
  74. Make curtains for master bedroom
  75. Install all trim
  76. Paint all trim
  77. Finish painting exterior details (oil tank, vents, etc.)

    The tank is painted.
  78. Clean out car
  79. Clean up all paint cans
  80. Clear out the basement
  81. Remove 10 boxes from the attic
  82. Set up a better home office

    Perhaps we can set up the office area in the pink bedroom better.
  83. Refinish sleigh bed Complete! 9/23/2017 

    A recent project was refinishing the bedframe of the sleigh bed.
  84. Build frame for full length mirror

    This mirror needs a frame.
  85. Renovate pink bathroom  Complete! 6/27/2018  

    The guest bathroom is ready for guests.
  86. Renovate powder room Started 6/30/2018

    Let’s update the bibliotheque.
  87. Paint all interior doors grey

    First floor doors finished; 3 doors on second floor still need painting.
  88. Have 5 parties. Complete! 3/17/2018
  89. Coffee table for conservatory
  90. Paint secretary

    I think painting will improve this secretary.
  91. Finish living room curtains 
  92. Dye hall rug

    This rug is a little bland.
  93. Fix hall water wall Complete! 3/28/2018
  94. Paint green vanity

    The dressing table in the master bathroom might not want to be green anymore.
  95. Refinish tall dresser
  96. Finish cushions in dining room
  97. Clear out mud room closet

    The closet has become a storage spot for lots of stuff that doesn’t belong.
  98. Whiten my teeth Complete! 6/28/2018
  99. Plant sunflowers Complete! 7/14/2017 

    A wall of sunflowers attracts bees and gold finches.
  100. Fast for 24 hours Complete! 6/29/2018
  101. Private

Teeth Whitening

Number 98 on my 101 things to do in 1001 days  is to whiten my teeth.

My teeth need to be brighter than my hair.

Charlie and my dental hygienist think I have nice white teeth. I think they could be a little whiter.

Floss for travel and floss for home.

On a daily basis I floss, rinse with Crest 3-D White Lux mouthwash, and brush with an electric toothbrush and Crest 3-D White toothpaste.

Lumibrite seems to be a favorite on the internet.

I have tried 2 different whitening systems that use gel in a custom mouthguard.  One was from the dentist: Lumibrite. The other was generally available through mail order: ContrastPM. I’m opting for Lumibrite.

This should be at least 2 weeks of whitener which is sufficient for a good job.

Now Lumibrite is available from Amazon at a good price of 4 syringes for $13.38 so I have ordered some to use with my Invisalign retainer.  (When I bought it from the dentist it was $25 per syringe.)

Hoping for these results.

I hope to have gleaming white teeth for our travels near and far.

I haven’t been paid or perked for anything said in this post.

Do you have a good dental plan?