June 20

Two years ago on June 2oth we were getting ready to wallpaper the dining room.

The dining room before wallpaper.
The top of the dining room is now papered.

Now it’s papered.

Without a backsplash the master vanity looked unfinished.
The backsplash is very practical.

Last year on the same date I was choosing tile for the master bathroom backsplash. Now that’s also finished.

The back stairs to the conservatory could actually become a full deck.

Making progress but also thinking up new projects.

Have you got an outdoor deck? What special detail do you recommend adding? Leaving out?

Summer Update #3: Before and After

I ordered a new quilt for the Cottage while my tenant was out of the country serving on a mission team.


It’s not better, just different. The colors are deep red and turquoise on white.


And its a little lighter for the summer.

The “bedroom” in the Cottage — Before.
Cottage Bedroom — After.

It looks as though we changed the wall color but that is not the case. The “before” photo is closer to the true color of the walls.

Love the paisley detail.

The new quilt was a hit with its new owner.

Do you have a favorite color combination?

Before and After: Cottage Gable

All week the carpenter has been working on adding a gable over the entrance door to Glade Cottage.

The Cottage before the new windows, doors, and gable.

He made the support brackets in his home shop and then bolted them to the front of the Cottage being sure to tie them into the original framing of the building.

The front of the building was not altered to accommodate the new roof.

Working alone on this project the carpenter then built the framework centered over the door.

The little roof is framed just like a regular roof.

The next day he trimmed up the bare wood and added sheathing to the roof and beadboard to the underside.

Similar shingles are used on this little roof.

Then he shingled the roof with shingles matching the house and cottage.

All trim is painted white for a finishing touch.

All bare wood was then painted white like the other trim on the Cottage.

Big pots of geraniums hang on each side of the door.

I asked if he would hang a hook at the end of each support for hanging baskets.

Glade Cottage — Before
Glade Cottage — After

The Cottage has been through many upgrades over the years. Next on the agenda — paint the exterior of the Cottage.

Are you planning to convert a space to a new use?

Too Much Paper

I am really good about immediately processing junk mail, bills and magazines.


I don’t actually have a subscription to any magazine but I count the endless catalogs from Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Ballard Designs, etc.

County comes by once a week for mixed recycling.

I put unwanted advertising straight into our recycling bag in the kitchen.  Bills and other important papers make it upstairs to the “office” in the Diva Room.

One file drawer keeps most current papers safety organized.

Current year paper gets filed in the file cabinet.  Other stuff goes into a box in the attic that holds bills, receipts, and tax returns filed by year. This year, anything older than 10 years is leaving the premises.

This year I’m going to get rid of decades old tax returns.

My plan for the first 10 days of June is to spend at least an hour everyday shredding old documents.

Do I care how much I’m getting rid of?

Should I weigh the paper before I shred it?

Are you on top of your paper clutter?

A New Cottage Door

When I first moved into The Glade in 1997 we used The Cottage as an office.  At the time we called it The Little House.

The Dutch door on the Cottage always sagged in the doorway.

It had a Dutch door.

The $35 refurbished door that Charlie and I hung in 2011.

After awhile the Dutch door became structurally unsound so we replaced it with a $35 door from Second Chance Warehouse, a Baltimore salvage center.

The old-fashioned screen door on the Cottage.

Now the Cottage is getting a better treatment.

The old doors have been removed and new ones are ready for hanging.

In order to keep the Cottage filled with light we decided to replace the nine-light front door with one almost exactly the same except the new one is more energy efficient.

Squaring up the new door.

The main door which erroneously opens “out” has been replaced on the interior and opens “in” like most residential doors.

The new Cottage door.

We’re expecting the screen door which was on the inside to be replaced with an exterior storm door.

Glade Cottage before the new windows and doors.
New windows and doors on the Cottage have made it more energy efficient.

The Cottage will soon be ready for a new coat of paint.

Cast offs.

Who needs a door?

What color is your front door?

The Big Picture

The big picture window in the Cottage, that is, is being replaced.

The Cottage windows are getting replaced for more efficient ones.

The carpenters started this project after the other 4 single windows had been replaced.

Removing the old windows.

They removed the triple window one sash at a time.

The gaping hole where three windows used to be looks like an open garage door which is what a think used to be there.

When Charlie sent me the “in progress” photo I noticed one of the shingles was chipped (to the left of the window) so I texted him to ask him to repair it while the trim was off.

Charlie removed just one chipped shingle.

He Dremeled the nailheads off, removed the old shingle, and replaced it with a salvaged unbroken shingle.

The dark shingle will easily blend when its painted like the rest.

There are a few more cracked shingles which he will also replace before the tenant repaints the entire exterior in June.

The triple windows in the house were ganged together as one unit, these went in one at a time.

Meanwhile the window installation continued. The sill under this window was also repaired due to some rotting wood.

The new windows are positioned in the hole.

The new sashes look very much like the old ones except they were single panes and these are double-glazed Pella TermaStar windows.

The original windows were charming.
The window only needs trim.

The new ones equally so.

What is your most energy efficient quality?

Holes in the Wall

The contractor came to remove and replace windows in the Cottage.

The Cottage floorplan: note the placement of the various windows.

There are a total of 5.

New to replace the old.

Happily yesterday was a beautiful day to take the windows out and let the fresh air in.

The original Cottage bathroom window.
The bathroom window (removed) at the rear of the Cottage overlooks our scrap lumber pile.

In the middle of the day I received a text with two photos — one for each window that had been removed.

The window on the side wall closest to the front door.
From the framing the contractor could tell this used to be a door.
Two down. 2 singles and a triple remain.

Interestingly the first ones to go were the 2 single sash windows: in the bathroom and in the bedroom areas.

The new bathroom window.
The bathroom window from outside.

These two have now been replaced with weather efficient models:  Pella Thermastar.

Do you prefer a sash or casement window?