Powder Room: Before and After

When I moved into The Glade over 20 years ago the powder room was a dark room with overhead metal cabinets.

Sink Before and After

When we refurbished the we had the sink resurfaced.

Detail of Wallpaper

I had always called it “Le Bibliotheque” (that sign is still on the door) because the wall looked like bookshelves in a library. The faux books and shelving gave depth to a very small, windowless room.

New wallpaper from Anthropologie.

The new wallpaper is much lighter, “C’est Magnifique“.

We kept the same fixtures.
The new scheme has wainscoting.

We used the same towel bar, mirror, paper holder, and over head shelf.

The old toilet leaned against the wall.
The view from the landing.

We changed the toilet due to a crack in the base of the old one.  The new toilet’s tank does lean against the wall like the old one did.

The old paper went from floor to shelf.
The large mirror reflecting the shelf and trim gives this tiny rooms greater depth.

We repaired holes and added new baseboard and chair rail trim.

The Bibliotheque
Ready for use.

Now we have a lighter, brighter powder room.  I’m calling it “The Grand Tour”.

What’s new at your house?


The Perfect Curtain Rod for the Master Closet

I ordered a new curtain rod for the master closet.

The faceted cabinet knobs.

I wanted the finials on the rod to match the knobs on the doors.

The faceted finial compared to the knob.

I was so delighted when the rod came and the finials were a beautiful match and much larger than the knobs just as I had hoped. The rod was $30 when I ordered it and now it is $50.

The wood rod had no finials.

Originally I had hung a wood rod that I had on hand hoping to find something better later.

The new metal brackets used the same screw holes as the wood rod.

Sug gave me a hand hanging the new brackets.  The new bracket slid over the top screw and a second screw was snugged into the bottom hole.

A little bling in a private place.

Now the curtain end of the room looks more finished.

A curtain in the closet makes it a dressing room space as well.

We have some more tasks to complete in the closet:

  • Face frame the closet boxes.
  • Put in baseboard.
  • Find finials for the curtain rods that match the door knobs.

Are you happy to get a good deal?

Deck Stain

Sug decided to stain the Cottage deck with solid color wood stain and sealer. Solid color wood stain lasts longer that transparent stain so restaining doesn’t have to bee repeated as often.

Before: The natural treated lumber deck.

We conferred on the color and decided on “Desert Tan” so the deck would be light and natural looking but protected.

After: The deck is stained.

The Cottage is looking bright and neat for summer.

Do you have a deck? Is it sealed, stained, or both?

More Mulching and a Surprise in the Mulch Pile

Sug has been systematically pulling weeds and mulching the beds.

The potager in front of the fence has become quite weedy.

Tonight’s project was the area in front of the potager which has a few perennial flowering plants and some herbs.

The front of the potager is more decorative than practical.

Just like the west side of the house Sug laid newspaper then topped it with mulch made from wood chips.

The egg is shaped like a Tic-tac but larger.

While she was digging in the mulch she found some oval eggs.

Snake eggs from the web for comparison.

When I looked them up I realized they were black snake eggs.

I hope never to see this scene in real life.

I guess we’ll have plenty of snakes.  Hopefully they’ll take care of the mice and moles.  And stay away from the birdies.

Do wild animals creep you out?

The West Foundation

A month ago Charlie planted and cleaned up the west side of the house foundation under the kitchen window.

The west side of the house is planted with perennial plants but very nondescript.

Unfortunately the area had become very weedy since early June.

Mulching makes the area appear neat.

Sug to the rescue. She pulled the weeds then covered the area with layers of newspaper to inhibit future weeds.

We often use newspaper to deter weeds.

She covered the paper with mulch (rotted wood chips) from the pile at the bottom of the yard.

These plants should eventually fill in and cover the foundation.

I don’t know how she has the patience for this but it looks beautiful while we’re waiting for the plants to mature.

What jobs are you patient to do?

120 Percenter

I have always said Sug is a 120 percenter. I, on the other hand, am an 80 percenter.

The 3 of us built the greenhouse although that’s not how Sug and Charlie tell it.

Together we get things done. From time to time Charlie also steps in on the action.

This past weekend we completed the baseboard trim in the master closet.

Master closet before trim was installed.

Before photo above; after below.

The baseboard is set. Shoe molding still needed.

Sug also painted the door to the pink tiled bathroom.


If those two chores were not sufficient Sug began to remove the wallpaper from the powder room.

The wallpaper is coming down slowly.

It was stuck on much more than expected.

The wall underneath is in so-so condition.

The planned afternoon job took 3 days.

Sug likes to mow and we have a big yard.

And the lawn is mowed.

We have had the lumber for the cross project for awhile.

We started building a cross for the yard today on Independence Day.

I helped by eyeing measurements and marking the wood.

Sug didn’t need a time-out, but I did.

Do you have a favorite backyard feature?

Raspberry Realization

While I was focused on the raspberry bush I noticed some trees had grown up in the same area.

The tree behind the raspberry bush is a tulip poplar which can grow to 30 feet.

They were not pleasant little trees but instead fast growing tulip poplars and maples.

The tulip poplar was the first to come down.

I alerted Charlie to the problem and he said he had already planned to work on it.

Charlie huffed a lot of heavy logs around.

It’s been in the upper 90s all week but Charlie pulled out the oak slabs he’d been saving and got into the vegetated area.

Charlie has to get rid of the foliage and stems.

He started pulling out very substantial trees.

Will someone be interested is firewood in summer?

Now we are left with a lot of large logs which I’m going to try to get rid of on Craigslist even though the temperature hit 100 degrees yesterday.

Why does one clean-up project beget another?

Maybe someone can envision a set of outdoor stools for their firepit.  And wood to burn.

Do you have a firepit?