Windows on Craigslist

I’ve been selling the old windows from the house and cottage on Craigslist.

We have a pile of windows.

I have a whole pile of them which I sell for $5 for as many as the buyer wants, not $5 each.

6-pane, 28″ by 32″ salvaged windows

The last lot that went was to a young lady who makes wedding gifts for her friends.

The “wedding window” (Names have been altered for privacy.)

With a Cricut vinyl cutting machine and an old window she enumerates the wedding party and other details then gives the window to the bride and groom.

Can you think of other ways to use this idea?


Starting a Lace Leaf Maple

At work the lawn is accented with a trio of lace leaf maple trees.

The trio in front are lace leaf maples.

And elsewhere on the property there are others.

Under the trees is some new growth which I harvested.

Under the trees one can usually find seedlings but they are not true to type.  It seems that the seeds produce a split leaf variety but not a lace leaf.

The red tree is brighter in spring and fall.

I’m hoping I can start a tree from a cutting although this might be batter accomplished in spring.  I’ve chosen to take the cutting from the red specimen.

Lace leaf maple tree cuttings.

I cut 4″ of new growth with a couple of leaves.

Rooting hormone clings to the stem.

Then I dipped the stem into growth hormone and let it dry for about 10 minutes.

Sprouts and cuttings in vermiculite.

Finally I stuck the stem into vermiculite. (This is much like the process I used to start hydrangeas.)

The whole thing is zipped inside a plastic bag.

Hope it works.

Do you start plants from seeds, cuttings, or purchases from the nursery?

Not Worth the Drive

After our hike to the waterfall which was not much more than a trickle, we stopped at a fabric warehouse.

Discount Fabrics is in a warehouse-style building.

I had planned this visit in 2015 because I love checking out fabric stores just in case I would need something someday.

In the right décor these fabrics might be OK but the price seems to be premium.

Unfortunately this store would not be worth an hour’s drive because the inventory is rather dated.

Fabrics for a dog lover.

And the prices are not that great.

Gimps and cords were on sale.

They were running a 50% off sale on trims during my visit.

Silk brocade

But there were signs all over the place that said once fabric is cut the sale is final.

The rolls on the right are $5 per yard.

There were remnant rolls of mostly outmoded fabrics at $5 per yard with the caveat that the entire roll much be purchased.

Crewel fabric

To be fair a pair of ladies made a purchase while I was in the store so perhaps it’s not all bad.

Do you have a favorite fabric store?

Crazy for Sunflowers

This summer I’m very involved with sunflowers.

The sunflowers growing on the west side of the house are blooming.

Ours are blooming well and attracting bees and gold finches.

A bouquet of fresh-cut sunflowers.

Now we’re chasing them all over the local counties.

The Sunflower Garden truck in a bed of sunflower seedlings.

The Sunflower Garden in Carroll County offers pick-your-own sunflowers ($10 for a large bunch) and other cut flowers ($12 a bunch).

Rows of flowers ripe for the picking.
I was only interested in sunflowers.

The sunflowers at The Sunflower Garden will peak around August 15th.

Sunflowers in the master bath.

I have 3 bouquets of happy sunflowers at the house for the mere price of $10.

What’s your floral focus this summer?

Summer Curtain Update

I suggested we look for new Cottage curtains before repainting the interior of the Cottage.

The curtains have been hanging in the Cottage since 2011.

Since she plans to paint the interior with a color similar to the current “Siamese Eyes” I suggested she look for curtains first then match the paint to the new curtains.

My proposal was these all linen curtains.

We headed off to Ikea with a paint chip scraped from the wall.

The blue paint chip does not go with the blue linen curtains although the curtains are a beautiful color.

Unfortunately the chip was not compatible with the blue linen curtain.

Velvet curtains are the right color but the wrong fabric.

There was a cotton velvet curtain that matched perfectly but we didn’t like the heaviness of the velvet.

Aina linen curtains.

I also saw a part linen part, viscose curtain at Country Curtains in the right color but the price was decidedly not right –even on sale, 3 times the price of the Ikea linen curtains.

These curtains will also look good in the Cottage.

So in the end we bought 3 pairs of Ikea linen curtains in the same creamy white as the ones in my living room.

Does color challenge you?

Inspired at Work

One of my colleagues at work bought flats of flowers to plant on the property there.

Pink, red, and white flowers.

I’ll be interested to see where these are going.

There are 3 of these beautiful iron urns near the parking area.

We always have beautiful gardens and planters at work.

$23 each for these hanging baskets of geraniums.

All this beauty inspired me to shop for some hanging baskets for the new structure at The Cottage.

Two hanging baskets with triple the flowers of the ones above.

After trying Home Depot and Lowes with little success I stopped by a local nursery and for $5 less than each of the Home Depot pots, these magnificent, abundant red geranium hanging baskets caught my eye.

Like the inspiration photo hanging baskets left and right should be just right.

I’m hoping to have them hung by the weekend if the new gable over the door is ready.

What are your favorite flower colors? (Mine are yellow, blue, and white.)

Looks Like Foxglove

A friend had purchased 3-each of a number of different perennial plants for his garden.

Grows to about 18 inches tall.

He offered me my pick of any three so I chose a plant that looks like purple foxglove but is called beardtongue.

The tag says full sun. Plant 12 inches apart.

In fact the plant is “penstemon” not “foxglove”.

The flowers look very much like foxglove except foxglove love shade.

It requires full sun or morning sun and afternoon shade which it what our yard receives.

Alongside the greenhouse these might help to sure up the soil on the downside.

Since this plant flowers most of the summer and is fairly tall I thought it might look good either alongside the greenhouse or clumped at one of the corners.

The corner in front of the greenhouse probably won’t work for Charlie.

I’m hoping Charlie will have a chance to plant it soon.

Perennials or annuals?