International Driving Permit

As I was researching driving a car from Italy to Serbia I was reminded it would be a good idea to get an International Driving Permit which is required in some of the countries we’ll be visiting.

My local AAA is about 4 miles from my office.

It’s easy to get and inexpensive and therefore worth the effort to get one just to have peace of mind in case we’re stopped by the police for a traffic violation.

The AAA agent was very efficient and knowledgeable about travel issues and the license.

I visited the AAA website where I filled out the on-line application.

I was told to help myself to coffee, tea, or hot chocolate while I was waiting for the short verification process.

Then I took my driver’s license, the application, 2 passport photos, and $20 plus tax to my local AAA office where the agent verified my information.

International Driving Permit issued by AAA

My permit was issued immediately and is good for a year from the start date which I chose as September 1st.  Actually I am hoping to be the navigator on our trip to Europe so Charlie and Sug are getting IDPs too.

Does $20 seem like reasonable insurance for a document that may never be needed?

I was neither payed nor perked to give the above information.

Across the Bridge

We’re working on a new project across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge from The Glade.

The ground floor has a compact and convenient layout.

All the details are not yet ironed out but I thought you might appreciate a basic floor plan.

The second floor is only over the center section of the house.

Tomorrow we tour the property with an inspector.  Let’s hope the problems are merely blemishes and not chronic diseases.

What makes life interesting for you?

Lots Going On

Actually we have too much happening.

Online applications with no chance to print the final information is not ideal.

1.   We opened a new electric account in our son’s name and the power company left his last name off.  I don’t know how they’ll check his credit with no last name. I also don’t know if they’ve turned the power on or not which was supposed to happen today.

Charlie’s passport is misplaced.

2.   Charlie can’t find his passport.

What to do with an old trailer.

3.  My son is trying to figure out how to get rid of an old mobile home.  Any suggestions?

International driving permits are good for one year.

4.  We need to get International Driving Permits from AAA before our fall trip.

The house will definitely need a new roof.

5.  Friday we’ll meet a plumber and an inspector at a property we want to purchase.  I don’t look forward to the bad news.

What’s up with you?

I’ve Made an Offer

As I suggested here, I am looking at some real estate.

From the front this Cape Cod cottage looks pretty good.

There are always interesting offerings in Maryland.

The shed is extensive.

I have only just made an offer and signed all the preliminary papers.

The house will definitely need a new roof.

Along with Charlie and Sug, I inspected the property and found quite a few questionable conditions.

The ducks on this small pond are not real.

Even with all the issues I am very attracted to this cute cape cod cottage which has a small pond on the almost 2-acre property.

Pressure washing will be one of the first orders of business.

If we end up purchasing the property there will be an almost infinite number of DIY projects.

What are you working on?

Tea Tree Oil

After reading that the Duchess of Sussex takes tea tree oil on all of her trips I decided to do a little research.

I purchased a tiny bottle of tea tree oil.

According to various resources tea tree oil is reported to:

  1. Cure nail fungus.
  2. Control dandruff.
  3. Remove skin tags.
  4. Heal skin.
  5. Be antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal.
  6. Heal insect bites.
  7. Clear acne.

So I’m going to try it on my one slightly fungused toenail, a couple of little hard bumps on my nose, the really difficult and painful bump on my toe that the podiatrist could not help.

Tea tree oil plant.

If it works I’ll be singing its praises.  If not, well .  .  .

Do you have a favorite cure-all?

Cheering Up a Snowy Day

I drove home early from work because snow had begun to fall.

This papier mache fish is about 8 inches long.

After having some leftover Szechuan string beans and fried rice I pulled out my fish collection and started to revamp the mantel.

The deck outside the master bedroom is covered in snow.

Then I went up to my cozy bedroom to look out the windows and watch the snow fall.

Pink roses really warm up a blue room.

Warming up the scene was a dozen pink roses by my reading nook.

Delicate, cheery, and elegant.

I had purchased the roses at Trader Joe’s for $7 a dozen.

I like flowers that are not too precisely arranged.

At $7 I could afford a second dozen which were in the master bathroom.

The greenhouse in the backyard is covered with snow.

I leaned on the sink and looked out the window while enjoying the intoxicating scent of real roses.

I often have a bouquet of flowers in the bathroom.

Let it snow.

How’s your weather?

One for Me, Too

Yesterday I showed the new quilt I ordered for our back bedroom.

I only like cotton or linen bedding.

I also ordered one for the master bedroom. I was really in the market for an all-white quilt but I changed my mind due to price and design.

The master bedroom now has a quilt — white on one side, yellow, blue and white on the other.

I’m phasing out comforters in the bedrooms in favor of quilts because quilts look just a little bit neater. That’s really a bogus excuse because 2 of our 3 beds already have quilts as the main coverlet.

I have different weight comforters for winter and summer.

I change duvets by season.

I suppose I will still fold a comforter at the foot of the beds.

Do you use quilts, comforters, or blankets?

Ready for Advent

Sug and I made our Advent wreaths today.

Boxwood in the foreground and mixed greens behind.

Yesterday we gathered a variety of evergreens.

Metal wreath frame.

Today we wired select sprigs to a wire wreath form. (My tutorial is here.)

This year’s wreath has an airy spread with pine branches intertwined with fir and boxwood and rosemary.

I’ll be keeping this on our dining room table.  We won’t begin lighting the candles until next week.

Fir branches in matching baskets on the ledge between the kitchen and dining room.

We had enough extra greens to put in baskets and vases throughout the house.

Do you enjoy the smell of fresh greens?

Fall Clutter Casting

I’ve been lax Craigslisting the items I want to pass on to another user.

The chandelier has been sitting back behind the chairs in the dining room for almost a year.

While we are straightening up for the party I had to move this old chandelier from its spot in the the corner of the dining room to the back bedroom.

Someone might just need this chandelier more than we do.

I have always liked this fixture but have no place for it.  The only ceiling fixtures in the house are in the laundry room and the original pink tile bathroom.

Hoping to sell this saddle along with other tack.

Also the saddle is listed because we don’t ride anymore.

Hoof pick, crops — everything is here.

I’m throwing in all the other bits of tack that go with a saddle: stirrups, girth, pads, carry bag, hoof pick, etc.

I’m selling these large rounds for $10 each.

Finally I’m helping Charlie clear some of the oak rounds from the large trees that have been felled. He has started to split some but we still have more than enough.

I have a few more lamps that could be Craigslisted.

I wish I would get committed enough to list an item each day.  I’m just not that disciplined.

How is your self-disciplined?


Cuban Hat Upgrade

While we were in Cuba  both Charlie and I purchased sun hats from a street vendor.

There I am in the hat.

We wore them on the horseback ride.  Mine didn’t fit well so it flew off my head.  Our wrangler, William, retrieved it for me.

The hat in this photo got all bent up during the Grand Canyon trip.

This hat would be  much more practical with a string to hold it on like I had on my cowboy hat that I wore on the mule ride at the Grand Canyon.

The chin strap on the cowboy hat was simply a pair of shoestrings.

I decided to take the chin strap from one and put it on the other.

A figure-eight stopper knot keeps the sting from pulling through the holes.

I poked the tip of the showstring through one of the holes created by the weave and tied a stopper knot to hold it.

The “E” bead has no special meaning.

I threaded a bead onto the strings so I could tighten the cord.

I plan to wear this hat on Smith Island at the end of July.

And tied a another knot to hold the strings together.

Do you have a favorite hat?