Summer Curtain Update

I suggested we look for new Cottage curtains before repainting the interior of the Cottage.

The curtains have been hanging in the Cottage since 2011.

Since she plans to paint the interior with a color similar to the current “Siamese Eyes” I suggested she look for curtains first then match the paint to the new curtains.

My proposal was these all linen curtains.

We headed off to Ikea with a paint chip scraped from the wall.

The blue paint chip does not go with the blue linen curtains although the curtains are a beautiful color.

Unfortunately the chip was not compatible with the blue linen curtain.

Velvet curtains are the right color but the wrong fabric.

There was a cotton velvet curtain that matched perfectly but we didn’t like the heaviness of the velvet.

Aina linen curtains.

I also saw a part linen part, viscose curtain at Country Curtains in the right color but the price was decidedly not right –even on sale, 3 times the price of the Ikea linen curtains.

These curtains will also look good in the Cottage.

So in the end we bought 3 pairs of Ikea linen curtains in the same creamy white as the ones in my living room.

Does color challenge you?

Inspired at Work

One of my colleagues at work bought flats of flowers to plant on the property there.

Pink, red, and white flowers.

I’ll be interested to see where these are going.

There are 3 of these beautiful iron urns near the parking area.

We always have beautiful gardens and planters at work.

$23 each for these hanging baskets of geraniums.

All this beauty inspired me to shop for some hanging baskets for the new structure at The Cottage.

Two hanging baskets with triple the flowers of the ones above.

After trying Home Depot and Lowes with little success I stopped by a local nursery and for $5 less than each of the Home Depot pots, these magnificent, abundant red geranium hanging baskets caught my eye.

Like the inspiration photo hanging baskets left and right should be just right.

I’m hoping to have them hung by the weekend if the new gable over the door is ready.

What are your favorite flower colors? (Mine are yellow, blue, and white.)

Looks Like Foxglove

A friend had purchased 3-each of a number of different perennial plants for his garden.

Grows to about 18 inches tall.

He offered me my pick of any three so I chose a plant that looks like purple foxglove but is called beardtongue.

The tag says full sun. Plant 12 inches apart.

In fact the plant is “penstemon” not “foxglove”.

The flowers look very much like foxglove except foxglove love shade.

It requires full sun or morning sun and afternoon shade which it what our yard receives.

Alongside the greenhouse these might help to sure up the soil on the downside.

Since this plant flowers most of the summer and is fairly tall I thought it might look good either alongside the greenhouse or clumped at one of the corners.

The corner in front of the greenhouse probably won’t work for Charlie.

I’m hoping Charlie will have a chance to plant it soon.

Perennials or annuals?

Sunflowers, Iris, and a Money Tree

We decorated the house with lots of bright colors for the Fiesta Bridal Shower.

I love sunflowers with yellow centers.

I purchased $12 worth of sunflowers from Trader Joe’s.

Real flowers and metal flowers in the living room.

Then I surveyed the yard for possible flowers and foliage to augment the sunflowers.

Sunflowers and lilac foliage.

I found lilac branches (the flowers had all faded).

Pale yellow azaleas probably won’t last long in the house.

Pale yellow azaleas.

Sunflowers, purple iris, lilac leaves surrounded by faux grapes.

Purple iris were just started to open so I picked a bunch hoping to force some to open.

The floral arrangement on the island was a low metal planter with cut lemon balm, lemon thyme, iris buds which are very modern looking.

Purple iris, yet unblossomed, smelled great teamed with lemon balm and lemon thyme.

Looking from the living room into the dining room and kitchen.

The house is so pretty with fresh flowers.

I quickly spray painted a small weed tree.

One last plant I also found in the yard is a money tree.

We clipped money onto the tree with spring binder clips.

I spray painted it and set it up in a tall vase in the conservatory.

A money tree is a wonderful gift and easy to pull off.

It was a big hit.

Do you have a favorite spring flower?

Shower Favors Under $1

I found bride-gown shaped favor boxes at the dollar store.

Since our party is a fiesta these white bridal favors needed some color.

They came in packs of ten for $1.

Highlighter allows the grey printed details of the dress to show through.

We colored them with highlighters.

The tabs were easy to fit together to form a box shape.

The boxes were formed with interior tabs.

Charlie agreed to taste test a ring pop.

Each box held one ring pop.

There was only room in the box for one ring pop.

One staple held together the box together and then it was decoratively tied with gossamer ribbon that accompanied the boxes.

We’ll mix-up the colors on a display shelf and hand them out as ladies exit the party.

Cute, huh?

Do you have an inexpensive, go-to party favor?

Having a Fiesta

In four weeks we’re having a fiesta here at The Glade, a South of the Border themed bridal party.

In July the hydrangeas are in bloom. I hope we find some colorful flowers in early May.

The last time I tried to have a South of the Border themed party it was a fiasco.

These paper plates are festive and feminine.

Recently I bought some paper goods for the party for which I did an Amazon search and actually found the exact plates for half the price at a local Party City.

The sombrero piñata will be filled with candy then the guests will whack at it with a bat.

Keeping with the theme I also purchased a sombrero piñata.

I think I have enough bright fabrics to make table coverings for lots of tables.

Then I searched through my fabric bin for festive yard goods that might be used as table cloths for the party.

So the party colors are: yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, and green. Oh, and pink.

Finally I pulled out all the festive yet disposable dinnerware we have left over from other get-togethers.

I bought some bridal favor bags which we’ll color to go with the party colors.

A multi-color party is a good way to use up colorful odds and ends.

I have not been perked nor paid to mention any stores.

What’s your favorite party?

Out of the Box

Recently I was telling Charlie a story about my day at work and he said, “You really think out of the box.  I would never have thought of that.”

The new tiles are a little peachier and lighter than the vintage tile on the wall.

Playing on that idea I started thinking about my pink tile dilemma. The tiles arrived yesterday and are not a great match.

To remove the tiles we’ll have to scrape the grout away.

I decided to try and pry tiles off the wall without breaking them.

We’ll carefully remove nine bullnose tiles in the shower and replace them with the new tiles.

My idea is to reuse them in a different place in the bathroom; putting almost matching tiles in inconspicuous places.

The first task is to remove the clear caulk between the top of the tile and the bottom of the wallpaper which runs around the room.

Seems like a lot of work but I think we’re up to it.

Anthropologie wallpaper.

Once the tiling is finished then I’ll repaper the walls with something really cheery.

Have you successfully removed wall tiles before? And reused them?