Taking a Mirror Down

While we’re remodeling the vintage pink-tile bathroom we’re also going to hang new wallpaper.

The mirror above the vanity in the pink bathroom runs almost the entire length of the wall.

One obstacle to that is the 3′ by 4′ mirror on the wall.

The mirror is stuck to the wall in addition to being held by top and bottom clips.

It appears to be held up by clips so we bent the edge of the clips out.  Since I’m the one who originally hung it about 18 years ago I can assure you the mirror is also held up with Liquid Nails.

The mirror was removed without breaking.

Three two of us tried to remove the mirror without breaking it. My friend and Charlie carefully pulled it off the wall.

The back of the mirror is spotted with well-dried Liquid Nails adhesive.

I’m fairly sure I’m not going to use this mirror again.

I plan to repaper this room.

Now we must remove all the wallpaper in the bathroom.

What permanent mistake have your made?

Step 1: Removing the Tile

I have started my tile project in the pink bathroom.

Crack in the pink bathroom tile.

It is going very slowly.

The plan is to carefully remove nine bullnose tiles in the shower.

I have a goal to carefully remove about a dozen and a half tiles at the rate of one per day. Actually I’m succeeding at the rate of one per week.

The grout saw has a carbide grit edge for removing grout.

My friend bought a grout saw with which I remove as much grout as possible.

I spend a lot of time carefully removing grout.

Then I carefully chisel the tiles off the wall.

The broken tiles came off easily.

So far I’ve removed completely two tiles that were already broken. The rest of the tiles must be removed in tact.

Are you good at tedious jobs? Or the quick and dirty ones?

Looks Like Foxglove

A friend had purchased 3-each of a number of different perennial plants for his garden.

Grows to about 18 inches tall.

He offered me my pick of any three so I chose a plant that looks like purple foxglove but is called beardtongue.

The tag says full sun. Plant 12 inches apart.

In fact the plant is “penstemon” not “foxglove”.

The flowers look very much like foxglove except foxglove love shade.

It requires full sun or morning sun and afternoon shade which it what our yard receives.

Alongside the greenhouse these might help to sure up the soil on the downside.

Since this plant flowers most of the summer and is fairly tall I thought it might look good either alongside the greenhouse or clumped at one of the corners.

The corner in front of the greenhouse probably won’t work for Charlie.

I’m hoping Charlie will have a chance to plant it soon.

Perennials or annuals?

May in the Garden

The middle of May is a beautiful time in the garden.

The purple iris are in full bloom.

The blue iris are in full bloom.

Crunchy little snacks — radishes.

The first vegetables that we harvest are Pink Beauty radishes — both spicy and sweet.

Radish greens are prolific.

We also eat the radish greens sautéed in a little olive oil.

Swiss chard is similar to spinach except it doesn’t seem to bolt to seed in hot weather.

The Swiss chard is also greening up and ready to be thinned. We eat the leaves prepared the same way as the radish greens.  After they’re sautéed we might use them in an omelet.

Iris, pea trellis, greenhouse.

Charlie built a pea trellis here.

The pea tendrils are beginning to climb the strings.

He added more strings in the middle to allow all of the vines sufficient space to climb.

Siberian iris.

My favorite is still the iris.


The whites will be coming on soon.

Do you have a favorite flower?

We Caught Something

Three days ago Charlie set a humane trap to catch the woodchuck under our shed.

A furry animal was caught in our trap.

In the trap baited with cantaloupe Charlie found a furry creature.  He thought it might be a neighborhood feral cat but cats are carnivores so I thought not.

We pulled the car as near to the trap as possible.

We covered the cage with an old sheet and Charlie lifted it into the back of my car.

The covered trap fit in the back of my Versa Blue Note.

We drove about five miles away from the house an set the cage near the woods. When we took the cover off we got a better look at the animal: long tail and pink nose.  We had caught an opossum.

When we finally got a good look at the critter we realized we had nabbed an opossum.

Charlie’s resetting the trap today when we hope to catch the groundhog!

Have you ever trapped big game?

A Useful Closet

Back in 2012, before the renovation, as I was pondering what we actually wanted to include I wrote a post on the master closet.  Here is the list from that post:

  1. Hanging bars for long clothing as well as shirts and pants. (I fold my trousers over a hanger and Charlie hangs his full-length on pants hangers.)
  2. Some drawers for sweaters and T-shirts.
  3. Shelves for often-used items.
  4. Shoe storage both active and long-term.
  5. High shelves for hats and handbags.
  6. Hooks or special hardware for scarves, belts, ties and robes.
  7. A place to sit down
  8. Good lighting.
  9. A full-length mirror.
  10. Finally, how about a little style.

Now that the basic bones of the closet are in place I plan to address each of these items.

1. Hanging bars for long clothing as well as shirts and pants. (I fold my trousers over a hanger and Charlie hangs his full-length on pants hangers.)

We are installing 4 hanging bars on my side and 3 on Charlie’s because his short clothes are longer than mine.

2.  Some drawers for sweaters and T-shirts.

I’m planning to work on drawers in the 3-foot tall space under the closed cabinets. Mine: 24″ wide; Charlie’s 21″ wide.

3.  Shelves for often-used items.

Finished shelves in a cabinet on each side of the closet.

4.  Shoe storage both active and long-term.

5.  High shelves for hats and handbags.

A shelf over the hanging bar in the closet section by the window.

6.  Hooks or special hardware for scarves, belts, ties and robes.

7.  A place to sit down

A bench or chair under the window would be convenient.

8.  Good lighting.

9.  A full-length mirror.

The full-length mirror is just a few steps from the closet. It needs a frame.

The full-length mirror is hanging just outside the master bathroom on the hall wall.  It is convenient to the closet but not in the closet.  I would like to mount a mirror inside the cabinet doors of both our cabinets.

10.  Finally, how about a little style.

Curtains, wallpaper, lighting fixture. I’m not sure just yet where this will lead.

Thank you for being patient with our planning and building.

Are you naturally patient or eager to “get on with it”?

Fiesta Food

Here’s how the Fiesta Bridal Shower went down.

The house was ready for a fiesta.

Everyone who attended knew one another and was in party mode upon arrival.

Names of famous couples were ready to be stuck on the back of each guest.

Nevertheless I stuck a post-it note on the back of each guest.  With only “yes” and “no” questions the object of the ice-breaker was to figure out whose name was on your back and find your famous partner.

Appetizers in the dining room.

In the food department, we used the dining room table for hors d’oeuvres and snacks.

Jamon y melon in the foreground.

Most of these dishes were contributions by the guest hostesses.

Taco bar and a slow cooker filled with Spanish rice (plugged under the counter).

My contribution to the food (in addition to a tres leches cake) was a build-your-own taco bar on the island in the kitchen.

The self-serve taco bar was a hit with everyone.

I have found that even picky eaters (and we had some self-proclaimed ones attending) will be able to find something to eat if at least one of the dishes is deconstructed.

We used the stainless steel counter for drinks.

Drinks were served from the stainless steel counter that forms the border between the kitchen and dining room.

A money tree, even a haphazard one like this, is a tremendous gift.

We ended the party by presenting the guest of honor with a money tree.

Each pastel dress held a ring pop.

As a signal that the good time was coming to an end one of the hostesses put the party favors — ring pop in a bride box — on a tray and passed them out.

Do you use a theme for your parties?