Looking for Pink Tile

I am searching for some vintage pink tile to replace the broken pieces in our original bathroom.

Crack in the pink bathroom tile.

Aside from asking at The Tile Shop I haven’t really started my search until yesterday.

Community Forklift is easy to find following the directions on its website.

After work I drove to a suburb of Washington DC to a salvage yard called Community Forklift.

Building salvage

They house a supply of building salvage like radiators, doors, windows, furniture, mantel pieces, plumbing fixtures, etc.

Boxes of tile are marked on top with a sample piece of what’s inside.

Since I was specifically searching for tile I sifted carefully through the surplus tile aisle.

If I were looking for white I might have found some.

There was a good supply of vintage white tile including sanitary base and bullnose tiles.

This style of tile came in blue, red, and aqua.

Among the boxes were some interesting mosaics.

This tile would make an interesting project — a bench maybe.

I liked this textured yellow tile.

You don’t see tile like this much — ever.

I was intrigued by the wheat stalk listello. Not my cup of tea but interesting.

Light pink tile — too light.

Finally I spotted just one box of pink tile. I really need bullnoses.

My tiles (left and right) just don’t match.

Unfortunately the tile was neither bullnose nor a good match to the tile in the bathroom. so I passed on the $17.50 box of tile.

Thankfully I don’t need a stove.

I’m sure if I had more time I could find something I can’t live without at Community Forklift.

Do you shop salvage stores?

The Old Fashioned Rummage Sale

I have held off getting rid of some clutter because I couldn’t come up with a good category for it.

The vintage Singer sewing machine.

Craigslist seemed like a hassle.

Lacrosse sticks

I have reservations about giving things to the Salvation Army or Goodwill.

Punch cups.

These are things I don’t just want to trash.

  • Sewing machine
  • Baskets
  • Lacrosse equipment
  • Picture light
  • Punch cups
  • Batting helmet
  • Juggling sticks
  • Small under-cabinet lighting fixture
  • 2 glass-front cabinets
Handmade cabinets.

So I’m donating them to an upcoming rummage sale at a local church which proceeds will go to fund “Missions”. Charlie has offered to drive the stuff to the collection point.

Art light.

I’m trying to get Charlie on the wagon also.  Hoping he will let me get rid of a few of his items.

Are you waiting for the right opportunity to get started on something?

The First Day of Spring

Spring is my favorite season.

I look forward to the purple iris each spring.

It begins today.

As soon as the weather warms just a bit the garden will be green with edibles.

The weather has been cold and snowy so the yard and garden haven’t had any attention yet even though I purchased seeds a while ago.

We should have a backsplash for the master bath vanity by the end of the month.
We’re cutting and painting the closet lumber methodically.
We must finish the bedroom shelves, too.
The bedroom trim needs to be finished.
The footboard and headboard of our king size bed must be refinished.

I’m planning to keep us focused on the master suite by leaving as least one chore each day for Charlie to accomplish while I’m at work. How that will go I’m not sure.

Your favorite season?

Plenty on My Plate

March is half over which means the first quarter of 2017 is almost gone.

No more parties! Until a bridal shower on May 6th and our son’s birthday in April.

I always have so many plans to get things done then sabotage myself by planning parties or outings or classes.

We spent most of the day Saturday cutting and painting closet lumber.

We’re working on our closet now and I’ve allowed 4 weeks to get the bulk of the work finished.

I noticed how bare the house looks without shutters when I took pictures of the closet project.

We also need to get the shutters hung back up on the house: scraped, cleaned, and repainted. They’ve been off the house for 4 years now.

Love this gravel pathway from the Inspired Room.

I was hoping to get the hardscaping installed in front of the house so we can plant shrubs in fall.

Scrapes, dings, and smudges in the walls need to be repaired and painted after all the trimming is finished. And the trim needs to be painted in the entire house.

There are also some exterior and interior painting details that would be nice to check off the list. Once those items are finished we can get rid of the partially-filled paint cans (about 20) that are littering the basement.

I still want to visit a waterfall soon.

The project list seems overwhelming right now.

Do you save old paint?  Do you ever use it?

Starting the Master Closet

We’ll be working on the master closet for the next few weeks at lease, so expect bit by bit explanations and building details.

Pocket screws will hold the lumber together on the outside of the top and bottom.

The first step is to cut the 3/4 inch plywood for 6 similarly sized towers.

We’ve used pocket screws for a number of different projects.

The sides are 23 21 inches by 78 inches and will be attached top and bottom 32 (33) inches apart (outside measurement). Therefore the tops and bottoms are 30.5 (31.5) inches long allowing for 3/4 inch on each side.

All the plywood and luan will be primed and painted on all sides.

Then I’m priming and painting all the lumber so I won’t have any hard to get to areas after it’s assembled.

We used a similar base when we built the windowseat.

While the paint is drying we will lay out a base with 2″ by 6″ lumber.

The 2 by 6 base will run the entire length of the closet minus 1 foot.

The spacing is 10 feet long and 23 21 inches deep. I bought 10-foot long 2 by 6s so we wouldn’t have to piece the base. We’re adding a cross piece at intervals where the towers will lean on the base, so three 32-inch spaces and one 24-inch space on my side and three 33-inch spaces and one 21-inch space on Charlie’s side..

The screws are placed on the underside so they won’t show.

We’re using a Kreg jig and pocket screws to hold the pieces together.  We’ll drill holes on the outside of the top and bottom of the pieces so the screw holes and screws won’t show when the pieces are put together.

Luan will fill in the back of the closet sections.

Then we’re tacking a piece of luan 32″ by 78″ onto the back of the structure.

The closet will look different tonight.

If we can get this much finished today, I’ll be thrilled. Not likely, though.

Are you a good estimate of how long a job will take?

The Fleeting Calm

First I’m wishing everyone a happy Saint Patrick’s Day.

The 50th Street door of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.

While we were in New York City we stopped by the cathedral of the same name a couple of times.

The gothic interior of Saint Patrick’s is beautiful and free to the public.

We enjoyed our visits especially mass on Sunday morning with an excellent worship leader and a wonderful organist.

How does it get like this in the first place?

Charlie worked hard right before our party to consolidate his “papers” into a few boxes.

These boxes have been moved from room to room.

They had been cluttering the conservatory for weeks. Then he stored them in the attic.

The whole house including the conservatory was clutter free.
The conservatory had certainly been cleaned up for the party — no clutter.

It was only a few days ago that I had a nice neat house.

We didn’t want to leave the lumber out in the snow.

Then the lumber for our closet was delivered.

Luan in the living room.

The living room,

Two by sixes in the dining room.

dining room,

Plywood sheets in the conservatory.

and conservatory are back to being storage areas.

We’re planning to use the lumber to customize this closet.

We’re hoping to make a big dent in the removal of this new pile of materials today.

Do you find that newly cleared horizontal spaces are magnets for more clutter?

Master Closet Lumber Order

I finally bit the bullet and called the lumber yard for our closet lumber. It’s being delivered today.

The Wilson Lumber truck has been to our house before.

The amounts are:

  • 13 sheets of 3/4″ by 4′ x 8′ AC pine plywood
  •  6 sheets of 1/4″ by 4′ x 8′ luan
  •  6 pieces of 2″ x 6″ x 10′ pine

The lumber costs $694. I made a cut list of sorts and am hoping I figured everything our correctly.

A whole sheet of 3/4 plywood is too heavy for me to handle alone.

I had a choice of MDF or plywood and chose the wood for these reasons:

  • Wood joins together more securely with pocket screws than MDF.
  • Wood is not as dusty to cut.
  • Wood is lighter.
Original design.
The new plan.

The updated design features fewer but larger sections.

I have a small compressor and 2 nailer guns.

Other supplies:

  • Foam roller

    I generally use a foam roller on furniture projects because it seems to generate thinner coats of paint.
  • Primer
  • Paint
  • Brads for the pneumatic nailer
  • Pocket screws and jig

    I’m planning to use the Kreg pocketscrew jig on this project.

We have everything on hand except the foam rollers and brads which I will purchase tomorrow.

Are you building something?