Trip to England: Bed and Breakfast in Bath

For the first 3 days of our trip to England we stayed in the the town of Bath, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Ayrlington was not difficult to find — we saw it as we passed on the bus into town from the airport.

At the suggestion of my friend who is an artist and has painted a series of watercolors of the area, Charlie and I stayed at The Ayrlington (pronounced air-ling-ton).

Each of the rooms has a name. Ours the Tulip Room.

We were greeted at the check-in desk by Johnny who also carried one of our bags (Charlie had the other one) to our room on the third floor.

We were on the third floor of this historic hotel with “no lift” (elevator).

We have the Tulip Room which overlooks the Pulteney  Road.

Being a bit of a shower snob I’m happy to report the bathroom was eminently adequate.

The room is spacious and comfortable although it could use a bench or something on which to place our suitcases.

The pre-breakfast buffet.

We turned up in the breakfast room the next morning and helped ourselves to fresh fruit, juice, and cereal.

We won’t go hungry.

Our waiter took our order for a proper English breakfast of sausage, bacon, eggs, grilled tomatoes, baked beans (on request), hash browns and mushrooms.

Each table enjoyed a French press of coffee at breakfast.

We needed to leave extremely early on our checkout day and so we missed breakfast but the night porter brought us croissants, marmalade, and coffee before we rolled out.

A view of the hotel garden from our breakfast room table.

We were very pleased with this historic hotel.

Do you enjoy resort style or historic style accommodations?


Powder Room: Before and After

When I moved into The Glade over 20 years ago the powder room was a dark room with overhead metal cabinets.

Sink Before and After

When we refurbished the we had the sink resurfaced.

Detail of Wallpaper

I had always called it “Le Bibliotheque” (that sign is still on the door) because the wall looked like bookshelves in a library. The faux books and shelving gave depth to a very small, windowless room.

New wallpaper from Anthropologie.

The new wallpaper is much lighter, “C’est Magnifique“.

We kept the same fixtures.
The new scheme has wainscoting.

We used the same towel bar, mirror, paper holder, and over head shelf.

The old toilet leaned against the wall.
The view from the landing.

We changed the toilet due to a crack in the base of the old one.  The new toilet’s tank does lean against the wall like the old one did.

The old paper went from floor to shelf.
The large mirror reflecting the shelf and trim gives this tiny rooms greater depth.

We repaired holes and added new baseboard and chair rail trim.

The Bibliotheque
Ready for use.

Now we have a lighter, brighter powder room.  I’m calling it “The Grand Tour”.

What’s new at your house?

Our Curbless Showers

I had to plan and scheme to make the 2 showers in our new bathrooms zero threshold entries.

The curbless shower.

Since they have been finished for a couple of years now I can definitely say they were the right way to go.

The Conservatory bathroom shower.
The last item was window trim.

While we don’t use the one in the conservatory much at this time it is a neat looking design which works well.

The shower in the master bath is at the far end of the room.

Our everyday shower in the master suite is used multiple times each day.

The entire master bath floor is mosaic marble.

There is no water leakage issue. The floor and surround are easy to clean.

The master shower is fit for a snooty diva.

I can recommend going to the extra trouble of installing a curbless shower especially if someone in the household uses a walker or wheelchair.  Those are not yet our issues but we’ll be prepared if they ever arise.

Do you have a favorite feature in your bathroom?

Fall is Filling Up

Life goes along lazily in summer and then autumn comes.

When the leaves turn in autumn the yard is ablaze with color.

Everything starts to happen and our schedules fill up really fast.

We’ll sing our hearts out.

Sug, Charlie, and I have joined a choir which is planning to put on an extravaganza program on December 8th.

Charlie’s building fires to keep the walkers warm.

And Sug and Charlie usually take part in a 3-day Christmas pageant at the beginning of December. Sug helps set up and Charlie tends multiple outdoor fires. I’m merely a spectator at this event.

Charlie has been playing the organ and piano at churches for close to forty years.

Charlie has also taken on playing worship services at 2 new churches. Good luck keeping this schedule straight.

I need an original party theme.

December is going to be hectic but I’m hoping to plan a great holiday season with lots of guests and friends.

The dedication will take place behind the greenhouse.

We’ll get in the mood early in October with the Dedication of the Chapel at the Glade. I’ll have to begin working on an invitation soon.

Is it too early to think about winter holidays?

The Duvet Cover

I always disliked putting my thick winter down comforter in its cover.

My winter duvet cover is natural linen.

Until I saw this video with a technique called the California Roll.

I laid the cover on the bed sideways so I could easily roll it alone.

Lay out the cover inside out and place the comforter on top.

The roll doesn’t have to be really neat.

Roll the whole thing together from top to bottom with with the cover on the outside and the comforter on the inside.

The enclosed comforter looks like a duffle bag.

When it’s all rolled flip the open end to enclose the comforter.

The comforter is inside the cover.

Then unroll.  The comforter will be on the inside more or less evenly distributed.

Have you tried this before?

A Future Travel List

Today I looked at my 101 in 1001 list and my bucket list and realized I should make a list with travel selections.

I love boat trips.

Charlie and I always travel together and sometimes Sug accompanies us.  I wanted to make sure we were all on the same page.

View of Paris from the Eiffel Tower

In no particular order I made a list of Travel Destinations:

  1. See the pyramids in Egypt – include camel ride

    I’d like to visit Egypt and ride on a camel.
  2. Ride in a hot air balloon
  3. Cape May, NJ – Summer
  4. Shack at Cape Cod
  5. Trip to Venice/Serbia/Greece.

    Venice would be the start of a great adventure.
  6. Assateague/Chincoteague.
  7. Take a trip to Hawaii. – Maui and the Big Island
  8. Visit Cherry Blossoms in DC

    We have tried to see the cherry blossoms but the weather has not cooperated.
  9. Go on a cruise to Bermuda from Baltimore
  10. Go whale watching $49 pp – Maine? Early May thru beginning of October
  11. Fly in a helicopter
  12. Fly 1st class
  13. See the Southern Cross in person
  14. See the Northern Lights – Iceland — ride on a dog sled

    The Northern Lights in Iceland
  15. NYC

    We all love visiting New York City.
  16. Visit New Orleans
  17. Solar eclipse April 8, 2024 — Travel from St Louis, MO to Nashville, TN

    Having seen one, we want to see another.

Is there someplace you would definitely add to the list?

While We’re Away

In addition to watching our sweet little dog, Dash, Sug has created a chore list for herself while we’re away.

All trim in the master suite will be painted with semi-gloss paint in “White Mosaic”.

She’s planning to secure all trim that has been cut.  Then she’s filling all nail holes and finishing the project by painting all installed trim.  She will also touch up some spots on the ceiling in both the pink tile bathroom and the powder room.

This wall needs to be painted grey: Moonshine.

She plans paint the wall just outside the pink tile bathroom that was repaired a while ago.

The interior doors are painted grey — Secret.

And we have 2 interior doors that have not been painted. Sug will paint them.

The shed door hasn’t been painted since 2012.

She’s also going to paint the shed door which has peeled significantly.

I bet she moves Charlie’s dirt pile from behind the dog run to the lower yard.

I’m sure she won’t stop at these tasks.

Does someone look after your house and animals while you’re away?