Spring Goals

I have 2 main goals this spring:

The master bedroom still needs baseboard trim.

one indoors and one outside.

Trim in the hall ready to be measured, cut, and applied.

I have a hallway full of wood trim which needs to be cut and installed.

The bedroom hall needs trim also.

I know there’s not enough to finish everything but I’m not going to place the final order until I know exactly what I need. I plan to work on this during the week.

Some of the shutters have already been scraped.

I also want to clean, paint, and hang the shutters we took off the house 3 years ago when we started the renovation.

I hope we can match the right shutters to the corresponding windows.

I’m going to start the shutters on Memorial Day weekend.

What are your plans for the long weekend?

Finishing Up on the Closet Boxes

When last we left the progress on the closet most of the boxes/towers were finished except the ones on the very top.

We made 2 towers and a sort section tops with a stock cabinet left over from the kitchen renovation.
The closet is built floor to ceiling.

Yesterday we built the remaining boxes and installed them in the gap on the top of the towers.

The final box on the left side of the closet slid in with a snug fit.

Like the other boxes they are made from 3/4-inch plywood, 21 inches deep, and backed with luan.

The long box on the right-hand side of the closet was more difficult to install due to the attic access on the ceiling.

We made long skinny boxes which sit on top of the tall towers.

The right-hand side of the closet is finished.

At the end of the run we made shorter cabinets that coincide with the towers near the window on each side.

The closet space before we started to outfit it.
Next step: Trim!

The closet is now usable but still needs finishing:

  • Connect the boxes together.
  • Trim the baseboard around the room.
  • Trim the window and inside of the door.
  • Make face frames for the boxes.
  • Add drawers to the area under the closed cabinet.
  • Hang curtains.
  • Stain the doors.
  • Touch up the paint.

Do your projects seem to go on forever?


A New Cottage Door

When I first moved into The Glade in 1997 we used The Cottage as an office.  At the time we called it The Little House.

The Dutch door on the Cottage always sagged in the doorway.

It had a Dutch door.

The $35 refurbished door that Charlie and I hung in 2011.

After awhile the Dutch door became structurally unsound so we replaced it with a $35 door from Second Chance Warehouse, a Baltimore salvage center.

The old-fashioned screen door on the Cottage.

Now the Cottage is getting a better treatment.

The old doors have been removed and new ones are ready for hanging.

In order to keep the Cottage filled with light we decided to replace the nine-light front door with one almost exactly the same except the new one is more energy efficient.

Squaring up the new door.

The main door which erroneously opens “out” has been replaced on the interior and opens “in” like most residential doors.

The new Cottage door.

We’re expecting the screen door which was on the inside to be replaced with an exterior storm door.

Glade Cottage before the new windows and doors.
New windows and doors on the Cottage have made it more energy efficient.

The Cottage will soon be ready for a new coat of paint.

Cast offs.

Who needs a door?

What color is your front door?

A Useful Closet

Back in 2012, before the renovation, as I was pondering what we actually wanted to include I wrote a post on the master closet.  Here is the list from that post:

  1. Hanging bars for long clothing as well as shirts and pants. (I fold my trousers over a hanger and Charlie hangs his full-length on pants hangers.)
  2. Some drawers for sweaters and T-shirts.
  3. Shelves for often-used items.
  4. Shoe storage both active and long-term.
  5. High shelves for hats and handbags.
  6. Hooks or special hardware for scarves, belts, ties and robes.
  7. A place to sit down
  8. Good lighting.
  9. A full-length mirror.
  10. Finally, how about a little style.

Now that the basic bones of the closet are in place I plan to address each of these items.

1. Hanging bars for long clothing as well as shirts and pants. (I fold my trousers over a hanger and Charlie hangs his full-length on pants hangers.)

We are installing 4 hanging bars on my side and 3 on Charlie’s because his short clothes are longer than mine.

2.  Some drawers for sweaters and T-shirts.

I’m planning to work on drawers in the 3-foot tall space under the closed cabinets. Mine: 24″ wide; Charlie’s 21″ wide.

3.  Shelves for often-used items.

Finished shelves in a cabinet on each side of the closet.

4.  Shoe storage both active and long-term.

5.  High shelves for hats and handbags.

A shelf over the hanging bar in the closet section by the window.

6.  Hooks or special hardware for scarves, belts, ties and robes.

7.  A place to sit down

A bench or chair under the window would be convenient.

8.  Good lighting.

9.  A full-length mirror.

The full-length mirror is just a few steps from the closet. It needs a frame.

The full-length mirror is hanging just outside the master bathroom on the hall wall.  It is convenient to the closet but not in the closet.  I would like to mount a mirror inside the cabinet doors of both our cabinets.

10.  Finally, how about a little style.

Curtains, wallpaper, lighting fixture. I’m not sure just yet where this will lead.

Thank you for being patient with our planning and building.

Are you naturally patient or eager to “get on with it”?

101 in 1001 #4 — The Start

Here is my new list beginning May 10, 2017 (first list ended 11/13/2011, second list 8/11/2014, third list 5/9/2017) until February 5, 2020. Completed items are in blue, black is the color for original post.

  1. Get a dog.

    My favorite breed: long-haired daschund.
  2. Have ancestry confirmed through DNA.
  3. Write a personal mission statement.
  4. Stain the interior wood doors.

    All bare wood doors need to be stained.
  5. Hang a door at the entrance to the laundry.

    This solid wood door with 4 lights might fit the opening in the laundry room perfectly.
  6. Take a trip to the UK.
  7. Get rid of 50 books.

    No matter how many books I get rid of I still seem to have more.
  8. Evaluate and upgrade home electronics.
  9. Make the guest room ready for guests.

    The treetops room needs to have all clutter removed before it is ready for guests including my shoes piled in the corner.
  10. Revisit my will, trust, and POA.
  11. Visit National Wildlife Visitor Center
  12. Visit Cryptographic Museum
  13. Make a stone patio with firepit.
  14. Host a swap meet.

    We’ve had book swaps and soup swaps. Maybe we’ll try something new.
  15. Get rid of 101 items.
  16. Hang photos in upstairs hall
  17. Take dance lessons
  18. Host a Casablanca party/movie night.

    Someday I’m going to have a Casablanca themed party.
  19. Host a dinner party for 8
  20. Organize trip to a Caribbean island
  21. Work on family recipe book
  22. Visit a waterfall Cunningham Falls, Thurmont MD Planned for July, 2017
  23. See the Southern Cross in person
  24. Go to the beach for a long weekend

    The last time we were at the beach (in California).
  25. Host a scavenger hunt.
  26. Make a month’s worth of meals one weekend. Plan for September, 2017
  27. Make a home maintenance calendar.
  28. Set blogging goals.
  29. Work on wardrobe: buy what I need, get rid of what I don’t, make a          list of everything
  30. Sort out things in attic by attaching children’s names, give away,    sell, etc.

    The attic is overdue for a major tidying.
  31. Learn to copyright (watermark) photos
  32. Complete legacy file
  33. Make a photo album of Mommie
  34. Paint some canvasses
  35. Chapel in the yard at The Glade

    There must be an appropriate spot for a small chapel in our yard.
  36. Ride on a Vespa
  37. Locate and catalog local thrift stores
  38. Develop a cleaning schedule
  39. Write a novel based on work
  40. Increase net worth by 25%
  41. Visit Statue of Liberty

    Now we need reservations.
  42. Paint landscapes/seascapes on canvas/wood
  43. Take a cruise.
  44. Memorize a poem.
  45. Make a household inventory with photos
  46. Finish laundry room
  47. Give heirlooms to children – hope chest, china, desk/chair, Christmas china, sleds – 1 for each

    3 sleds
  48. Finish painting trim in pink bedroom
  49. Make a master menu for 14 days of meals
  50. Wash all the windows in the house

    We have a lot of windows.
  51. Paint dining room table – finish sanding, prime and paint
  52. Use my God box.
  53. Build bench for mudroom.
  54. Build shelves in master bedroom.

    We must finish the bedroom shelves.
  55. Landscape the front yard
  56. Read 2 biographies
  57. Read 2 classics
  58. Design Etsy boutique packaging
  59. Fund my Revocable Trust
  60. Achieve my personal weight goal
  61. Get rid of 5 big items from the house:
    Refinished cedar chest ready for the next generation.

    Cedar chest, Skittle game, Rocking horse, Chandelier, Easel,  Dollhouse, Saddle/horse gear

  62. Design and print business cards
  63. Celebrate our 10th anniversary.
  64. Organize papers, bills, and contracts from renovation
  65. Trip to Venice/Serbia/Greece.
  66. Attend 5 concerts
  67. Visit Smith Island (or other Maryland island)
  68. Start a new blog: “Let’s Fake the Music”
  69. Lead a Bible study at home
  70. Plan my funeral
  71. Hang exterior shutters
  72. Build a structure for trash cans and recycle bins
  73. Upgrade deck off master bedroom with new surface and railings

    The master deck.
  74. Make curtains for master bedroom
  75. Install all trim
  76. Paint all trim
  77. Finish painting exterior details (oil tank, vents, etc.)

    The oil tank wants a 2 coats of shingle paint.
  78. Clean out car
  79. Clean up all paint cans
  80. Clear out the basement
  81. Remove 10 boxes from the attic
  82. Set up a better home office

    Perhaps we can set up the office area in the pink bedroom better.
  83. Refinish sleigh bed
  84. Build frame for full length mirror

    This mirror needs a frame.
  85. Renovate pink bathroom
  86. Renovate powder room

    Let’s update the bibliotheque.
  87. Paint all interior doors grey
  88. Have 5 parties.
  89. Coffee table for conservatory
  90. Paint secretary

    I think painting will improve this secretary.
  91. Finish living room curtains
  92. Dye hall rug

    This rug is a little bland.
  93. Fix hall water wall
  94. Paint green vanity

    The dressing table in the master bathroom might not want to be green anymore.
  95. Refinish tall dresser
  96. Finish cushions in dining room
  97. Clear out mud room closet

    The closet has become a storage spot for lots of stuff that doesn’t belong.
  98. Whiten my teeth
  99. Plant sunflowers

    Looking forward to a fence of sunflowers.
  100. Fast for 24 hours
  101. Private

The Big Picture

The big picture window in the Cottage, that is, is being replaced.

The Cottage windows are getting replaced for more efficient ones.

The carpenters started this project after the other 4 single windows had been replaced.

Removing the old windows.

They removed the triple window one sash at a time.

The gaping hole where three windows used to be looks like an open garage door which is what a think used to be there.

When Charlie sent me the “in progress” photo I noticed one of the shingles was chipped (to the left of the window) so I texted him to ask him to repair it while the trim was off.

Charlie removed just one chipped shingle.

He Dremeled the nailheads off, removed the old shingle, and replaced it with a salvaged unbroken shingle.

The dark shingle will easily blend when its painted like the rest.

There are a few more cracked shingles which he will also replace before the tenant repaints the entire exterior in June.

The triple windows in the house were ganged together as one unit, these went in one at a time.

Meanwhile the window installation continued. The sill under this window was also repaired due to some rotting wood.

The new windows are positioned in the hole.

The new sashes look very much like the old ones except they were single panes and these are double-glazed Pella TermaStar windows.

The original windows were charming.
The window only needs trim.

The new ones equally so.

What is your most energy efficient quality?

Holes in the Wall

The contractor came to remove and replace windows in the Cottage.

The Cottage floorplan: note the placement of the various windows.

There are a total of 5.

New to replace the old.

Happily yesterday was a beautiful day to take the windows out and let the fresh air in.

The original Cottage bathroom window.
The bathroom window (removed) at the rear of the Cottage overlooks our scrap lumber pile.

In the middle of the day I received a text with two photos — one for each window that had been removed.

The window on the side wall closest to the front door.
From the framing the contractor could tell this used to be a door.
Two down. 2 singles and a triple remain.

Interestingly the first ones to go were the 2 single sash windows: in the bathroom and in the bedroom areas.

The new bathroom window.
The bathroom window from outside.

These two have now been replaced with weather efficient models:  Pella Thermastar.

Do you prefer a sash or casement window?