One Task Ticked Off the List

The task I’m referring to is putting in some more baseboard. The plan last Saturday was to get something finished.

This pile has been dispersed.

Of course we didn’t finish it and totally whittle down the pile of trim but the hallway in the master suite is completed.

Baseboard really finishes the look in the hallway.

The first area Sug and I worked on intersected with the lower cabinet of the linen closet.

The base of the linen cabinet.
This is the shape we tried to cut out with a coping saw.












Our baseboard is formed by a piece of 1 by 4 topped with ogee molding and finished with a piece of shoe molding in the front.  We tried to cope the 1 by 4 so it would fit into the bottom trim on the cabinet but we really couldn’t make it work that way.

We started with 1 by 4s cut to fit which slid behind the cabinet’s trim.

So instead of coping we just trimmed the cabinet trim and ran the baseboard all the way back to the cabinet.

It looked very complicated when all the pieces were fit together.

We cut 1 by 4 for all areas then topped it with ogee.

The shoe molding is coped and the corners will come together better when the trim is fastened to the wall.

We tried again to cope the joints of the shoe molding and were successful.  Using a coping saw we cut out the shape of the shoe molding in the adjoining piece.

We drilled a hole then screwed in a brass door stop.

The hallway is trimmed. And we put a door stop behind the bedroom door so the door knob doesn’t make a hole in the wall.

This section of baseboard in the bedroom needs shoe molding.

Next task: finish trimming the bedroom.

What carpentry skill can you brag about?


Divide and Conquer

The weather forecast for Saturday has changed from rain to sun to rain to clouds so Sug and I are planning to work on some indoor/outdoor projects.

Much, but not all, of the dirt was removed when we cleaned the rug in spring.

She is going to clean my outdoor master deck rug. I did a poor job of it in the spring.

This section of baseboard needs shoe molding.

Also with her help I’m planning to install baseboard trim in the master suite.

We set up the miter saw on the deck outside the master bedroom.

That will mean dragging the miter saw out to the master deck.

We need to hand the trim boards out this inconvenient window, then on to the roof, then to the second-floor deck.

It also means fishing 16-foot-long pieces of trim out the back bedroom window and onto the deck.

I’d like to whittle this pile of trim down to nothing.

The plan is to get SOMETHING finished!

What’s hanging over your head?

101 in 1001 #4 — First Update

Here is my new list beginning May 10, 2017 (first list ended 11/13/2011, second list 8/11/2014, third list 5/9/2017) until February 5, 2020. Completed items are in blue, black is the color for original post.

  1. Get a dog.

    My favorite breed: long-haired daschund.
  2. Have ancestry confirmed through DNA.
  3. Write a personal mission statement.
  4. Stain the interior wood doors.

    3 sets finished – 2 sets to go.
  5. Hang a door at the entrance to the laundry.

    This solid wood door with 4 lights might fit the opening in the laundry room perfectly.
  6. Take a trip to the UK. Planned for Fall, 2018.
  7. Get rid of 50 books.

    No matter how many books I get rid of I still seem to have more.
  8. Evaluate and upgrade home electronics: CD player, speaker, turntable, tape deck, DVD player, TV.
  9. Make the guest room ready for guests.

    The treetops room needs to have all clutter removed before it is ready for guests including my shoes piled in the corner.
  10. Revisit my will, trust, and POA.
  11. Visit National Wildlife Visitor Center
  12. Visit Cryptographic Museum
  13. Make a stone patio with firepit.
  14. Host a swap meet.

    We’ve had book swaps and soup swaps. Maybe we’ll try something new.
  15. Get rid of 101 items. I am forty items lighter.
  16. Hang photos in upstairs hall
  17. Take dance lessons
  18. Host a Casablanca party/movie night.

    Someday I’m going to have a Casablanca themed party.
  19. Host a dinner party for 8
  20. Organize trip to a Caribbean island Planned for February, 2018.
  21. Work on family recipe book
  22. Visit a waterfall Cunningham Falls, Thurmont MD Complete! 8/1/2017 

    Cunningham Falls in Maryland
  23. See the Southern Cross in person  Planned for February, 2018.
  24. Go to the beach for a long weekend

    The last time we were at the beach (in California).
  25. Host a scavenger hunt.
  26. Make a month’s worth of meals one weekend. Planned for November, 2017
  27. Make a home maintenance calendar.
  28. Set blogging goals.
  29. Work on wardrobe: buy what I need, get rid of what I don’t, make a          list of everything
  30. Sort out things in attic by attaching children’s names, give away, sell, etc.

    The attic is overdue for a major tidying.
  31. Learn to copyright (watermark) photos
  32. Complete legacy file
  33. Make a photo album of Mommie
  34. Paint some canvasses
  35. Chapel in the yard at The Glade

    There must be an appropriate spot for a small chapel in our yard.
  36. Ride on a Vespa
  37. Locate and catalog local thrift stores
  38. Develop a cleaning schedule
  39. Write a novel based on work
  40. Increase net worth by 25% Currently up 6%
  41. Visit Statue of Liberty.  Complete! 10/27/2017 

    How beautiful is Lady Liberty!
  42. Paint landscapes/seascapes on canvas/wood
  43. Take a cruise.
  44. Memorize a poem.
  45. Make a household inventory with photos
  46. Finish laundry room
  47. Give heirlooms to children – hope chest, china, desk/chair, Christmas china, sleds – 1 for each

    3 sleds
  48. Finish painting trim in pink bedroom
  49. Make a master menu for 14 days of meals
  50. Wash all the windows in the house

    We have a lot of windows.
  51. Paint dining room table – finish sanding, prime and paint
  52. Use my God box.
  53. Build bench for mudroom.
  54. Build shelves in master bedroom.

    We must finish the bedroom shelves.
  55. Landscape the front yard

    We’re working on the foundations plantings.
  56. Read 2 biographies
  57. Read 2 classics
  58. Design Etsy boutique packaging
  59. Fund my Revocable Trust
  60. Achieve my personal weight goal
  61. Get rid of 5 big items from the house:  4 down, 1 to go                                 Lawn mower 

    Lawn mower


    High chair


    Yard cart


    Cedar chest, Skittle game, Rocking horse, Chandelier, Easel,  Dollhouse, Saddle/horse gear

  62. Design and print business cards
  63. Celebrate our 10th anniversary. 9/12/2019
  64. Organize papers, bills, and contracts from renovation
  65. Trip to Venice/Serbia/Greece.
  66. Attend 5 concerts — Rheinberger’s Organ Concerto No. 1, SaintSaëns Organ Symphony, Glenmar Dance Music, 50th Anniversary Organ Concert, BSO Gala 2017 Complete! 9/9/2017 
  67. Visit Smith Island (or other Maryland island)
  68. Start a new blog: “Let’s Fake the Music”
  69. Lead a Bible study at home
  70. Plan my funeral
  71. Hang exterior shutters Complete! 9/23/2017 

    The before and after of the shutter installation.
  72. Build a structure for trash cans and recycle bins
  73. Upgrade deck off master bedroom with new surface and railings

    The master deck.
  74. Make curtains for master bedroom
  75. Install all trim
  76. Paint all trim
  77. Finish painting exterior details (oil tank, vents, etc.)

    The tank is painted.
  78. Clean out car
  79. Clean up all paint cans
  80. Clear out the basement
  81. Remove 10 boxes from the attic
  82. Set up a better home office

    Perhaps we can set up the office area in the pink bedroom better.
  83. Refinish sleigh bed Complete! 9/23/2017 

    A recent project was refinishing the bedframe of the sleigh bed.
  84. Build frame for full length mirror

    This mirror needs a frame.
  85. Renovate pink bathroom
  86. Renovate powder room

    Let’s update the bibliotheque.
  87. Paint all interior doors grey

    First floor doors finished; 3 doors on second floor still need painting.
  88. Have 5 parties.
  89. Coffee table for conservatory
  90. Paint secretary

    I think painting will improve this secretary.
  91. Finish living room curtains 
  92. Dye hall rug

    This rug is a little bland.
  93. Fix hall water wall
  94. Paint green vanity

    The dressing table in the master bathroom might not want to be green anymore.
  95. Refinish tall dresser
  96. Finish cushions in dining room
  97. Clear out mud room closet

    The closet has become a storage spot for lots of stuff that doesn’t belong.
  98. Whiten my teeth
  99. Plant sunflowers Complete! 7/14/2017 

    A wall of sunflowers attracts bees and gold finches.
  100. Fast for 24 hours
  101. Private

The Master Suite: Not Quite Finished

When we renovated the house we added a master bathroom and walk-in closet addition to the master bedroom.  We changed the entrance to the bedroom and added a second-floor deck directly off the bedroom accessed by French doors.

The architect’s plan of our master suite. (We reconfigured the bathroom.)

I love this space!

A plan of the second floor of The Glade, Master Suite at the top of the picture.

I posted a list of unfinished tasks in April of this year.  We have made some serious progress but we still have a number of tasks to finish before it becomes the serene, restful, uncluttered place I have always envisioned.

1. Finish the inside of the master closet. Earlier this year we built the empty room into a fitted out closet space which still needs finishing touches like face frames, shoe storage, and trim work.

The closet is functional but not pretty. YET!

2.  Refinish the king-sized sleigh bed.

Our most recent project was refinishing the bedframe of the sleigh bed.

3.  Stain the closet doors and add interior pulls. The pulls have been added.

This coming weekend looks like a reasonable day to stain these doors.  I think I can set them up on the master suite deck and finish the job. (They were on my October list.)

The master closet doors as well as all the new closet doors in the house will be stained.

4.  Finish the bookshelves.

The bedroom shelves need finishing: face frames, baseboard, and cornice.

5. Have membrane roof material put on the deck and a railing built around it.

The master deck needs a stronger walking surface and a railing.
The back of the house on the left from the architect’s concept sketch. Note the railing on the upper porch.

6.  Hang curtains or shades.

Our master closet has a full size window which requires a covering for privacy.

7.  Get rugs for hall, closet, and bathroom.

The master hallway could use a rug.

8.  Attach and paint all trim.

Trim in the hall ready to be measured, cut, and applied.

9. Refinish tall chest or get rid of it if it is no longer necessary.

I’d like to refinish or paint my dresser one day but maybe I won’t need it anymore when the closet is finished.

10.  Paint and refinish reading chair or get a different one.

This little chair should be painted and the upholstery completed.

11. Get a stool for dressing table and refinish the dressing table.

My mother’s dressing table is in the master bathroom.

12. Sort through clothes and linens and get rid of anything no longer useful.

Until our closet is complete my clothes are relegated to the bed in the pink bedroom.

I thought when I started this update that we had finished more than we actually did. Hoping we can finish these dozen major tasks in the next 2.5 years.  Keeping it real.

How do you keep your bedroom from becoming the dumping place?


Resizing a Shutter Tutorial

The last of 10 windows that were getting shutters is a smaller-than-the-rest casement window on the west side of the house. (If you’re not interested in all the steps to resizing a shutter skip down to the bottom of the post to see the before-and-after photos.)

The bottom window looks out from the kitchen and is smaller than the others.

We decided to modify one set of the original shutters to fit this window.

The shutters are painted but one pair needs to be cut down.

The plan was:

  1. Measure the window — shutters cover the window not the window frame.
  2. Measure the shutters — determine how much needs to be removed.
  3. Cut shutters — carefully mark the top and bottom of the shutters and cut off an equal amount maintain the center rail.
  4. Replace the top and bottom rails — slide the rails in and secure with pocket screws.
  5. Replace hinges — chisel 4 hinge mortises and attach hinges with screws.
  6. Replace tie-back hardware — screw hardware into bottom rail.

For a change things went pretty much as planned.

  1.  I measured the window which was 30.5 inches by 40 inches.
    This window is 30.5 inches wide by 40 inches tall.

    Traditional shutters cover only the window, not the trim.

  2. The shutters were 16 inches wide and 54 inches tall, therefore a total of 14 inches needed to be cut away from the length of the shutter.

    All of the shutters were the same size.
  3. To maintain the support of the center rail we cut 7 inches from the top of the shutter and 7 inches from the bottom using a circular saw.  I marked the cut on the stiles and Charlie followed the lines but sawed through the slat freehand.
    Charlie eyed the lines and made the cut freehand from one side of the shutter to the other cutting off a 7-inch piece.

    The scariest part of the whole operation was making the cut.
  4. Then we removed the top and bottom rails by cutting the their tenons off with a hand saw.
    The top rail was slightly narrower than the bottom rail.

    I pulled out enough slats to allow the top and bottom rails to fit into the shortened stiles.

    These vintage shutters were well made — everything mortised and tenoned.

    We drilled pocket holes with the Kreg jig to put the top and bottom rails back in place since we had no way to mortise and tenon the new joint. (Angle irons could also be used.)

    We drilled 2 pocket holes per side being careful to drill on the backside of the shutter rails.

    We fitted the drilled rails back into the shutter and screwed it together.

    The pocket screws hold the rail into the stiles.
  5. In order to replace the hinges Charlie chiseled out shallow mortises. (This step could also be accomplished with a router.)
    The chiseling took some degree of skill.
    Charlie chiseled a space for the hinge.
    The hinge mortise is a key detail of hanging the shutter properly.

    All bare wood was primed and painted and the hardware replaced.

    The hinge was screwed back into the edge of the shutter after the bare wood was painted.
  6. We replace the original tie-back hardware on the newly positioned bottom rail.

    The last 2 sets of shutters are mounted on the windows — ten sets in all.
The before and after of the shutter installation.

The shutters were hung following this unorthodox method.

The dogwood trees have begun to turn red.

We’re more than delighted to be finished this time-consuming job!

Have you recently finished a project?  How did it turn out?

New Window, Old Shutter

Now that we have painted and hung all the shutters on the original windows of the house, we need to hang a couple on the newly-built area.

The shutter over the porch roof is just outside the laundry on the old section of the house.

The window over the side porch is original.

The rectangular window between the 2 round windows is on the new addition.

The window next to it, the one in the master closet, is a replacement window with Azek trim which is wider than the vintage trim.

The hinges on the shutters on the old part of the house are mounted at right angles to the face of the house.

I was helped in figuring out the correct mounting technique by  His explanation of shutters both old and new is welcome and informative. His side comments are hilarious.

The old front door shutters were screwed flat to the front of the house.

According to the Old House Guy window shutters began to be installed by screwing the shutter onto the siding NEXT TO, instead of directly on top of window casing, and without the use of hinges.  A no no for sure. We could have used this technique.

We put the screws on from the back of the hinge.

Instead we have decided to hang the shutters on their original hinges but we used an unconventional method since the shutters don’t actually have to close.

We attached the hinge to the window trim with the right side facing the frame and a spacer to offset the thickness of the knuckle.

We hooked the hinges to the shutter the normal way but screwed them to the window frame behind the shutters.

Placing the bottom hinge carefully is important to hanging the new shutter.

The bottom hinge was screwed to the frame by measuring the distance from the bottom of the shutter to the bottom of the hinge. Then the shutter was put in place by inserting the bottom pin.

The right side was applied first.

The top hinge was pinned together then screwed to the window frame while right side toward the window frame on top of a spacer.

The shutter installation was easier as the side of the house shaded over.

Charlie and Sug worked together to get this set of shutters hung.

The top of the house is finished.

We were happy the unconventional hanging method makes the shutter on the new window look like the ones on the original windows.

Have you figured out some creative way to handle a traditional situation?

Two Tasks for Today

Our foundation shrubs arrived via free delivery from the nursery.

We’re going to try to split our human resources today to accomplish two different projects.

We tried a few different layouts.

Charlie is going to start planting up the shrubs in the front yard.

In the end we went with the original plan.

His goal for today is half the planting totally finished.

From the driveway viewpoint the plants are being set well away from the foundation.

Unfortunately it’s not just digging; there are tree roots running through the front yard that have to be mattocked out.

The 2 new windows beyond the porch need shutters to be newly sized and mounted.

I plan to finish up the details on the house shutters.  No doubt Sug will help both of us.

Are you enjoying fall weather?