Primer Day

I’m hoping to get at least 3 pairs of shutters primed today.

3 pairs of shutters have been cleaned and are ready for paint.

If the weather is perfect I may also be able to get some color on them, too.

Indoor/Outdoor primer.

I’ll use Zinsser primer thinned down to be used in the paint sprayer.

I took my 10-year-old can of paint to match the color.

The final paint color is a store match to my old color “Storm Gray”.

I’ll start with front-of-house shutters.

Can’t wait to show you some shutters hanging on the house.

What have you been putting off?

Getting Ahead of Myself

My plan for yesterday was to begin painting the exterior house shutters.

We have a lot of shutters. Ugh.

The actual plan was to paint them a year ago.

The shutters were not ready for painting.

I pulled all the shutters — about a dozen pairs — out of the shed.  I was going to lay them out on plastic in the backyard and spray paint them.

Some of the shutters have already been scraped.

Unfortunately only 3 pairs had been scraped and those needed to be washed down.

Clearing the shed is a subsidiary goal.

And I got sidetracked getting rid of some clutter in the shed.

Painting shutters is a labor-intensive job.

We washed down the 6 scraped shutters and paired the others together to get them ready to be painted next week (maybe).

We have a large pile of shutters.

The process is: prime rusty metal, prime fronts and backs, paint backs, paint fronts, hang shutters.

Are you easily sidetracked?

The Cottage Has a Shutter

I’m working on painting the many shutters for my house.

The rear window on the side of the Cottage is shorter than the front window.

The Cottage has just one shutter which was removed when the replacement windows were installed.

This shutter decorates the side of the Cottage.

The barn-style shutter’s paint was freshened while it was off the house.  Now that the Cottage has been totally painted we had in put back in place by our contractor.

Next task: move pile of concrete blocks.

It’s mostly decorative but I think it could close over the window if we wanted it to.

Do you keep a pile of somethings in case you need them? Charlie keeps plastic plant pots.

Another Small Paint Project

I have been waiting for over a year to paint the oil tank at the back of the house because I wanted to use my paint sprayer.

I brushed on a little house paint a while ago to see how it would look.

I had brushed on some color a while ago and decided a sprayed on finish would ultimately look and wear better.

A patch of shingles behind the tank also had been difficult to reach with a paintbrush so remained unpainted.

So last Saturday morning, bright and early, I started the project.  First I washed and scrubbed the tank itself with enzyme cleaner.

The first few passes of the paint sprayer left some bare splotches.

While it was drying I trudged upstairs and downstairs more than once for the supplies.  As with every project it took me 2 hours to assemble all the various parts of the paint sprayer, the paint, and other items necessary to paint the tank.

The shingles behind the tank were also spray painted.

Thankfully the paint sprayer worked on the first try.  I gave the metal oil tank lots of light coats including the unpainted, hard-to-reach shingles behind the tank.


While the tank is still visible it does blend in better with the back of the house.

Late afternoon in the back yard at The Glade.

What’s your camouflage challenge?

Quick Paint Project: Metal Table

When a photo recently revealed some clutter at the back of the house I began a reorganization.

The blue metal table has faded over the years — it was originally white, spray painted blue.

I pulled out our blue metal table which over the years has faded.

I started the painting at the edges and center of the round table.

In my stash there was a can of navy spray paint — almost a full can.

The metal table is much improved.

In about 10 minutes the color and shine of the table was restored.

The freshly-cleaned chairs and newly-painted tables.

Making a seating area near the garden with chairs and table pulled away from the back of the house has decluttered a small area.

Do you refurbish or replace?

Newly Painted

When the tenant moved in the walls of the Cottage were “Siamese Eyes”, a pretty aqua blue Martha Stewart paint.

“Siamese Eyes” is the wall color in the Cottage.

The color and the brand are no longer made.

A new kitchen, new windows, etc., etc.

But everything else has been spruced up in the Cottage and so a new coat of paint was in order.

Paint chip of “Siamese Eyes”.

The tenant took a paint chip from the wall and had it color-matched.

The new color is on the top half of the photo.

The new color is a close match and actually better than the original.  It’s just a little greyer.

What room do you want to repaint?

A Day’s Worth of Paint

All the exterior trim was painted on the Cottage after the new doors, windows, and over-door gable were installed.

The newly painted Cottage.
“Siding in a Can” by Duron has been a good product for us but is no longer available.

I knew the next step would be painting the exterior shingles.

The grey patch in the middle is the new color.

I had more than half of a five-gallon bucket of “Siding in a Can” in Glamour Gray which I gave to the Cottage tenant who started painting the front of the Cottage.

I painted the areas eye-level and below.

I joined her helping to paint the remaining 3 walls.

The window trim pops nicely against the light grey shingles.

I like that the light color grey (which looks almost white but contrasts subtly with the whiter trim) of the Cottage co-ordinates with my darker grey (Sandy Hook Grey) house but has a personality of its own.

After — Newly painted

Next task: paint the interior.

What’s your next paint project?