Plans for the Bed

We have a Grange sleigh bed.

Our Grange king size sleigh bed

I’ve been storing our king-sized sleigh bed frame behind a loveseat in the conservatory.

There’s the bed in the window behind the loveseat.

I have wanted to give it a finish like the one Andi used to transform this armoire.

I’m planning to cut on the white line.

I’m planning first to cut the footboard down from being a sleigh bed to just a short endboard like this one. I’m not sure the best saw to accomplish this severance — circular, jig, reciprocating.

The bed will look much better with a bedframe.

I hope this project can get finished before Christmas and while the weather is still agreeable.

Have you ever painted your bed?


Repeating Colors

Now that all the shutters have been painted I have an idea for using the shutter color is one place at the back of the house.

The back of the house looks less colorful than the front.

I think the bottom of the bump out might look good painted dark, the shutter color.

I can paint the bump out paneling storm blue.

My original inspiration for the bump out was painted. What’s the worst thing that can happen: I paint it white again.

The house painting was completed in 2015.
Now I might paint the bottom of the bump out.

I mocked up an old photo to give a feeling of how it would look.

Do you use paint to transform spaces?

Four Beautiful Days

Even though Hurricane Irma is supposed to slide up the east coast our weather has four cool, clear, dry days forecast.

Hurricane Irma is causing havoc in the Caribbean but in Maryland we’re having great weather.

It sounds like perfect painting weather.

Charlie, Sug, and I all worked on scraping the shutters.

We’re going to make a concerted effort to finish scraping, priming, and painting the exterior shutters.

I scrubbed the dirt from each shutter, front and back, with enzyme cleaner.

By my count we need 6 more pairs of full-sized shutters (3 pairs are finished) and 1 pair that needs to be cut down to fit a casement window.

We need 3 more pairs of shutters on the front of the house which are now scraped and cleaned. Today — priming.

In total 7 pairs, 14 shutters, need prepping and painting.

The west side of the house gets 3 sets of shutters.

We’ve also decided not to use the shutters beside the front door.

Our old front door was decorated with non-functional shutters.
The shutters are leaning against the front door. There is not enough room for them.

They just don’t seem to make sense nor enhance the area.

What fall event do you look forward to?

Painted Shutters — Finally

With some help from Sug I finally got some (OK 3 sets) shutters hung back on the house.

Sug primed all sides of 3 sets of shutters.

Early in the week she primed three sets of shutters that I thought went on the windows on the second floor and the front of the house.

I tried to maintain the shutters in an organization that would match the shutter with the correct window.

Yesterday was a perfect weather day to spray paint all sides the final color. I painted the back first then flipped them and sprayed the front.

The front of the house was beautifully shaded all morning.

In the meantime Sug finished priming and painting the exterior window frames on the front of the house that Charlie had begun.

Some of the hinge pins were stuck in the knuckle.

Sug removed the hinge pins we had been storing on the hinge-halves attached to the house.  I sanded the rust off the pins and oiled them to deter future rust.

If the shutter is paired with the correct window hanging is easy.

Then I climbed our tall ladder and hung each shutter.

The second-floor shutter on the conservatory (east) side of the house is challenging.

Unfortunately I mistakenly painted a set of shutters that go on the side of the house.  We couldn’t hang the pair because we cannot get the hinge pins out of the hinges.  We’re hoping that oiling them well will loosen the pins and allow us to pry them out.

I just love how the shutters enhance the character of the house.

A taste of shutters on the windows displays just how decorative they are.


We’re working on getting all shutters hung this fall, 3 sets at a time.

Does your house have a detail that gives it style?

Curio Cabinet Upgrade

In the Cottage on the front wall between the front door and big window is a tall narrow curio cabinet.

The curio in the front of the Cottage.

Sug decided it was time to lighten it up.

The doors are still drying.

First she primed it then gave two coats of semi-gloss paint in 2 evenings of work.

White seems to be more in line with the Cottage vibe.

Before and after.

Before and after

Filled with curiosities.

Everybody has a little collection that needs to be displayed.

Are you afraid to paint your good wood furniture?

Another Painting Saturday

Looks like today is perfect for painting outside.

A beautiful clear day.

Under 80 degrees and not windy.

One side is already primed.

I plan to pull out the shutters and paint again.

For some jobs a paint sprayer is the only way to go.

Spray paint.

It seems painting the shutters is a difficult job to start finish.

Hoping for the stamina to finish 3 sets of shutters.

Where do you think I stored the shutter hardware? (Not a rhetorical question.)

Staining the Closet Doors

All the new closets in our house have shaker-style solid wood closet doors.

The bathroom door is painted grey but the closet doors have been unfinished.

Instead of painting them I wanted to stain them a similar color to the interior painted doors.

Varathane stain has a soya-oil base.

On Saturday morning with Charlie’s help I carried the very heavy conservatory closet doors outside with the hope of staining them Varathane “weathered grey”. I gave any stains or spots on the doors a quick sanding.

The door on the left has been treated with pre-stain conditioner.

I started on the back of the 4 doors with a coat of Minwax Pre-stain wood conditioner.

Stain is wiped on with a sponge.

Then I applied the stain with a small foam brush.

The woodgrain shows through the dark stain.

And wiped it off with a soft rag. The stain wipes on and wipes off which has to be accomplished before it dries too much.  Unfortunately the heat of the day made working quickly a necessity.

The rags became soaked with stain.

I worked on the back sides and edges first. Then we flipped all the doors to do the front side while chasing shade across the yard.  We moved the saw horses and doors at least 3 times during the staining.

We didn’t close the doors until they were totally dry.

After all side were given one coat I ran out of time so we hung the doors back in the conservatory with the intention of tweaking the finish if necessary.


I have 3 more sets of doors to stain.

How’s your heat index been this summer?