Do We Have a Wastepaper Basket?

Charlie was in the powder room replacing some supplies when he asked if we have a wastepaper basket for that room.

Leather book-spine trash can has been moved to the master bedroom.

When the theme in the room was library we used a can that looked like book spines.

This small trash can feels like wood but I think it’s pressed paper.

The plan was to move the yellow wood can from the master bedroom.

I gave a good basecoat of silver.

Yellow is no good in this room so, ha ha, I decided to paint it much like the one I did here for the master bathroom except I went for straight shine this time instead of mercury glass.

I covered the silver with chrome which is almost mirror-like.

The paints I used are silver and chrome. I didn’t worry much about drips because no one examines a wastebasket closely.

The can adds a bit of glitz to the world tour in the powder room.

I’ll probably tuck it back into the corner when it has totally dried.

What needs a bit of glitz at your house?


15-Minute Makeover

As I was preparing the side porch for our upcoming party, I noticed I still had my polar bear welcome mats from last winter at the doorstep.

The doormats are were predominantly blue with touches of orange and ochre.

Instead I decided to resurrect the hard rubber mats that I bought in 2013.

We still use this mat when it rains and there’s a lot of mud.

They had lost all their color.

I love the pale blush of the magnolia seed pods.

Using some magnolia tree seed pods as a color inspiration I decided to brighten up these mats if only for the night of the party.

Tan and coral with red in the middle.

In my stash of old paint I found tan, coral, and red which I laid out on a piece of aluminum foil.  Using a regular paint roller I rolled through the 3 colors allowing them to touch each other but not totally blending them.

Now both mats are colorful and welcoming.

I rolled the paint on each of the two mats being careful not to go over too vigorously so each color would in places keep its own character.

A bowl of magnolia leaves and pods is near the door.

Since the mats were 3-dimensional the flowers once again appeared but in reds and pinks this time instead of blues and ochres.


The whole process took about 15 minutes.

Have you got a quick spruce up?


A Hole in the Wall — Repaired

Back in February our carpenter repaired a hole in the wall caused by careless slamming of the bathroom door.

The wall near the pink tile bathroom has been repaired.

It was so bad that almost the entire wall had to be replaced which lies behind the bathroom door when it is open. Months later after it had been fully mudded and sand, Sug painted the area again with Benjamin Moore’s Moonshine.

The hall is serene again.

Now that the entire wall has been painted and new trim added (only needs to be topped with ogee) we can move on to other projects.

Are you frustrated by repeated repairs?

While We’re Away

In addition to watching our sweet little dog, Dash, Sug has created a chore list for herself while we’re away.

All trim in the master suite will be painted with semi-gloss paint in “White Mosaic”.

She’s planning to secure all trim that has been cut.  Then she’s filling all nail holes and finishing the project by painting all installed trim.  She will also touch up some spots on the ceiling in both the pink tile bathroom and the powder room.

This wall needs to be painted grey: Moonshine.

She plans paint the wall just outside the pink tile bathroom that was repaired a while ago.

The interior doors are painted grey — Secret.

And we have 2 interior doors that have not been painted. Sug will paint them.

The shed door hasn’t been painted since 2012.

She’s also going to paint the shed door which has peeled significantly.

I bet she moves Charlie’s dirt pile from behind the dog run to the lower yard.

I’m sure she won’t stop at these tasks.

Does someone look after your house and animals while you’re away?

This Week I’m Planning

I’ve been looking at my 101 in 1001 list  and have decided to work on some of the finishable projects this week.

3 sets finished – 2 sets to go.

I think I can:

  • stain the 2 sets of doors that still need to be finished: kitchen and mudroom. (#4)

    The pantry doors will need some sanding before staining.
  • mark the powder room for wallpaper and prep the wall. (#86)

    The ceiling must be painted and the wallpaper position from the ceiling to the wainscoting marked.
  • hang up all clothing. (#29)

    The clothes piled on the bed are either getting hung up or going out the door.
  • clear out the mud room closet. (#97)

    The closet has become a storage spot for lots of stuff that doesn’t belong.

This is a large list but I’ll start some small part of it tomorrow.

What NEEDS to get started at your house? Finished?

Helping a Friend

Everybody knows Sug will help do whatever needs to be done.

We needed to move furniture and fill a few holes.

So when our friend said her condo needed to be painted Sug offered her help.  And since Sug is part of my team I’m part of hers. And so is Charlie.

Ceilings take along time.

We started tonight with ceilings.

Sug looks like she’s conducting but she does most of the work.

Tomorrow we’ll cut-in and roll the walls.

Who’s on your team?

Painted Trim and Touch Ups

While I was away Good Ole Sug let herself into my house to paint the downstairs baseboard trim.

Newly painted white trim outlines the details of the room.

She totally finished the conservatory.

I decided that the thin wall between the kitchen and dining room should be the kitchen color, Waterbury Cream.

Then she moved into the kitchen also touching up scuffs on the wall and painting areas that had never been painted like the reveals between the kitchen and dining room.

The white paneling brightens the dining room which has minimal light.

The dining room has quite a bit of knotty pine paneling which I painted white just after the renovation.  It still needed another coat so Sug painted that as well.

The mantel is ready for a change — something Irish perhaps.

After the dining room she painted all the trim in the living room including the fireplace surround and mantel.

Before — The kneewall right after installation.
After — The kneewall cap between the kitchen and dining room is finally painted.

She supervised the installation of the final window trim and even painted that.

Sug and Charlie built the greenhouse under my supervision. That’s how the team usually works.

I know I’m blessed to have a friend like Sug. When she returns from a Central American mission trip the three of us — Sug, Charlie, and I, — are going to work on some local projects. As anyone who reads the blog regularly knows, Sug and Charlie actually do most of the work.  I am so grateful to be part of the trio.

What project would you like to have a team complete at your house?