Powder Room: Before and After

When I moved into The Glade over 20 years ago the powder room was a dark room with overhead metal cabinets.

Sink Before and After

When we refurbished the we had the sink resurfaced.

Detail of Wallpaper

I had always called it “Le Bibliotheque” (that sign is still on the door) because the wall looked like bookshelves in a library. The faux books and shelving gave depth to a very small, windowless room.

New wallpaper from Anthropologie.

The new wallpaper is much lighter, “C’est Magnifique“.

We kept the same fixtures.
The new scheme has wainscoting.

We used the same towel bar, mirror, paper holder, and over head shelf.

The old toilet leaned against the wall.
The view from the landing.

We changed the toilet due to a crack in the base of the old one.  The new toilet’s tank does lean against the wall like the old one did.

The old paper went from floor to shelf.
The large mirror reflecting the shelf and trim gives this tiny rooms greater depth.

We repaired holes and added new baseboard and chair rail trim.

The Bibliotheque
Ready for use.

Now we have a lighter, brighter powder room.  I’m calling it “The Grand Tour”.

What’s new at your house?


Cutting Cove Molding

If you don’t have a strong relationship with your significant other I suggest you don’t, under any circumstances, try to cut cove molding.

We tried to fill the gap under the powder room shelf with cove molding.

Charlie, Sug, and I gave it a go on Saturday and quit in failure and disappointment after some heated words. We made so many wrong cuts I was afraid we’d run out of cove molding.

The YouTube videos seemed to say put the open side of the molding against the saw’s fence. WRONG!

Today, knowing it was difficult, I googled a few videos which were of little help.  After making some different cuts we tried to puzzle the joint together.

The cove molding actually sits on the saw with one flat side down and one against the fence. The blade is set at 45 degrees.

Finally two pieces fit together so we cut a longer piece by putting the sample on the saw and matching the cut.

The corner 45-degree angles came together.

When one of the 45 degree corners finally fit together we were all excited. We were careful to cut the piece on the opposite side of the room in the mirror image by again holding one of our short puzzle pieces.

Very funny (said with great sarcasm).

When Charlie and Sug put up this third piece they both shrieked, “Oh, no.”  I thought I had made another wrong cut but they were joking.  NOT FUNNY!

When working overhead it helps to have one person hold and the other tack.

After all the pieces were cut they were pinned to the wall with a pneumatic tacker.

Cove molding is flexible enough to cover some gaps. (See previous photo.)

Sug will add a little wood putty to the staple holes and any small gaps.

We spent a lot of time on details that we hope ultimately go unnoticed.

Now we’re really finished in the powder room.

Do you have a trick that makes something complicated simpler?

Labor Day

Happy birthday, dear sister.  While you’re celebrating I’m going to try to finish up some details.

I found one piece of ogee molding that will top this piece of baseboard.

First, I found one more sufficient piece of ogee molding to finish all the baseboard in the master bedroom. I plan to cut that piece in the morning.

Since the bottom (and not the top) of the shelf is visible I wanted to close up the holes.

That’s the easy project. The one that Sug and I started on Saturday was to face the bottom of the overhead shelf in the powder room which we accomplished with the help of Charlie.

Luan trimmed this sturdy shelf.

He cut some luan with a circular saw that I had marked by scribing a leftover piece of the 1/4-inch paneling.  Sug tacked it up.

The gap is small but I would like to make it less visible.

Unfortunately the wall behind the shelf is not flat so there are gaps in the between the wall and the shelf so I thought we could use some leftover cove molding to finish the bottom of the shelves.

The shelf viewed in the powder room wall mirror.

I tried on Saturday to cut the cove to finish the project. I mean I tried and tried and tried and could just not figure it out.  I’m hoping after a day of thinking it through I  can figure out the cuts without wasting all the molding.

Do you get wild but confused notions?

Powder Room Redo — Step 9

The last few items on the powder room remodeling list are just for fun.

I was originally going to add this simple wainscoting to the powder room wall.

I had planned to apply some ogee frames to the bottom of the walls to replicate simple paneling.

Paneling trim would be contrived on this already busy wall.

However, after we reinstalled the toilet paper holder and a grab bar, I felt the look was busy enough.

The towels cover up most of the front wall next to the sink.

And the wall under the mirror is mostly hidden behind the towels on the towel rack.

Powder Room — “The Grand Tour”

So I guess we are officially finished the powder room.

Have you finished a long-term project this summer?

List, 2018: September Plans

Even though we always have things to do around The Glade, the year has certainly been busy.

The powder room has been transformed.

We rehabbed and redecorated 2 bathrooms: Powder room, Pink tile.

Our taxi for the 111 mile ride from Havana to Vinales.

We visited Cuba and Smith Island.

Irish Tea Party

And we had a couple of get-togethers with our friends: Saint Patrick’s Day Tea Party and Epiphany Party.

I have not forgotten about the Treetops Room.

Now we’re almost in September, the month to get focused and restarted. I don’t have any children heading back to school but September seems to be a time of new beginnings.


Sug has cleaned every surface in the entire house.

Sug has been helping with all the projects in the house and has now decided to keep the house spotless.  Her exertion is our gain.  There are some people who like to clean house.  I, on the other hand, like having cleaned. Recently clearing the dust has put me into respiratory arrest but I’m feeling much improved.


Hoping to make it to Windsor Castle.

Charlie and I are heading to the UK for 12 days.  That should be plenty of high-quality, energy-packed entertainment.


The cross marks a meditation area in the lower yard.

When we return from London we need to get busy sending out invitations for the dedication of The Chapel at The Glade.  It won’t actually take place until October but we must get in touch with a long list of friends.

Exterior Outsourcing

There’s nothing to keep us from falling off this deck outside the master suite.

I’m hoping to hear from our carpenter who I’ve contracted to put a railing around our second-story deck.

Extreme Terminus

I’ve had it with baseboard trim.

Totally finish all the projects we’ve been working on all summer.

Does that sound like we’re back in business?  Are you restarting something?

Two More Summer Weekends

While we accomplished a lot at The Glade this summer — renovated 2 bathrooms — I’ve looked back at some of my projects lists from earlier in the summer and more than a few things have been left undone.

Two sets of pine doors need to be stained a medium grey.

In July I had hoped to stain the 2 sets of unfinished pine doors — the mudroom and the pantry.  I bought some light stain to mix with the dark stain I had been using to change things up just a little. Weather permitting, I think I can finish these doors in the next two weekends.

The closet has become a storage spot for lots of stuff that doesn’t belong.

Another summer goal was to organize all my clothes that were cluttering various closets, bed and floors all over the house.  This I have done. But still undone is a serious look at the clutter in the mudroom closet which is also one of the set of doors that needs to be stained.

I’m happy we can close the doors on the pantry because it looks a horrible mess.

The pantry has become a disorganized mess also.  Charlie likes to store things — grocery bags for example — on the floor.  It’s horrible and I plan to take control.

The pile has dwindled but the trim has not yet been totally installed.

Little by little we’ve been whittling away at the pile of trim in the hallway.  When every room has baseboard I plan to make another lumber order to finish the face frames for both the master closet and the master bedroom shelving which is not yet finished.

My main fall project is to get the back bedroom — The Treetops Room — ready for guests.

I know we can’t hope we can accomplish all this in 2 weekends and I’m comforted to have a plan.

Do you have an end of summer plan?

Powder Room Redo — Step 11

The powder room is very tiny and has no shelves or cabinets on the floor.

A look at the shelf before we rook it down.

We have always had a shelf hanging overhead on 3 of the walls.  We took it down to do the wallpapering but I had hoped to reinstall it for a small amount of storage.

First Sug repainted the shelf.  Then I laid out the pieces to see how it would go back together.

The center shelf was apart so the cleat is visible.

We started by hanging the segment over the door after rehanging 2 cleats to screw the top of the shelf into.

The left hand portion was pre-built.

I checked the level on the shelf frequently.

In this mirrored photo left and right are reversed.

Not knowing how the shelf was originally installed we hung the opposite side next.  First try, the shelf was a little low and the cleats were hanging off the wall. So we started over again, raised the cleats and hung the right hand side of the shelf.

The trim is held on with pneumatic tacks. (mirror image)

The center of the shelf on the back wall needed to be trimmed down a little to fit between the other two which we did on the mitre saw.

Get the wood putty.

We have a few details to tweak like facing the bottom of the shelves and making the trim joint tighter.  We’ll finish those tasks soon.

Do you have complex trim in your house?