One More Quilt

Last month I bought a couple of quilts here and here.

The new quilt has a casual air.

At the same time I bought a third one for Sug.

The new quilt complements the rug in the living room area.

My plan was to put it on her twin bed while she was away and surprise her when she came back.  I can’t keep a surprise hidden so we tried the new quilt on her bed.  It was way too large.

The twin bed will be replaced with a full size double bed which should just fit against the floating wall.

In the meantime she had been wanting to get a full-size bed for the Cottage which she ordered before heading to Guatemala. It will be delivered upon her return.

The quilt also came with pillow shams.

When that happens the new quilt is ready in her colors of turquoise and ruby red. The former French provincial pattern is being replaced by something a bit more Bohemian.

Are you more French provincial or Bohemian?

The Denim Streets

The streets in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico are denim blue (my favorite color).

The streets in San JUan are blue.

The cobblestones are blue stones supposedly cast from furnace slag which was brought over on Spanish ships as ballasts.  They almost look like glazed bricks.

Charlie’s blue jeans give a good indication of the street color.

The characteristic blue color is said to come from age and moisture.  Because of their age, the Adoquines (Spanish for cobblestones) in Old San Juan are cracked, faded and worn down due to constant automobile traffic.

Oddly the old streets are often in better condition than the newer ones.

The streets are beautiful but becoming more and more broken down and timeworn.

How are your streets paved?

2 Dressers and a Mirror

I’ve been wanting to move Charlie’s dresser (he has 3) out of the master bedroom because the new closet has plenty of room for his stuff.

This dresser in the smallest bedroom was part of a set inherited by my son.

First we needed to remove the mid-century teak highboy from the little pink bedroom.  Thankfully our son came by yesterday to pick it up .

This dresser belonged to Charlie’s grandparents.

The dresser Charlie uses in the master bedroom is usually covered with slightly worn clothing.

I had refinished this dresser 4 years ago.

To help move the Charlie removed the drawers and redistributed his clothes elsewhere. The dresser looks fine in the pink bedroom because it has a denimy vibe which goes with the blue accents.

Removing the chest of drawers and adding a large mirror opens up the bedroom.

In its place in the master bedroom I hung my mother’s gold rococo mirror on the empty wall.

The Eiffel Tower glows golden in the black and white photo of Paris hanging over the bed.

The gold on the mirror frame complements the photo of Paris with a gold-tone Eiffel Tower over the bed.

My little chair could use a paint uplift.

I plan to make a reading area in this space.

What are you moving around?

A Bunch or Two of Roses

I love white flowers.

I especially love white roses.

White roses, my favorite, in particular always freshen up any room.

I couldn’t find nice white roses.

I went out to buy some roses the other day at Trader Joe’s where a bunch of multi-stem roses is $5.

$10 worth of roses.

The white ones were starting to turn brown so I bought 2 orange bouquets.

I stuck both bunches in one vase and put them in the living room where they complement the blue color scheme.

I’ll be back for more before the season is out.

The orange roses even go with the Christmas tree although they’re not very Christmasy.

Do you have a favorite flower?

Finishing an Old Project with a New Purpose

A couple years ago I started making a 2 pairs of curtains for the living room.

Ikea linen curtains are hanging in the living room.

Since then I have hung some linen curtains in there that I really like.

The living room curtains just need hand finishing.

I still wanted to finish the curtains I started which are already sewn and lined.  They only need some hand sewing to finish the pleats at the top and hems at the bottom.

There is not a privacy issue with the doors so I haven’t put shades or curtains on them.

As I was sitting in bed looking out the French doors of the master bedroom I wondered if these curtains would look good in the bedroom.

The window in the bedroom is one of the old sash-style with an exterior storm window.

The curtains are heavy and would help with drafts coming in the old window.

I asked Sug to hold up a curtain panel so I could see if it would go in the bedroom.

Finishing and hanging these curtains would kill two birds with one stone on my 101 in 1001:  #73 Make curtains for the master bedroom and #91 Finish living room curtains.

I’ll measure for curtain rods and check if I have enough curtain rings to finish the project.

I will order curtain rods this week.

How do you decide on colors and curtains?

Blue, White, Silver

I’ve finally decided on a color theme for Christmas 2018.

I’ve already pulled out my Kosta Boda vases.

To people who know me it’s no surprise that the star of the show will be blue.

I’m pretty sure Charlie likes denim judging by his wardrobe.

The color blue I like best is indigo, or as I call it, the color of denim.

The blue eggs were made by a similar technique I’ll try on Christmas ornaments.

This ornament marbling project looks like the kind of quick and dirty enterprise I favor.

2014’s blue Christmas

I already have pulled some blue items to get started.

Silver, pewter, and metallic charcoal ceramic electric Christmas trees which I sprayed and sold a few years ago but I love the center silver one.

I have a feeling I’ll be utilizing glittery spray paint when some sparkle is warranted.

I might want to also repaint the tiny ceramic tree in the tableau.

I think Charlie misses red in the Christmas house but I love blue.

What’s you color theme?

15-Minute Makeover

As I was preparing the side porch for our upcoming party, I noticed I still had my polar bear welcome mats from last winter at the doorstep.

The doormats are were predominantly blue with touches of orange and ochre.

Instead I decided to resurrect the hard rubber mats that I bought in 2013.

We still use this mat when it rains and there’s a lot of mud.

They had lost all their color.

I love the pale blush of the magnolia seed pods.

Using some magnolia tree seed pods as a color inspiration I decided to brighten up these mats if only for the night of the party.

Tan and coral with red in the middle.

In my stash of old paint I found tan, coral, and red which I laid out on a piece of aluminum foil.  Using a regular paint roller I rolled through the 3 colors allowing them to touch each other but not totally blending them.

Now both mats are colorful and welcoming.

I rolled the paint on each of the two mats being careful not to go over too vigorously so each color would in places keep its own character.

A bowl of magnolia leaves and pods is near the door.

Since the mats were 3-dimensional the flowers once again appeared but in reds and pinks this time instead of blues and ochres.



The whole process took about 15 minutes.

Have you got a quick spruce up?


Deck Stain

Sug decided to stain the Cottage deck with solid color wood stain and sealer. Solid color wood stain lasts longer that transparent stain so restaining doesn’t have to bee repeated as often.

Before: The natural treated lumber deck.

We conferred on the color and decided on “Desert Tan” so the deck would be light and natural looking but protected.

After: The deck is stained.

The Cottage is looking bright and neat for summer.

Do you have a deck? Is it sealed, stained, or both?

Glade Cottage Shower Curtain

I saw a shower curtain on sale ($79 marked down to $24) at The Company Store.

I liked this shower curtain in my color palette but I only have one bathroom that needs a shower curtain and it’s pink.

This bordered white curtain is such a fresh look.

I made this shower curtain when I lived in Greenwich Village in the late ’70s.

I can’t use a shower curtain but Sug has been using the one that was in The Cottage when she moved in.

The colors in this shower curtain complement The Cottage colors.

There was a second shower curtain at The Company Store similar to the top photo.

The colors in the shower curtain remind me of Sug’s vintage stoneware.

The flowers of the stoneware echo the colors in the room.
The flowers of the stoneware echo the colors in the room.

I ordered the curtain which will be delivered tomorrow. (I was not perked or paid to talk about these products.)

The new curtain should brighten up the bathroom.

And by the way, Sug approves.

How old is your shower curtain?