It’s All a Facade

In the “10 Tasks in 10 Days” Challenge we had quite a few projects at Glade Cottage.

Cottage with new door, newly painted bell. Now for the trim!

Some of the most pressing were exterior painting.  We had already replaced the door but still needed to:

1. Scrape, prime and paint the white trim and

Scrape and paint cottage trim

2.  Paint the blue exterior accents the same color as the shutters on the main house.

Shutters on the house are Duron's "Thunder Grey"

 While Charlie was scraping he noticed the putty on the windows in the front really needed to be replaced so that meant some extra scraping and painting.

These windows need new putty and painting

 He scraped the trim

The loose paint has been well-scraped.

 and I came behind and primed and painted.

Window and door trim was painted on all sides of Glade Cottage.

And the one grey shingle I also painted. I know the more observant of you have been wondering what’s the dealeo.

For some unknown reason there is one grey shingle on the front of the cottage.

Finally I painted the blue panels on the front and side of the cottage Duron Thunder Grey with which we had painted the house shutters a few years ago.

One blue (Grey?) panel is partially painted. The new color is on the top.

So purty.

Door panels and under window painted "Thunder Grey" and grey shingle at corner of cottage now white.

I’m actually going to count our 2 original projects as 3 projects since we needed to reputty the windows: a job in itself.

Glade Cottage all trimmed up.


Cottage - Before


Now I want to live here.

And how ’bout a gratuitous shot of the side of the Cottage?

Even the side trim.

Have you ever started a project only to find a bigger one lurking under the surface?  And don’t you just hate that?

Sidebar: Stay tuned for a tutorial on puttying windows.  It’s not as easy as it looks but since we had 2 dozen panes to do we got better at it.

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The Other Twin

I have a pair of twin beds from the late 1950s one of which I painted here when I recolored our little bedroom pink. The second bed is in the Cottage and also needs a little paint uplift.

Paint this bed!

 I wanted a color that would stand out against the newly painted Templeton Grey” wall.

Templeton Grey by Benjamin Moore

 I thought I had some paint left from painting the fireplace bricks in the living room which was sort of a sandy color but naturally I couldn’t find it. I also didn’t want to buy any paint so I mixed my own concoction of Mourning Dove (with which I painted the first bed) with Pond Moss (a free sampler from Valspar) and came up with what I’ll name Glade Pale Bamboo. It’s sort of a straw color with just a hint of chartreuse. I made just enough to cover the bed and not a brushstroke more. (I used a little foam roller for the flat areas.  It takes a few more coats but gives a nice even coverage.)

Glade Pale Bamboo

 And I sprayed the knobs on top first with Satin Nickel then a light overspray of Metallic Charcoal.

Bed is painted and back in place.

 Ultimately I’d like to paint a little seascape on the headboard but for now I’m going to call it “finished”.

Nighty, night!

 The old bedspread in the above photo must be for a double bed because it pools on the floor on both sides.

I donated that old bedspread and decided to use a comforter instead.

So both twins are painted. Cross that off your list!

What have you crossed off your list?  Did it come in pairs?

Sidebar:  Spoiler Alert!

And the bed side. How great does that blue look!!?

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Sign Post: Before and After

Many of the houses in our neighborhood have names. When we moved into our house it was already named The Glade. Since the house is in a clearing  in the woods, what name could be better?

Here's the sign that welcomes folks to The Glade

 Years ago I replaced the homemade sign that was here with the one above that was especially designed and made for us by a firm in Annapolis.  It’s fabricated from some kind of foam/plastic material that holds up very well to the weather.

West Yard Shade Garden

 The wooden post that holds it, however, needs to be painted. We’ll have to gently pull the double white Clematis Henryi away from the post. For now I’ll leave the gate hardware attached although we have no plans to replace the large double gate that closed the driveway off to traffic.

The post has been primed and painted.

 I love paint, don’t you?

Newly painted post and spruced up sign.

Have you got a little improvement that would help your curb appeal? Maybe all you need is 15 minutes to half an hour.  It’s true, some things can really be done in a short time.  It’s the conception that takes time.

Former Hearth, Now . . .

When this big tree was  felled by the tree cutters.  .  .

Pile of wood and a huge tree trunk

 it landed right on an old bench.  Charlie said it knocked the bench over which was difficult to do because it was held in place by 12 inch rebar driven into the ground.

The components are here, just need a location (and a brawny helper). Oh, Charlie!!

 As part of my “10 tasks in 10 days” I was resolved to put this bench back together. Charlie tried for a couple of days to get the bench pieces from behind the tree trunk but everytime he went to do it a family of snakes (EEK!) were sunning themselves on the marble slab.  When Charlie thrust a rake at them, instead of slithering away they rose up and showed their fangs.

Finally he braved the snakes and pulled the bench parts out except for the marble slab, which had previously been the hearth of a nearby historic home.  It was plenty heavy.

When our son showed up, the two of them hoisted the marble out and set the bench back up in a new location, the shade garden in the west yard.

West Yard Shade Garden

Charlie had to bang the spikes into the ground with a maul while his helper held things steady. (I was working on a painting project so I didn’t get any photos of this whole enterprise. Duh!)

Here’s the bench all set up.

Quite rustic, eh?

 Still needs some work but now, at least, sitable.

Marble Bench

 And after some minor cleaning.

Marble Bench in need of the artist's hand

Have you got some ruins begging for rejuvenation?  What are you waiting for? (I was waiting for a couple of strong men who were willing to brave a snake pit. Yikes!)

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Outdoor Bathing

We had a bird bath but look what happened to it.

Oops! Chards of bathing bowl on the ground to the right.

Then I read one of you lovely bloggers who noted that JoAnn was having a 70% off sale on outdoor pottery.  That means something marked $39.99 only costs $11.99. So I dropped by to look for something and here’s what I found and in my favorite color no less.

A large cobalt blue ceramic bowl.

It has a hole in the bottom so I found an old cork I had in my stash of “I know I’ll need it someday” items.

I plugged the hole with a cork.

 Charlie thinks this doesn’t match but I love the way it looks.

Why doesn't shiny blue and matte green go together? Can you tell me?

 It goes together if I put it in the east yard garden which also sports blue hydrangea and a blue park bench.

In the hydrangea garden it almost looks like it's floating.

And Charlie knows I can paint it if it comes right down to it although I’m not into matchy-matchy.

Quite a little mise en scene.

 I wonder what the birds think.  I’ll keep an eye on it.

The porch seems to be a good vantage point.

 What do you think?

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Sub-Master List: Glade Cottage

As I was going to post about Glade Cottage,

Glade Cottage at the end of June

I realized we really have a lot of projects that are specific to Glade Cottage and so warrant a sub-list of the Master List.  I listed some of them in “10 Tasks in 10 Days“. So by the end of this week some of these pesky nuisances should be kaput crossed off the list.

Here’s the right side of the Cottage as you enter the front door.

Glade Cottage Semi-Uncluttered

 And here’s the left side that is straight ahead as you enter the front door.

Still some things gotta go
I have doctored the photos below to give a better understanding of what needs to happen (or has already taken place). Here’s the right side again.
Just for starters
  1.  Refinish coffee table
  2. Paint bed
  3. Hang new artwork
  4. Paint room – sand wall, paint walls Siamese Eyes
  5. Paint desk and change hardware
  6. Replace lighting fixture with ceiling fan
  7. Paint and replace trim in bathroom
  8. Dye and hang curtains
  9. Refinish tall chest of drawers
  10. Paint bed side table
  11. Paint small wooden lamp and get shade
  12. Lay new floor in bathroom
  13. Refinish floor in main room
  14. Rehang ceiling drop cloth
  15. Fix small leak in washing machine line
  16. Finish insulating attic
  17. Clear more clutter from attic
  18. Organize tools
  19. Scrape, prime and paint outside trim
  20. Paint exterior accent color
  21. Organize paint and supplies
  22. Send shirts to son in Florida

 Here are a few more items, some repeats from the photo above. (I’m trying to teach myself “Paint Box”.)

Future projects in pink

 I keep looking over the list and wondering what we should start with first.  Some projects are Charlie only, some are Jo only and maybe a couple are joint ventures.  I like those best.

Where do you think we should start?  I’m torn between the utilitarian and the fun-to-do.  Must decide soon.

 Sidebar: So I accomplished #22 Send shirts to son in Florida.  Then 3 days later son shows up at The Glade ready to live in the Cottage. Oh, how our plans can go awry!

10 Tasks in 10 Days Challenge: 1st Update

 Cha Cha at Sit, Relax and Read is challenging us to complete 10 tasks in 10 days. I made a list of 21 things I wanted to get done and am whittling that list to a goal for 10 of them to be done in 10 days. On  Friday, June 24th,  I posted my list at Cha Cha’s link party and shared The Glade’s list with the blogging world. The projects in blue have been started; the projects in green are complete and the projects with a strikethrough we decided to tackle at another time. Here we go:

  1. Scrape, prime and paint cottage trim 
Scrape and paint cottage trim

 There’s lots of it!

Cottage trim needs scraping and painting

What a difference! Can’t wait to finish.


     2.  Paint cottage exterior accents

Paint the blue same color as house shutters

 Found the right paint and let ‘er have it! New color on top.


    3.  Paint cottage interior

Everything Mud Green becomes Siamese Eyes blue. This is a big job!

     4.  Replace the cottage lighting fixture with a ceiling fan.

Lighting Fixture in Cottage which Gotta Go

      5.  Dye cottage curtains and hang

These curtains for a starter as well as others for the large window.

     6.  Paint Cottage bed

Paint this bed!

   Fait accompli!


   7.  Paint trim in pink bedroom

Paint trim Queen’s Lace white

    8.  Declutter Treetops room

Sorry to say it doesn't look this good right now.

 It looks like this .  .  .

It look like this! Unclutter me.

      9.  Paint bookshelf in pink bedroom

This bookshelf has been many colors. Needs a new one!

     10.  Paint file cabinet in pink bedroom

Here is faux bois at its tackiest. Nothing a little paint won't cure.

    11.  Select, clean and paint shutters for pink bedroom

I need 2 good ones from this pile of old shutters. Then I'll paint them to match the ones in the Treetops Room (see photo above).

    12.  Paint tile top console

This piece was built by Charlie's dad. We're going to make it useful again!

    13. Declutter cottage

Arrange this clutter

    14.  Make attic door close

We're old hands at this by now. Get the Surform!

    Still needs to be painted but it closes.


15.  Fix front door knob

This door knob does not turn so no one enters by the front door. Soooo sad.

     16.  Paint heart chair

Paint me, pleeeease!

    And paint her we did!


17.  Repair outdoor marble bench that was disassembled when men felled big tree is west side yard.

The components are here, just need a location (and a brawny helper). Oh, Chaaaaarlie!!

 It was incredibly heavy and teaming with snakes but Charlie braved the wildlife and wrestled it out.


     18.  Paint round table with 3 shelves

Paint 3-tier round table

     19.  Paint coffee table with large stencil

Paint the coffee table

     20.  Paint desk

Paint the desk

     21.  Stain Wee Little House

New stain necessary

Oh, yes.  Stained!


Halfway through we’ve finished 6.  The pace is grueling. If only we can keep up the momentum.

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