Stacking Tables Part 2

I don’t know if they’re called stacked tables or nested tables or what but we have some and they’re incredibly handy.  Actually much more elegant than a TV tray but just as ready and useful. We have two sets.

Charlie’s set is a very plain dark wood finish with straight legs.  They fit very nicely together and come apart easily. They do not have stretchers supporting the legs. (These might actually look great painted a bright color.)

Nested Tables

The tops are a sort of bulging rectangle shape.

Tops of Nested Tables

The company name stamped into the smallest table is Mersman.

They’re light weight and great to have on hand for parties. They could be used individually or grouped as a night stand, coffee table, side table, telephone table.

Small Nesting table featured with Medium and Large

The second set has tiled tops and very simple wood design with stretchers at the the bottoms of the legs.

Nested Tile Tables

A small (1.5 inch) medallion inside the largest table says “Jason Ringsted Danish Applied Art” along with a stag and shield logo. Jason Rinsted was a furniture maker in the Eames Era (mid-20th Century).  His nesting tables come up on eBay from time to time. Most of what I could uncover about him was in Danish. So sorry, not my language.

Danish Applied Art

 The largest table is 20.25 inches by 14 inches with six 6″ x 6″ hand-painted tiles on the top.  The picture is a statue in a plaza presumably in Denmark signed by Edmund.

Large Tile Table

 The middle-sized table is 17 inches by 12.5 inches and has two 6″ x 6″ tiles surrounded by subway tiles.  The painting is of a fountain in a plaza.  This table is not signed.

Medium Tile Table

 And finally the small table is 14 inches by 11 inches with just one 6″ x 6″ tile painted in a rural scene with a castle keep as the main subject.

Small Table

 Here are the tables unnested.

Unnested Tile Tops


Graduated Tables

 Maybe next time I should consider dusting the stretchers before the photo shoot!

Do you have any furniture that has so many possibilities?  Would you paint or relocate anything you already own to give a fresh look?

The French Press

Charlie and I are lovers of a really good cup of coffee.  Especially that first cup in the morning ought to be GREAT! So here’s how we do it.

1.  Bring water to a nice rolling boil. (We do that in a saucepan ever since the kettle was smashed here.)

Rolling boil

2.  Next we measure out two-thirds of a cup (rounded if I’m measuring; heaping if Charlie measures) of French Roast coffee in a course grind for a French press. 

Measuring the coffee

Below is a picture of the coffee grinder we keep in the kitchen which, as you know, is very, very tiny.

Bunn Coffee Grinder

My favorite coffee is Starbuck’s French Roast; Charlie’s is Starbuck’s Christmas blend but our daily coffee (which is pretty delicious) is Eight O’Clock 100% Columbian coffee, bold and creamy with a fudgy afternote.  Mmmm. Today we’re using Trader Joe’s French Roast.

TJ French Roast

3.  Pour the boiling water over the ground coffee,

Making Coffee

stir vigorously with a chopstick (because if you stir the French press day after day with a metal spoon you will eventually break the pot unless it’s a metal one)

Stir with Chopstick

and let it brew for four minutes. (I usually let it brew for 5 minutes to make sure it gets a full 4; Charlie lets it go for 10 minutes for I don’t know what reason but it’s still good.) [N.B. Charlie says the reason is because it makes the coffee stronger.]

Let it Brew

4.  After the requisite time, we push down the plunger and pour our coffee into slightly heated whole milk and add sugar or sweetener to taste. 

Push the Plunger

Charlie uses a mug; I use a cup and saucer.

Mine on the left, his on the right

The most delicious part is the crema that floats on top.  No other coffee for the rest of the day tastes as good as this.

My First Cup

Take a sip.  Aaaah!

It’s a Power Trip

My sailboat, Tyche, hadn’t been loved for quite some time.  Of course, she lives in a pretty glade but, seriously, boats belong in the water.  We have no water nearby and so she’s become a dirty lady.

With the help of this handy machine, cleaning her up was not as painful as we thought it would be.

Power Washer

It’s cool, it’s clean, it’s .  .  .

Excell Pressure Washer

Charlie enjoys powerwashing so I let him do the honors.  He started at the bow.

Check that technique.
Look at the difference!

Then Charlie and his powerful magic wand hopped on board.

On board with the Power Washer

Again I alert you to the technique.

Note the stance.

Finally power washing finished, we turned our sites to the cabin which was full of spider webs.  I used a wet-dry vacuum to clear out both the spider webs and any water that had accumulated. Since I was doing it I forgot to take photos.  Then Charlie took bucket and rag and wiped down the interior bulkheads.

In the meantime I washed the cushion covers and here’s the result.

The galley and port berth.

And the final result.

Tyche after her bath.

Will Anyone Come?

Will anyone come?  That’s the main worry of a yard sale.  But a close second is the weather.  Our weather forecast is iffy, but we’re having it rain or shine because some of the items are being displayed indoors. Below is the forecast for our neighborhood from

Hourly Forecast   

6 am


Feels Like

9 am


Feels Like



Wind: From ESE at 8 mph
Humidity: 68%
UV Index: 4 Moderate
Sunrise: 6:39 AM ET
Avg. High: 62°F
Record High: 89°F (1959)

And then I didn’t realize until this past weekend that when Charlie cleaned out the trailer  he piled everything on top of what was already in Glade Cottage.

Too Horrible - Don't Look

This morning Charlie took fliers around to the local stores announcing the sale. Friday night we’ll hang posters in the neighborhood. Also, I got some change: silver change and $1 bills.

Tomorrow at 8 a.m. is the sale. We’re going to start organizing things tonight.  I promised everyone coffee, tea and pastry so I’m planning to make Coffee Cake and serve biscotti.

Coffee Cake
Along with the information below I’m featuring photos of some other items that are offered.
Christmas Electric Window Candels

 Here’s what we’re doing to get ready ready for the sale when it is imminent:

1.  Set up the outdoor tables. Cover them with a sheet or something to keep things clean.

Costume Jewelry

2.  Organize like items together.  Dishes with dishes.  Sporting equipment together. Furniture off to one side.


3.  Have everything priced or a least a very good idea of what the price is so you can say it immediately when asked.


4.  Be congenial but don’t hover.  People like to look and consider their purchases.

Hand Cranked Ice Cream Maker

5. Clean up.

If you missed some posts try here , here  and here. Hope to see you tomorrow and if I do, thanks for stopping by.

Books, Magazines, Records and Ephemera

Books, books, books!  I love books but they have taken over. (I still have my college textbooks.) Here are a few I’m offering at this sale.  Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie set, some Seuss, and some Star Wars books.


As you can see here I have a pile of magazines, all Martha Stewart Living.

The thing I always liked about Martha’s mag is her detailed description of every project and article.  Sometimes the things she’s working on are just crazy, like the 8″  jingle bell wreathe that cost about $40 TO MAKE.

However, these magazines are for sale at a great price.

Do you still have a record player? (Also for sale.)

Stereo with Turntable

 O-o-o-o, I mean a turntable. Anyway, if you do here are some great records including classical, jazz, popular, sound effects and children’s.

Beach Boys Record


John Denver among Others

Finally, this category covers all the paper printed paper that did not come under one of the above headings.  Ephemera is not meant to last. (Why do I have so much of it?) I suppose sheet music falls into this category and we have tons of it.  Not new songs, but songs long forgotten.  We have the sheet music to it.  If you want some, please, let us know.

Betcha Ain’t Got One o’ Dese

Porcelain Shoe

How ’bout a collection of “glass slippers”? Porcelain shoes, crystal boots, china high button shoes.  We’ve got ’em all. 

Crystal Boot


Front of Crystal Boot


China High Button Shoe


High Button Shoe - Side view

Do you need a place to show your slides or movies?  If you don’t have an in-home theatre how ’bout a projection screen? Like new.

Da-Lite Projection screen

Going on safari? How ’bout a giraffe plate?

Giraffe Plate

And a rain stick.

Rain Stick

And punch cups.  We have at least 50 of them.  I’m not sure people serve punch much anymore but they’d be perfect for dying Easter eggs.

Punch Cups

A CB Radio

CB Radio

And finally, a pair of hockey skates.

Hockey Skates

Are you sure this is stuff you can live without?  Really, everybody needs at least one one-of-a-kind. (Did I forget to mention these are all available at our yard sale on Saturday?)