Recent Purchases

I’ve been ordering a few new toys for Dash.

The little green monster in front of the basket is history.

The only toy he has been unable to chew to pieces is from Nylabone.

This toy is supposed to help clean teeth.

Nylabone Puppy Chew Toy, Petite (above)

This teething toy seems to be a favorite.

Nylabone Just for Puppies Extra Small Pacifier Bone Puppy Dog Teething Chew Toy (above)

Ezydog extra small camouflage harness.

And I discovered after taking him to work everyday for almost a month that he would probably be safer if I got him a harness and tether for the car.

Dash in the box in the car. (That’s a pen from the center console in is mouth.)

He has been riding in a box but it takes him a long time to settle down. I’m hoping the limit of the tether will give him both security and freedom.

Do your animals like to ride in the car? Do they behave?


An Imported Dog Basket

I bought a few things for our dachshund puppy Dash back in March.

If Dash couldn’t convince us to pick him up he had to sleep on the floor.

Everything arrived quickly except the willow dog bed which was mailed from Bosnia-Herzegovina on March 14 and arrived at our house April 19.

Wicker dog bed

I was hoping the 60-centimeter-long bed would be a good fit for Dash as a puppy and also as a grown dog. At last count he weighed 7 pounds at 11 weeks. He shouldn’t grow to much more than 10 pounds.

Dash jumps into his bed anytime he wants to rest which is much of the time.

When the bed arrived I padded it with an old feather bed pillow.  Dash knew it was his and he hopped right in it.

Sug’s puppy is only a week old now. His eyes aren’t even open yet.

Actually I ordered two baskets exactly alike just in case Sug decided to get a puppy, too. After much consideration she is getting a puppy born April 17.  We’ll be picking him up in the middle of June.  So exciting.

Do you have a favorite dog name?

Glade Cottage Shower Curtain

I saw a shower curtain on sale ($79 marked down to $24) at The Company Store.

I liked this shower curtain in my color palette but I only have one bathroom that needs a shower curtain and it’s pink.

This bordered white curtain is such a fresh look.

I made this shower curtain when I lived in Greenwich Village in the late ’70s.

I can’t use a shower curtain but Sug has been using the one that was in The Cottage when she moved in.

The colors in this shower curtain complement The Cottage colors.

There was a second shower curtain at The Company Store similar to the top photo.

The colors in the shower curtain remind me of Sug’s vintage stoneware.
The flowers of the stoneware echo the colors in the room.
The flowers of the stoneware echo the colors in the room.

I ordered the curtain which will be delivered tomorrow. (I was not perked or paid to talk about these products.)

The new curtain should brighten up the bathroom.

And by the way, Sug approves.

How old is your shower curtain?

101 in 1001: #56 and #57

I love to read.

I love classics like Les Miserables by Victor Hugo.

I don’t have much time to read but I’ve added to my list of 101 tasks in 1001 days: #56 read 2 biographies and #57 read 2 classic novels.

I’m interested in Queen Victoria — so many choices about her life are available.

Only have time to read great ones.

Please give me your best suggestion.

Can you suggest something?

A Hummingbird Idea

Last Christmas I got Sug a hand-felted pillow from a private craft fair.

The hummingbird pillow is to the left of the sheepskin.

The pillow has a stunning large hummingbird right in the middle.

The hummingbird from Cuba can be taken apart in 4 pieces — wings and beak come off.

Then while Charlie and I were in Cuba we found a carved wood hummingbird that is about 3 inches long.

Anthropologie hummingbird wallpaper.

While I was searching for wallpaper at Anthropologie I stumbled across a really charming hummingbird wallpaper.

The long wall by the bed would be the most obvious placement.

I think it might look good on one wall in the Cottage. But it might be too busy.  I’m torn whether I can whole-heartedly recommend the wallpaper.

Wouldn’t this be an awesome sight?

Maybe I’d be safer to buy a couple of hummingbird feeders for when Sug has her deck installed.

Do you have a theme in your home?

Little Dash is Ours

Charlie, Sug, and I drove 2 hours to pick up our sweet, 4-pound puppy.

For the first time in his ife Dash left the house where he was born.

He had never been out of the house before today.

Sug drove while I held Dash on the long drive home.

His only sister was also picked up today.

Dash loves our shoes.

Dash, as we call him, is eager to be with us.

Dash sleeps on a a pillow in the conservatory.

He thinks he can control me by laying his head on my shoe.

How do your animals control you?

Another Puppy Gate

We cordoned off the conservatory with a large baby gate to keep the new puppy in.

The conservatory doorway is barricaded.

We were trying to think about where the puppy can stay at night especially before he is fully house trained.

We’ll move everything off the low shelves in the bathroom.

I think the conservatory bathroom seems like a reasonable spot but I didn’t want to close the door on him.

Lowes had a reasonable selection of gates in stock.

So I purchased another baby gate — this time plastic  — to put across the doorway.

Adjustable pressure mount gate for the bathroom doorway.

I had to step up my puppy-proofing activity since we’re now supposed to pick Dash up in 2 days (instead of the following weekend).

We’ll have a busier Easter than I expected. Do you have something special planned?