We Caught Something

Three days ago Charlie set a humane trap to catch the woodchuck under our shed.

A furry animal was caught in our trap.

In the trap baited with cantaloupe Charlie found a furry creature.  He thought it might be a neighborhood feral cat but cats are carnivores so I thought not.

We pulled the car as near to the trap as possible.

We covered the cage with an old sheet and Charlie lifted it into the back of my car.

The covered trap fit in the back of my Versa Blue Note.

We drove about five miles away from the house an set the cage near the woods. When we took the cover off we got a better look at the animal: long tail and pink nose.  We had caught an opossum.

When we finally got a good look at the critter we realized we had nabbed an opossum.

Charlie’s resetting the trap today when we hope to catch the groundhog!

Have you ever trapped big game?


Author: Jo

Welcome to The Glade, where the second generation of renovations has just begun and the mania about our home, music and other passions fill our days and nights. We’re Charlie and Jo in the music world; Mary Jo and Charles to family; and JoJo and Charlie to each other. We are renovating a midcentury house in a Victorian historic district where we want to live there the rest of our lives. It's a 1946 house located in Maryland. We were married in this house. Thus far (pre-blog) we refinished cabinets, added a window seat (still working on the cushion), rearranged a wall in the guest house due to sink/vanity replacement, planted a vegetable garden, and other quick and not-so-quick fixes. So this latest zeal for construction is the result of my having lived here since 1997 and feeling a need to ready the house for the next chapter and beyond.

4 thoughts on “We Caught Something”

  1. I recognized that fur as soon as I saw it! We have possums hanging around our neighborhood, and one often skitters under our deck. Homely but useful critters.

  2. We put food on our porch in college because our cat hadn’t come home for a while. We heard something outside, and when we opened the front door there was a huge opossum hissing at us. My roommate screamed, ran away and left the door open. Thankfully I was able to get over and shut the door before it came in. Glad your story was less traumatic.

    1. I warn Charlie not to leave bags of garbage or other food on our porches. In winter I leave in the dark and a wild animal would freak me out. Jo

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