Whacha Gonna Do About It?

I have been letting myself go.  Here’s what I plan to do about it.

The closet in the back bedroom is full of my clothes in a smaller size than I can currently wear.

Finally on May 1st I decided to get serious about getting into shape.

My gym

First item: I put “going to the gym” back into my morning schedule.  I go 5 days a week before work.  No matter what the weather, the gym is open and pleasant.

I generally ride a recumbent bike to save my knees and ankles.

I’m starting with the recumbent bike and Dr. Oz’s 7-minute work-out.

I’m adding a cup of tea to my daily diet.

Second item: I must reduce my food intake.  My main meal of the day is lunch which is provided at work.  We have a personal chef.  I was reluctant to tell him that I needed a more minceur meal.  But he has been very accommodating.

A large bowl of soup was a meal in itself.
A more delicate bowl only half full.

My soup portion has been cut in half.

Main course –once upon a time the plate was full.
A small salad with a 2-inch square of shepherd’s pie and quinoa timbale is the new normal.

The entre which is usually salad and a side of something hearty is also pared down.

I used to get a full cup of rice pudding.
Now I get mini-portions with more berries.

Finally just a few tastes of something sweet for dessert. For all this I’m very grateful.

These actions should also help me get a good night’s sleep which is another item on the well-being list.

Third item: After some research I found that allowing time for one’s brain to live on stored energy (ketones) will help to ward off memory diseases so I plan to stop eating at 6 p.m. each day and not have anything until 8 the next morning.  That is a 14-hour daily fast.

Are you consistent with a fitness plan?


Author: Jo

Welcome to The Glade, where the second generation of renovations has just begun and the mania about our home, music and other passions fill our days and nights. We’re Charlie and Jo in the music world; Mary Jo and Charles to family; and JoJo and Charlie to each other. We are renovating a midcentury house in a Victorian historic district where we want to live there the rest of our lives. It's a 1946 house located in Maryland. We were married in this house. Thus far (pre-blog) we refinished cabinets, added a window seat (still working on the cushion), rearranged a wall in the guest house due to sink/vanity replacement, planted a vegetable garden, and other quick and not-so-quick fixes. So this latest zeal for construction is the result of my having lived here since 1997 and feeling a need to ready the house for the next chapter and beyond.

12 thoughts on “Whacha Gonna Do About It?”

  1. I sooooo empathize with you on this! I have been dismayed lately at my level of fitness and size of my waistline. My solution will hopefully also help my bank account as I plan to stop driving as much and bike more. In doing so I will be biking home every day. I have the advantage of working at the same place as my husband, so he will bike or run in and then drive my car home in the evening.

  2. I got upset at my pants being tight and took up CrossFit after never exercising in my life, and also cut carbs out of my diet… except beer and beans, which are harder to give up. I think my old clothes are starting to fit better in the waist but now they’re getting tight in the thighs and shoulders. At least that’s a happier reason to replace them.

    1. And to get more vegetables and protein into my diet, my meals have gotten weird. I eat dinner leftovers for breakfast and now that I don’t eat crackers, I eat sardines in mustard sauce out of the can for snacks because at first I was going through too many mixed nuts.

      1. Nuts are a favorite of mine, too. Don’t know if I can get on the sardine train but it might be worth a try. Do you have a favorite brand? Jo

      2. Yeah, beans are super healthy. I think any diet that proscribes them is a sham. I eat my hummus with raw vegetables now, or if I don’t have any, I go bachelor style with a spoon.

        Well, some people think sardines are gross and can’t get past that. I haven’t experimented with brands, just got the store brand from Aldi. The mustard sauce is good though because it has a tang that offsets the fish taste and it doesn’t contain any added oil or sugar.

        And, I’m now approaching being able to lift the weights that they consider appropriate for a very fit woman! It might be over-ambitious to think I can make the love handles go away entirely by summer though.

  3. Good for you! It sure doesn’t get any easier the older you get, does it? The company I work for has a summer fitness challenge called “On the Move.” We track our steps or other exercise for 6 weeks and try to instill better habits. I’m in!

  4. You guys are all inspiring me to eat better. I already go to the gym and ride the bike & do arm & ab exercises, but I haven’t lost any weight in a year, so apparently I’m still eating too much crap.

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