As I was walking around the yard I noticed some special plants growing among the weeds.

Lemon balm like mint spreads like a weed.

The first one I noticed I thought was mint but I’ve never grown mint so I pulled off a leaf and smelled it.

Some of the lemon balm is growing just outside the herb square near the shed.

It’s lemon balm which will be great as garnish for the seltzer and lemon I plan to serve at the bridal shower. Lemon balm can also be used to brew tea.

Lemon thyme has tiny leaves with a rich aroma of lemon.

In addition to lemon balm we also have thriving lemon thyme.  I have so much of both herbs I plan to make some small fragrant bouquets.

The garden is being planted bit by bit with herbs in the area in front of the fence.

Charlie has planted parsley and basil in the front of the potager.

Do you drink special tea infusions?


Author: Jo

Welcome to The Glade, where the second generation of renovations has just begun and the mania about our home, music and other passions fill our days and nights. We’re Charlie and Jo in the music world; Mary Jo and Charles to family; and JoJo and Charlie to each other. We are renovating a midcentury house in a Victorian historic district where we want to live there the rest of our lives. It's a 1946 house located in Maryland. We were married in this house. Thus far (pre-blog) we refinished cabinets, added a window seat (still working on the cushion), rearranged a wall in the guest house due to sink/vanity replacement, planted a vegetable garden, and other quick and not-so-quick fixes. So this latest zeal for construction is the result of my having lived here since 1997 and feeling a need to ready the house for the next chapter and beyond.

7 thoughts on “Herbalicious”

  1. That’s a great long shot across the garden and greenhouse. I have some herbs but don’t use them for drinks, etc. I put in some lemon balm a few years ago and was afraid it would spread, but so far so good. Of course, for the first few years I lived here I thought I didn’t have wild wisteria in my woods, either. That was a big joke on me.

    1. We have wild wisteria also. One of the houses in the neighborhood built in the 1880s has a wraparound porch covered in wisteria. Jo

    1. Spring is so beautiful — everything new. Our lawn is covered with drifts of violets and creeping buttercups. Just weeds, I know, but so lovely. Jo

    1. When I read about more about lemon balm it seems to ward off mosquitos and help with these issues: Lemon balm is used for digestive problems, including upset stomach, bloating, intestinal gas (flatulence), vomiting, and colic; for pain, including menstrual cramps, headache and toothache; and for mental disorders, including hysteria and melancholia.

      Many people believe lemon balm has calming effects so they take it for anxiety, sleep problems, and restlessness. Lemon balm is also used for Alzheimer’s disease, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), an autoimmune disease involving the thyroid (Graves’ disease), swollen airways, rapid heartbeat due to nervousness, high blood pressure, sores, tumors, and insect bites.

      Lemon balm is inhaled as aromatherapy for Alzheimer’s disease.

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