Something on My Hands

Charlie and I arrived in Phoenix, Arizona, last night but our trip was not without delays.

A walking boot should make me eligible for a wheelchair at the airport.

Since I had broken my ankle the day before we  decided to get to the Baltimore airport really early. I got in a wheelchair and a skycap came over to help us.

He took us to get our boarding passes and then on to security where we had TSAprecheck tickets. Charlie went through without a hitch.

Talk about things going wrong. I was passed thru the pre check line then they tested the palms of my hands with a piece of paper which they put into a computer.

The test revealed a dangerous substance which meant I had to be patted down.

I had to take my boots off including the medical one. Go in a special room and get patted down.

All my belongings were tested for the special residue but I guess I passed because I was allowed to priority board due to my injury.

Have you ever had trouble at the airport?


Author: Jo

Welcome to The Glade, where the second generation of renovations has just begun and the mania about our home, music and other passions fill our days and nights. We’re Charlie and Jo in the music world; Mary Jo and Charles to family; and JoJo and Charlie to each other. We are renovating a midcentury house in a Victorian historic district where we want to live there the rest of our lives. It's a 1946 house located in Maryland. We were married in this house. Thus far (pre-blog) we refinished cabinets, added a window seat (still working on the cushion), rearranged a wall in the guest house due to sink/vanity replacement, planted a vegetable garden, and other quick and not-so-quick fixes. So this latest zeal for construction is the result of my having lived here since 1997 and feeling a need to ready the house for the next chapter and beyond.

7 thoughts on “Something on My Hands”

  1. There’s a dark cloud following you lately! Glad they decided you were safe to let go. I brought back some stones and a long piece of wood from the old homestead in my suitcase, which I checked. There was a flyer inside saying it had been opened by TSA when I unpacked. And I forgot and had a large geode with crystalized flakes (looks like potato chips) in my small carryon so I had to step aside while a nice TSA woman opened it and unwrapped the geode. She used some kind of swab to check the seams first for dangerous substances. We had lots of time and the woman was very pleasant, so it was actually kind of interesting.

    How’s your foot / ankle holding up?

  2. Yikes!!! How weird. I wonder if it was some kind of residue from the boot. Sometimes medical related items like that smell kind of weird, like they’re coated with disinfectant or preservatives or something…

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