The Liebster Award

Jessica at Cape of Dreams has selected me for a Liebster Award. Technically I’m not actually eligible since it’s limited to blogs with fewer than 200 followers and I have a whopping 311. I’m not sure I can tag 11 other bloggers because none of the ones I read have fewer than 200 followers, I’m sure.

The rules for this award are to:

  • Write 11 Facts about Yourself
  • Link back to the person who tagged you
  • Come up with 10 questions to ask your nominees
  • Tag 11 other bloggers with under 200 followers
  • Let the person who tagged you know when you answer their questions
  • Have fun with it, and get to know some new people

First I must write 11 facts about myself. Hmm:

  1.  I have one son, one sister, and one niece. They are my closest blood relatives.
  2. I have a BFA in technical theatre and lighting design and years ago I used to actually work in the theatre.
  3. Charlie (my husband and piano player) and I (vocalist) gig together.  We generally perform from the Great American Songbook: Gershwin, Porter, Berlin, Rodgers, etc.
  4. My favorite color is blue. True blue.
  5. I used to be a brunette but now I’m blonde.

    A little gallery of Charlie and Jo.
    A little gallery of Charlie and Jo.
  6. I conduct the church choir and am the music worship leader.
  7. I love solving sudokus and crossword puzzles but I only will do the challenging ones.
  8. I’ve been to Ireland, Italy, and France.  I have lots of other places on my list and I have plans to travel more and often.
  9. Charlie and I were married at The Glade (the house we live in now).
  10. I wore glasses for near-sightedness since 7th grade until about 12 years ago when all of a sudden I didn’t need them anymore, even for driving.  Now I must, however, wear reading glasses.
  11. I’m a believer in the Lord, Jesus Christ.
We were married right in front of the fireplace way before the renovation.
We were married right in front of the fireplace way before the renovation in 2009.

Here are Jessica’s questions:

1. Why do you blog?

I started blogging as a way to keep track of the renovations to the house.  I knew if I just kept a diary I would fall off the wagon sooner or later.  So far I’ve written a daily blog post since March 4, 2011. I’ll be starting my 5th year in blogging in March.

2. What advice would you give someone starting a blog?

Write about anything, just keep writing.  And try to write in your own voice. It doesn’t get any easier but having written so many posts and taken lots of photos I’ve learned lots of techniques to streamline my writing and improve my photography.

3.  What is your favorite childhood memory.

I don’t remember much about my childhood.  If I really want to know something I ask my sister.  All the best times I can remember were spent with my grandmother.  She lived with us, loved us, and nurtured us while our mother worked.

4.  Where do you go when you need inspiration?

Once upon a time I would have looked in magazines; now I peruse catalogs and surf the internet.

5.  What makes you happiest?

Love and affection.  Being with family and friends.

6.  What is your favorite book?

I love the Inspector Lynley mysteries by Elizabeth George and the Sharpe historical fictions by Bernard Cornwell.

7.  What was the most influential moment in your life?

I was taking a graduate course in costume design and doing well in the class.  The professor called me into his office to tell me he wouldn’t accept  my work anymore if I didn’t put more effort into the designs.  He knew I had more to give and expected more from me. Brave teacher; grateful student. I’ve never forgotten.

8.  Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by people who don’t give up. I have friends who should be down and out and yet they remain faithful,  cheerful, and uplifting.

9.  What would you do if you won a million dollars?

A million — I’d give away 10%, finish renovating the house, and invest the remainder.

10.  Where do you hope to go next year?

I’d like to go back to Europe — London is next on the list.

11.  What do you want to be when you grow up?

When I grow up I’d like to have more time to concentrate on music and painting (not house, wall or trim painting).

Thanks, Jessica, for the Award.

Does anyone have any other questions for me?


Author: Jo

Welcome to The Glade, where the second generation of renovations has just begun and the mania about our home, music and other passions fill our days and nights. We’re Charlie and Jo in the music world; Mary Jo and Charles to family; and JoJo and Charlie to each other. We are renovating a midcentury house in a Victorian historic district where we want to live there the rest of our lives. It's a 1946 house located in Maryland. We were married in this house. Thus far (pre-blog) we refinished cabinets, added a window seat (still working on the cushion), rearranged a wall in the guest house due to sink/vanity replacement, planted a vegetable garden, and other quick and not-so-quick fixes. So this latest zeal for construction is the result of my having lived here since 1997 and feeling a need to ready the house for the next chapter and beyond.

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