Hello, Fern

We visited the mountains of New York for a few days last week where the temperatures were cool and the humidity much lower than here in Maryland. Our accomodations were a large lodge at the summit of a mountain in the clearing of a fern forest.

I wish Charlie had dug us some of those ferns for our woods.

Lush ferns growing under the trees.

The ferns  make such a nice undergrowth that seems to take care of itself.

I’m sure a carload of plants would not be missed if we strategically removed some ferns.

Maybe next visit  we’ll remember to bring back some plants to start our own fern forest.

The mere vastness is impressive.

Oh, and speaking of remembering: Happy Birthday to my dear sister.  Love you!

What chores do you remember too late?

Sidbar:  No, my sister’s name is not Fern.

2 responses to “Hello, Fern

  1. Thanks for the shout out…..the birthdays are coming fast and furious!!!!

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