The Morning Mist

Charlie and I had a few days away in the mountains of New York.  I was working so he spent his time touring around with our friend who summers there.  They saw wild turkey, deer, and the highlight, a bald eagle flying along a brookbed parallel to the car. Unfortunately, he snapped no photos.

I was able to get some shots of the morning mist that rises from the valleys.

The mist rises from the valley.

It’s such a lovely, eerie, other wordly feeling.

Looking north from the Lodge.

By the time breakfast is finished, the mist has burned off and the sky is blue.

The day is clear for sports and sight-seeing.

Even though I’m working I’m happy to have a few days away to enjoy some cooler weather and a change of scenery.

Would you care for a hike through the woods?

I’m hoping we’ll get to the ocean for a few days this fall. 

Where would you spend a few days away?

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