Sometimes I Need Something I’ve Been Saving

From all the posts I’ve written about our struggles with clutter one might surmise I’m a bit of a saver.  I don’t like to throw out perfectly good stuff because (as the saying goes) we might need it someday. That day has arrived (at last).

 We were having a problem with our vintage ride-on lawnmower.

Temperamental to start and often needs a battery boost.

It kept sparking under the seat. When Charlie checked it out he thought one of the battery terminals had been touching the frame due to vibration and shorting out. The frame of the tractor has a little burnt spot.

I suggested we use a plastic spine that holds a cellophane document cover on to slip over the affected area. (I’ve had this packet of spines and document covers since 1982.)

The spine fit right over the affected area, top and bottom.

Charlie was afraid it might slip off so I brought him a heavy-duty paper clip.  It works like a charm.

Under the white plastic piece is a burnt area where the battery has been touching the metal.

Do you ever use the things you just can’t get rid of?

Sidebar: The most amazing part of the entire fix was that I could actually put my hands on the document covers and spines which I hadn’t used for years.

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