Flying Carpets

Ok, our carpets are not flying but the rugs at The Glade are moving. I used the Bissell carpet cleaner to shampoo the living room rug here.

This old machine doesn’t get much action so I hope it’s up to the challenge.

This rug was easy compared to the other two room-size rugs that needed to be cleaned.

The living room rug is clean again.

Next I shampooed the dining room rug.

Formerly of the dining room slated for the master bedroom.

It’s only temporarily the dining room rug since I’m going to move it to our bedroom and exchange it with the one that’s there now.

The center medallion was hidden by the dining room table.

The off-white bedroom rug was extremely dirty and needed to be done twice.  (I should probably have done it a third time since the water was black on tries one and two.)

Some areas on this cream-colored rug were very dirty.

Once the table is moved back into place this rug should lighten the room.

The newly-cleaned dining room rug.

 Anyway, the plan is to switcheroo the bedroom and the dining room rugs.

What kind of stuff do you switcheroo at your house?

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