A Dirty Job in the Attic

Upon entering Glade Cottage there is a ladderlike staircase that goes through a hole in the ceiling.

This permanent ladder leads to the cottage attic.

The cottage has a full attic. You can’t stand up in it but has been fully floored so it’s a great storage area.

A bid red vacuum helps with the nasty bits that have been accumulating in the attic.

Years ago Charlie started to insulate this attic to make the main room below a little cozier in winter and cooler in summer. It was never finished so now he’s taken to finishing the job and at the same time cleaning the attic of dirt, dust and mouse droppings.

Nobody likes installing insulation but the job is over half finished. (Looking toward the front of the attic.)

The insulation is stapled to the rafters with the brown side inside to allow the roof to breathe but at the same time keep excess moisture out of the cottage.

Looking toward the back of the attic is lots more space and additional roof to insulate.

Last summer I painted the ceiling on half of the cottage and now can see where completing this job would make a nice finish to all the work we’ve been doing over here.

Cottage ceiling painted last year

I’ll get on it directly.

What dirty job is last on your list?

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