Decisions, Decisions

Charlie finally got around to installing the  bathroom floor in Glade Cottage.

The current brick-patterned flooring and the new wood-patterned vinyl.

We had to decide how to lay the new flooring.

Viewed from the door the cottage bathroom looks long and narrow.

The long way.

Flooring viewed from the bathtub laid the long way.

The short way

Floor viewed from the door laid the short way.

Or (Charlie’s idea) diagonally.  Sorry no picture so I can’t consider it. HA!

We opted for the short way for these reasons:

1. Even though the room itself is approximately square, it looks long and narrow due to the placement of bathroom fixtures. To offset that shape we decided to place the grain in opposition to it.

2. Lots of short cuts seemed easier than fewer long cuts.

3. The existing floor in other parts of the cottage runs in the same direction as the short way.

That’s our decision (which was unanimous) and we’re sticking to it. (We didn’t even need to flip a coin.)

How do you make decisions?

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