Get That Out o’ Here, Please: Part 3

We cleared the way here for two massive oak trees to be hauled away from The Glade. The first one was loaded and removed here.

We were happy to see this tree rolling down the street.

The remaining log is about 9 feet long and looks like a great eyed creature.

Do you see the big eye looking at you over the flat snout?

We figured our big rig friend, Jimmy, wasn’t going to return to get the shorter (but wider) second tree, so Charlie started sawing it himself.

Charlie started making cuts at intervals along the log.

After the first cuts were made Charlie and son rolled the log so it could be sawn through.  Each section weighs over 100 pounds and will be split for firewood.

Charlie rolled each section out of the way after he cut it through.

We’ll be working on the remaining giant root over time but for now we’ve made a planting and have hope that our myriad trees will stand upright for a long time. Here’s where we started.

Charlie’s been working on these trees for a year now.

Here’s where we are now.

It’s still a hot mess but progress has been made.

Another vestige of Hurricane Irene GONE!

Do you hang on to old disasters?

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