Blue Jay Weathervane

I found this metal weathervane discarded in the backyard.

I have an old weathervane that was removed from the Cottage the last time we had it roofed. (Check on the updates to Mr. Jay here and here.) Over the years it has faded from red to pink so I decided to repaint it as a blue jay here.

Source: via Jo on Pinterest

First I washed it very well with bathroom cleaner and a toothbrush and put it out in the cool morning air to dry.

This birdie needed a good bird bath.

Then I forgot to rough it up with some sand paper but sprayed it all over with self-etching metal primer anyway.

Sprayed with self-etching primer and cartooned with details.

I had already traced it out on paper to work out the design of the blue jay which I wanted to be very basic since details would be viewed from a distance.

Trace the outline so the details may be worked out on paper then used as a pattern.

Then I traced the markings onto the vane and sprayed the areas that were to remain white first.

The bird perched on an exposed root so both sides may be sprayed simultaneously.

I stuck painter’s tape onto both sides of a piece of wax paper then traced onto the tape just the white parts and cut out the designs.

Cut out the design on painter’s tape that has been stuck to wax paper for easy removal.

Then I  stuck the tape front and back to the bird.

Blue tape on the white bird masks the already painted areas.

With the painter’s tape in place I sprayed the rest of the bird blue then removed the tape.

Blue bird with tape partially removed.

Finally I added black details with paint marker.

This blue jay is the same on both sides.

Voila! Only thing left is to mount Mr. Jay on Glade Cottage.

Where do you perch?

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