Cardinal or Blue Jay

I found this metal weather vane discarded in the backyard.

I have an old weathervane that was removed from the Cottage the last time we had it roofed.

The bird was once perched on the peak of the roof on Glade Cottage

Over the years it has faded from red to pink.

Notice how pale the bird is against the bright red of my car.

I’m going to repaint it but since I’m more of a blue girl than a red one I was considering making it a blue jay.

We have both cardinals and jays at The Glade.  I wasn’t sure the outline looked like a blue jay since I’m not a bird expert so I thought I’d compare them here.

Source: via Jo on Pinterest

I actually think it looks more like a jay with a long, thin beak than a cardinal. The next decision is how much detail (or lack thereof) do I actually need ?

What’s your bird of choice?

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