Clean Up Progress

It’s easy to get discouraged by everything that needs to be done, especially when most of it never made the “to do” list (ergo cannot cross it off).

1. Move foundation plants

Project: Move the foundation plants.


Foundation plants removed and transplanted to another part of the yard.

2. Remove large tree trunk

Project: Remove ivy-covered, 25-foot long oak log.


Only a ditch remains from where the oak was removed.

3. Remove tree from front yard


Remove the tree stump which was a candidate for a totem pole.


No more log, no more stump

4.  Remove tree from west yard

Project: Remove this tree trunk which was cut down after a large limb fell where Charlie had been splitting wood.


Only a one tree root remains to be removed in the west yard.

That these projects took more than a year to accomplish just points to the determination of the human spirit. We’re getting there.

Have you made headway?

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