Bird’s Eye: Wink, Wink

We have a round window in our only full bathroom at The Glade.

The bird’s eye window at The Glade.

A window like this is often referred to as a bird’s eye window.

Bird’s Eye Window at The Glade

In the design for the renovation two more bird’s eye windows have been planned.

The round window on the left echoes the original round window on the right.

The pursuit is on for us to find these 2 additional round windows.  We’d really like them to look like the original one even if they are a different size.

Can you spot the bird’s eye on the east wing?

The really difficult thing is to try and find windows that open.  Our window is about 22″ in diameter and rotates in the frame to open.

The window has a half screen and rotates in the sash to open.

I’ve only seen one like it in my search of local and internet salvage sites.

This beauty is no longer available.

They’re popular in our area but finding one not already installed is challenging.

What elusive object are you seeking?

3 responses to “Bird’s Eye: Wink, Wink

  1. I have one of these round windows in my bathroom that needs work. The issue is the metal weatherstripping that the rotating pane is connected to. My pane is grooved at contact points with the windowsill. This creates a track for the rotation. It also keeps cold air out. Does yours have this? If so, do you have any idea where I can get some? I just had it worked on and the renovator screwed it up, taking the weatherstripping out, then putting it back in crooked. Now the panes doesn’t turn. Let me know…

  2. I have a window like this setting in my garage I would sell

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