The Topper

Choosing a new roof for The Glade is a no-brainer.

The grey asphalt shingled roof on the house is in bad shape.

On the east side of the house the roof has a moss garden in lush growth.

The dark spots are patches of fuzzy green moss.

We have 2 outbuildings on the property both of which have been newly roofed within the past 10 years.

The cottage roof.

We really like these shingles and so are choosing exactly the same product for the roof.

The Wee Little House was the first structure to get high-profile shingles.

These shingles are Prestique Plus by Elk which has a 50-year limited warranty. For me that is a lifetime warranty.

High profile shingles have an intricate shape and mottled coloration.

The color is “Antique Slate,” a dark grey and lighter green variegated finish, and has a nice dimensionality. There is a  limited wind warranty of up to 110 mph (which would have held up in last year’s hurricane) and is UL Class “A” fire-rated. 

I think the name of the roofing product has changed to Timberline HD (high-definition) and the new color is “Slate”.

Prestique Plus seems to have changed its name to Timberline and now has a lifetime guarantee. So my no-brainer may take more thought than I thought.

Have you made product choices only to go back later and find the product has changed or been discontinued?

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