Some Pre-preparations

We’re getting closer to beginning the big renovation at The Glade. We received the plans from the structural engineer via the architect which detailed how the thing the addition to The Glade is going to be built. We’re trying to zero in on tasks we can accomplish to minimize losses like foundations plants.

Currently the front door of The Glade is on the right side of the facade with a meager foundation planting and herringbone brick sidewalk.

The plan is for the front door to be moved from its asymmetrical  position to the center of the front facade changing places with the window.

Projected placement of the front door.

Naturally when the door moves so will the porch and the electric light on the small roof covering the entrance.

Notice the door has moved from the right hand side of the house to the center.

One of the notes on the plans says “bluestone pavers and treads @ new front porch”. I love bluestone. Currently the porch and step are cement. Not my favorite.

The herringbone path and azaleas must be moved before the renovation at The Glade.

We’re also going to have to remove part or all of the brick herringbone path that leads from the driveway to the front door. This will give us an opportunity to redesign the foundation plantings and wind the path up to the front door in an interesting way.

The meager foundation plants are disappearing and the facade looks bare.

Charlie started moving the plants to a sheltered place in the woods. By tomorrow they’ll all be gone.

Any temporary changes taking place in your life?

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