The Windows at The Glade

While we were renovating the laundry we removed the window trim because the entire wall was being refaced with either beadboard or quarter-inch dry wall.  That gives me an opportunity to show the workings of an old-fashioned sash window.

Laundry window without the trim

The sash cord is attached at one end to the window and at the other end to a counterweight inside the wall.  The weight allows the window to go up and down easily and to stay at any position along the frame without crashing down.

Heavy metal sash counterweight

The time has come, however, when I must sand, wipe down with mineral spirits and paint the trim we removed.

Painted trim that had been removed

And replace it on the windows.

The trim is tacked on for placement.

I forgot I also must paint the window frames.

Have you noticed that to really make improvements you have to start by making unimprovements?

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