Another Project Begun

Bentwood oak chairs for the dining room.

On both our master list and my private project list is a line item to paint our set of 4 dining room chairs.

Dining room chair

Although I know painting these natural oak chairs will make a big difference I’ve put off beginning the project due to the prep work. Oh, how I dislike prep.

Every side and top and bottom need to be hand sanded.

First the chairs need to be totally sanded to remove not only the old finish but also the dirt that has accumulated over the past 30 years.

After sanding the chairs are wiped down with mineral spirits.

Then I wipe the dust down with a mineral spirits soaked rag.

The captain’s chair needs to be glued together because the arm rest pulls apart every time the chair is lifted.

The side spindles on the captain’s chair have never been secure.

We’re gluing the chair together with super glue then clamping it.  I’m hopeful that this will work but if not Charlie said we could try Liquid Nails.

Glued, clamped and hopeful.

All Saturday morning and only 2 of the 4 chairs are ready to be primed. Ugh! Slow and sure wins the race?  If yes, then I’m the tortoise.

Are you the tortoise or the hare?

Sidebar: Did I forget to mention the new color? What would you choose?

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