How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck . . .

OK, not a woodchuck, a woodcharlie. After Charlie finished splitting all the wood in the oversized pile here he knew he would eventually need to replace his chain saw to remove the fallen trees in the yard.

The wood shed is bulging with spit oak firewood.

Last week he finally ordered one on eBay and was excited when it finally arrived.

A new big boy toy.

He put his new factory reconditioned Husqvarna together and gassed it up.

The new Husqvarna 455 Rancher is ready for a day’s work. We call him Husky.

We were hoping a local saw mill would want the long logs in our yard.

Unfortunately this nearly 20-foot log was rotten and partly hollow inside. Not a candidate for sawn lumber.

Charlie crosscut the log then split some of the large rounds with his new chainsaw.

The log was shortened piece by piece.

Not quite the halfway point.

By the end of the day Charlie had dismantled the log.

The saw creates a large trail of sawdust and lots of noise so Charlie wears both eye protection and earplugs.

He even made a dent in a gigantic root that remained from a tree that had fallen 4 years ago.

Only the sawdust and wood chips remain.



Great work, Husky! you, too, Charlie.

Have you bought yourself a new toy?

Sidebar:  This is dirty work! I love you for it, Babe.

Hot and dirty.

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