Jumping Through the Historic Hoops: Part 1

The Glade is situated in a designated historic district and so by law, before we can even begin to consider getting permits to build we must have clearance from the county’s planning and zoning Historic District Commission.

No emails, no faxes and applicants must attend the meeting or the application will be denied.

The Historic District Commission meets at 7:00 p.m. generally on the first Thursday of each month. Applications must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. 22 days prior to the monthly meeting to be placed on the agenda. So already we’re late to be on the August agenda so we’re shooting for September’s meeting.  Our applications must be in by August 15th. Yikes!

I downloaded the “General Application for Certificate of Approval” (for approval to make changes to the exterior of a building or property from the Historic District Commission.

The Commission requires 10 copies of the application and supporting materials be submitted. That’s right: TEN COPIES!

1. We need labeled photos of existing property conditions. Thank goodness I have a blog and have been taking pictures of the old place for over a year.

West exposure of The Glade

2. A detailed description and samples/photos of materials, colors and dimensions for the proposed work. I’ve been describing this place for over 500 posts so hopefully I’ll have exactly the right descriptive words.

3. Plot plans, site plans, or elevations. These will be provided by our architect.

Layout of The Glade

4. A completed Part 2 of the application. Two pages of details describing the existing and proposed materials, colors and type. We need manufacturer’s literature for proposed features like windows, doors, siding, etc.

New HardieShingle® Individual Shingles in 24 colors
Thickness: 1/4″, Weight: 1.9 lbs./sq. ft., Size: 15.25″

 Since we are basically enclosing the existing footprint of the house we’re hoping the explanations will go smoothly.

What’s your latest challenge?

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