Distressed and Gone to Pot

 I found strawberry pot inspirations   and tried one for myself to add some interest to our potager.

Our strawberry pot is about 18 inches tall.

I used white and multicolored blue violas interplanted with chives which bloom purple in spring.

The plants should cover the pot in no time.

As the summer progressed the strawberry pot flourished in our Children’s Garden.

The chives bloomed and the violas cascaded from their holes.

The plants drooped down the sides of the pot in an abundant tangle just as I had hoped. But the pot was waaaay down in the bottom of the yard and didn’t get watered regularly.

By the middle of July the strawberry pot was a wizened mess.

A spider conglomerate was looking for local real estate. 

The web is an incredible sticky silk edifice.

They started a joint venture building condos between the pot and the ground all the way around.

This delicate means of entrapment is massive.

We have some industrious arachnids at The Glade. 

Do you inadvertently let things slide?

One response to “Distressed and Gone to Pot

  1. I too have let this happen and right in front of the front door no less. I have had to invent an ‘old wive’s-tale’ that “a dead plant keeps bad luck away since all the evil spirits will think the house is cursed quite enough already” just to make it seem quaint instead of lazy.

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