Mantled for Mexico

Usually the mantle over our fireplace is a shambles. It’s where we drop our keys, cards and sometimes even the mail.

Left to right: A tarnished silver toothpick holder in the shape of a fish, a terra-cotta plate with a fish design, a tin vase with dried hydrangeas.

A few weeks ago when we were having a Mexican fiasco fiesta  at The Glade I pulled out anything I could find (that we already owned) shopped our home for things with a South of the Border vibe.

The other side has a wooden box with a bowl on top of it depicting a roadrunner, a small turquoise pitcher and a swirly vase.

The whole thing actually became sort of a “southwest, south of the border, it’s growing in the yard, the colors are right just put it there” design.

Hydrangeas, fresh or dried, are splendid to add volume and a splash of color.

I like the variety of things; they remind of the people who gave them to me.

My Mexican Mantle. Ole!

I’m sure to dismantle this when the building starts. I don’t know when that will be exactly but the plans are ready!!!!

A closer look at the fish duo.

Tried something new?

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