Crispy Hosta

West yard shade garden viewed from the West

We have a lovely shade garden in the west yard that is full of a varieties of hosta.

The large hosta are ready to be divided and transplanted.

Some of the hosta is small, some variegated, some dark, some pale, some gigantic.

Variegated hosta among the woodland phlox in the West Yard border.

The giant hosta in the middle of the garden this year has turned brown and crispy.

The large blue-green hosta (on the right) as it should look.

I will allow that it’s been a horribly hot and dry summer thus far but all the hosta hasn’t turned, just this particular one.

Scalded hosta.

 This variety is planted other places on the property and seems to be doing just fine.

The hosta should look this good.

I think the problem is that last year our neighbors took down 2 large trees in their front yard. (We reaped a huge haul of wood chips from these trees.)

The neighbors had two large dead oaks chopped down.

These trees must have been shading this area and now that they’re gone I have to rethink “shade garden”.  This area has clearly been turned into a dry, sunny spot .

Very large hosta will look good in the woodland garden.

I have a great place to move the hosta but I don’t have a good idea with what to replace it.

Has your shady spot gone sunny? Or quite the opposite?

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