Recycling with a Profit

Everyone knows I’m all about reducing clutter.  As a matter fact I may have vowed on this very blog that I wouldn’t bring anything new into the house without getting rid of something.

I could just picture this monstrosity in the driveway for a few months.

Imagine my horror when Charlie loaded into the car and brought home the above enormous, non-working air conditioner!!! He assured me “it’s worth something.”

A few days later he had it all apart and loaded the parts back into the car.

The top 2 items are worth something, the bottom 2 not so much.

We drove the constituent pieces down the road  a few miles to our local non-ferrous recycling business.  (For some reason they did not want their name in the photos so I blocked it out.  They have 6 locations throughout Maryland.)

They open for business early.

Charlie unloaded the various parts: a motor, some aluminum, some wires.  The recycler’s agent weighed each different thing.

The recycling operation is compact and well-organized.

When everything was weighed and counted Charlie went to the cashier.

Some bins are kept inside a large garage.

He was presented with $35.65.  (I had guessed about $35 although I had no basis whatsoever for my guess.)

We have proof that an old air conditioner is worth over $35.

It just goes to prove one man’s junk is another man’s trip to his favorite Mexican restaurant.

Do you deal in old junk?

Sidebar: Apparently on Wednesdays Senior Citizens get an additional premium.

Seniors get a bonus on Wednesday.

When questioned the agent said it really only applied to aluminum cans.  We were there on Thursday and weren’t cashing in cans.

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