A Dear Little Guest Room

I was staying in an old lodge with many, many bedrooms. I showed you the vintage bathroom that I used while there. My room was sweetly decorated in blue and yellow.

The bed was high off the floor and had a little pillow of lavender blossoms tied to the bed frame.

The bed was an old brass bed partially painted white with a candlewicked bedspread. Under the bedspread was a plisse blanket cover, then a wool blanket over a top sheet: a vintage way to make a bed.

The fully-equipped washstand was once de rigueur in every bedroom.

This room was well-equipped to handle ma toilette aside from the bathroom.

Blue and white transferware wash set.

On the washstand was a large wash bowl and matching pitcher with a smaller pitcher, vase, and soap box.

Slop bucket on the washstand.

On the bottom shelf is a large slop bucket for used water.  There was no need for me to use this set but it made a lovely decorative addition to the room.

The closet has no door and is covered with curtains that match those hung at the window.

The clothing storage included 2 painted chests of drawers and a closet with another chest of drawers built into the back of it. There was also a small desk and chair and a rocking chair.

A chamber pot is stored at the bedside.

One big surprise in the room is in the bedside table: a chamber pot.  No longer necessary but once a welcome part of any well-furnished bedroom.

I slept very well in this cheery room in a mountain lodge.

Do you keep anything unusual in your guest room?

Sidebar:  The National Geographic magazine on the dresser was from 1939.

One response to “A Dear Little Guest Room

  1. I love blue and white bedrooms and this one looks so inviting and cheerful…my prop closet is in one of my guest bedrooms…it’s very large so I can make a little room for my guest’s things…if they get bored or can’t sleep they can always amuse themselves by looking thru this closet of curiosities lol!

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