The Facilities from a Century Ago

While we were away we stayed in an old lodge (which other posts you can find by searching “1880s lodge” in LFTM’s search engine). I’ve also shown you glimpses of the bathrooms  one of which I’d like to show in more detail now.

The first thing you notice upon entering the bathroom is that it’s bright and cheery but the fixtures are old, very old (except for the toilet which is a new ADA model).

The water enters through the disk on the side of the tub near the bottom.

The tub is especially long and deep.

A lovely tub for a nice soak.

Unlike today’s tubs there is no overflow valve so you can fill it right up to the top and submerge yourself in lovely spring water.

Have you noticed how new shower heads are mimicking this old one?

The shower is no longer in play but the hardware remains. To stop up the drain while bathing you turn the top of the tube at the back of the tub and let it settle in the down position.

The controls are behind the tub and different from those of today.

The beadboard on the bottom of the wall has been painted a cool blue.

Small table with a stool beside the sink serves as a vanity.

The sink is difficult to use because the hot and cold water doesn’t mix in one faucet and the spigots are very close to the back of the sink.  It’s not easy to rinse your hands under the running water. The technique is to fill the sink and do your washing there.

The sink handles are well-labeled for ease of use.

I have especially enjoyed using this old room. I wouldn’t want it as a permanent fixture at home but it’s definitely a change of pace.

Have you had a change of pace recently?

Sidebar: This is my 500th post!

One response to “The Facilities from a Century Ago

  1. Such a beautiful bathroom. It looks so much like ours, even the same color, lol!

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