Cool Car

I’d like to have a car like this.

Triumph Stag

Number one, because I’m a lover of red cars.  I have personally owned a red car for the past 18 years.

The proportions are nice. Not chunky.

Number two, because it’s vintage.

A good wax job would make this car sparkle.

Number three, because the hard top can be exchanged for a rag top, convertible in the true sense of the word.

The inside is basic but luxurious.

And I just really like it.  I’m hoping someone will take me for a spin.

Real leather seats.

I could actually drive it myself since I currently drive a standard shift car and this Stag is a stick.

The rear sear is a little snug for a long road trip.

It’s ready for a spin; hop in.

Tag is on the side rear.

What have you seen that you really like?

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